7 Best Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Services in 2021

Most managed WordPress hosting service providers tailor and tweak their solutions to the needs of a particular content managed system (CMS) or platform. With at least 35% of websites setup on WordPress, it should not be a surprise that managed web hosting has become a must-have for anyone that wants to build a website but doesn’t have any coding knowledge. In this post, well closely discuss why managed WordPress hosting has become so popular. Also, we shall review some of the cheap managed WordPress hosting services like SiteGround available.

 What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

managed wordpress hosting

No matter the size and nature of your business, a great website is vital for its growth and success. Nevertheless, this can be expensive, particularly if you are new and just starting. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is look for cheap managed WordPress hosting. Essentially, a website host refers to the company that provides servers that are needed for your site to run. This will ensure you get flawless delivery and storage of the files that are on your site.

Looking for the top-rated and cheap managed WordPress hosting? We have covered the best web hosting providers in this article. Besides taking a closer look at the best providers, we will also discuss what the cheap managed WordPress hosting has to offer and how it’s different from the premium hosting plans available.

What Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting Has To Offer?

You will get different features based on the provider that you choose. Instead of the expensive dedicated servers, you will get WordPress or shared hosting. Shared web hosting means you