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New to the virtual world and having a hard time finding a reliable WordPress hosting service? Want your website to be on the top of the organic listing? Well, you have come to the right place. In the following blog, you will discover everything about WordPress hosting service. Read on to know how you can go about choosing the right WordPress hosting company. We have also compared the best WordPress hosting providers to help you choose the most reliable host.

best wordpress hosting service

What is a WordPress hosting service?

You all know how WordPress is the mafia or the game-changer of the website industry. Name any field you wish to create a website in, and WordPress will make it happen to like its a cakewalk.

WordPress hosting service is a building block of any WordPress website.WordPress hosting service is a type of hosting service optimized especially to meet WordPress security and performance needs. Not only that, but WordPress hosting service also helps with one-click WordPress installation with its smooth functioning. Some WordPress hosting service also offers automatic updates and software needed accordingly.

The WordPress hosting service is mainly divided into 4 types.

4 Types of WordPress Hosting Service

Shared WordPress Hosting

This hosting service allows you and many other clients to use the same server. It is mainly made for websites with usually low traffic.

Advantages of this hosting service

  • It is pocket friendly.
  • Shared WordPress hosting service is widely offered.
  • It offers you a quick and easy setup.
  • Scripts other than WordPress can also be used.

Disadvantages of  this hosting service

  • Seeking help, support, or answers from the host is a tedious task.
  • Your website is already at a risk in terms of security of the websites on the shared server and isn’t up to date in means of security.
  • Since your website would be sharing the IP address with a few other websites, your site will be flagged if any other website is caught functioning illegally.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Sharing hosts and resources in this type of WordPress hosting service is like having a virtual machine of your own without a support team. It can be used for websites with relatively high traffic

Advantages of  this Hosting Service

  • It offers you a high level of control.
  • It ensures the Client’s privacy.
  • Your security is ensured and unaffected by other clients on the server.
  • There are a decent amount of clients per server when compared with shared WordPress hosting service.

Disadvantages of this hosting service

  • The resources allocated to you would never be equal to the ones allocated to other clients,
  • There is zero support form the host.
  • Majority of the task needs to be done by you. These tasks include installation of web and database server software.

Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

This hosting service offers you a dedicated server that does whatever you wish for, at a price. This WordPress Hosting Service is a good option for websites with usually very high traffic.

Advantages of this  hosting service

  • You will have a server dedicated to you which you can even lease to other sites.
  • As a client, you will experience good website accessibility and fast speed.
  • You have complete control over the server.
  • This WordPress hosting service offers a high level of reliability and performance.

Disadvantages of this WordPress hosting service

  • This WordPress hosting service is pricey and capable of burning a hole in your pocket.
  • The hardware occasionally witnesses failure which can cause major website downtime.
  • You ought to be a tech geek to run your server and solve all the problems that occur.

Managed WordPress Hosting


Managed WordPress hosting provides you a full virtual support team as well as takes control of all the technical aspects of a website. This service is usually preferable for sites with high traffic.

Advantages of this hosting service

  • Complete technical Support
  • Automatic updates and daily backups
  • Optimized website speed
  • High level of security

Disadvantages of managed this hosting service

  • You will experience almost nil technical control.
  • You can only use WordPress and no other platform.
  • This hosting service is on a costlier side than other low-cost services like shared WordPress hosting service.

Which WordPress hosting service is the best amongst the 4?

Well, all the WordPress websites are unique and beneficial in one way or the other. It is genuinely based on the situation, desires, expectations, and the plans you have for your website, to choose the best.

If you are a newbie in the virtual world and plan to start a small website, or you are looking for a quick, easy and cheap startup, then the shared WordPress hosting service works best for you.

If you have a generous amount of knowledge regarding WordPress technicalities. Or you need VPS and flexibility paying the same amount in shared WordPress web hosting service, then VPS hosting service is just the right choice for you. It makes you the flag bearer of your site and the site remains unaffected with the action of other clients on the same server as you.

If you are a big company with years of experience and a lot of money to spend, then a dedicated server WordPress hosting service is the best for you. Whilst opting for this hosting service, you will have complete control on your website.

Lastly, managed WordPress hosting service can be the one for you if you have zero experience in technicality and you want to solely focus on the content of your site. The technicality and other essential services can be looked after by the host. This way you need not worry about speed, security, or reliability.

Benefits of a good WordPress hosting service

Obviously, a strong back means a strong body. Likewise, there comes a lot of benefits with a good host. Some of them are:

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of any WordPress hosting. If you opt for a good WordPress host then you need not worry about any technical or non-technical site related issue. You will be provided with a team of experts and experienced to hear out and solve any site related query at any time of the day.

Automatic Backup

Even though the site might have enough security but you still cannot predict an outsider or insider malicious attack. It usually requires re-installation of everything to get rid of it. If the data is not backed up in time then it becomes evident to lose the data. A good WordPress host backs up your data automatically daily. So that you have all the data recovered at the time of re-installation.

Faster Loading Website

A website loses it’s customers when it loads very slowly. If your website takes a generous amount of time to load then it will cause a serious decrease in the flow of traffic. You are optimized for speed automatically once connected to a good WordPress Host. WordPress hosting powered by SSD makes your website load faster. A fast loading website causes an increase in SEO ranking and turns to increase the inflow of traffic.

Website Security

When associated with a good hosting service, security is automatically ensured. Your website is regularly scanned and proper measures are taken to block all the suspicious files. At times when required, server-level security mechanisms are also installed.

Regular Updation

If you simply don’t want to compromise with your WordPress site in terms of outdated plugins and old versions of the software then tying to a good WordPress host is a must for you. A good hosting service automatically updates the software and plugins when required to keep your site up to date.

What to look for in a WordPress hosting service?

Now that we know the benefits of a good WordPress hosting service, let us look at the parameters to choose a good hosting service.

Before choosing a WordPress host for your WordPress website, you must look check the following aspects thoroughly.


Downtime is the time when the website is not accessible or visible to users on the WWW even after specifically searching for it. Having downtime every second is a potential loss of customers and the flow of traffic. So, whenever you choose a hosting service you will always check its downtime. A good WordPress host offers minimal or zeroes downtime or 99% of uptime. This ensures a constant flow of high traffic to your website.

Customer Support

Before making a choice you should take into consideration how strong customer support does you get. Is the support team experienced enough? Does the support team come in handy? Is the team just one call away? A good hosting service offers customer support 24*7 and is more than willing to help you with anything you need related to the WordPress website.


A faster loading website is a sight of sore eyes as it automatically attracts customers. Whereas a slow website that takes hours to load might disinterest the customers. Therefore the sale primarily depends upon the speed of the site. A good Hosting service is optimized for speed. It makes sure that your website downloads and loads fast and functions quickly. This will also increase your search engine rankings.

 Reliable WordPress Hosting Service Providers


By now you are fairly acknowledged about WordPress hosting service, its types, benefits, and parameters. You must have understood how important it is to be linked to good hosting service. Lets us now look at some of the recommended hosting service providers in the market. These hosting services offer a lot of promising features at unbelievably low prices.


bluehost - wordpress hosting services

Bluehost is a company owned by Endurance International Group and it collectively hosts over 2million domains and ranks amongst 20 largest web host companies.

Some of its features are:

  1. Free domain name
  2. Free SSL certificate
  3. 1-click WordPress install
  4. 24*7 Support
  5. Money-back guarantee


hostgator - best wordpress hosting services

Hostgator is a Houston based provider of VPS, Shared Server, and Dedicated Web hosting server. This host currently provides its services to over 800,000 customers.

Some of its features are:

  1. Unmetered bandwidth
  2. Professional email hosting
  3. One-click script installs
  4. 24*7 support
  5. 45- Day money-back guarantee
  6. 99.9% Uptime


Siteground WordPress hosting service

Siteground was founded back in 2004 in Bulgaria and currently, it provides its service to over 2,00,000 Domains worldwide. It offers cloud hosting, shared hosting, email hosting, and domain registration as well.

 Some of its features are:

  1. Reliable
  2. High performance
  3. Autoscalable
  4. Easy and fast website building
  5. Smooth website transfer
  6. SSD persistent storage
  7. Technical Superiority
  8. Available 24*7


Dreamhost WordPress hosting serviceDreamhost is a Los Angeles based domain name registrar and web hosting, provider. It was founded in 1996 and currently owned by undergraduate students at Harvard in California.

Some of its features are:

  1. super easy to use
  2. fully-featured
  3. fast and reliable
  4. 24*7 support


Namecheap WordPress hosting service

Namecheap is an ICANN- accredited domain name registrar and web hosting service provider based in Arizona, USA. It is a budget hosting provider currently working with 10 million domains by offering them its services.

Some of the salient features are:

  1. Custom Domain Name
  2. Unmetered bandwidth
  3. Free website builder
  4. Security
  5. Free SSL certificate
  6. Money-back guarantee
  7. Auto backup
  8. Free CDN


In a nutshell, this was all you need to know about the different types of hosting services and the benefits of the different hosting services. We hope this blog was useful to you in learning about these services as well as help in better decision making by recommending some of the best hosting services. So what are you waiting for, Hurry! Avail a good host and get your WordPress website running smoothly on your website. See also our recommended best WordPress hosting service.

Why do we need wordpress hosting?

In order to get your website on the WWW, you need to get linked to a Wordpress hosting service provider.

Which one is the most preferred wordpress hosting?

If you are a big company that has got money then you must opt for managed Wordpress hosting as it gives you a lot of features and management at a really efficient price.

Are these services availableb for free?

Yes there are service providers that provides these services free of cost as well.

What is uptime?

Uptime is the time your website is available on the net. It is necessary as the traffic of your website depends upon it, so you should always opt for services that gives guaranteed good uptime

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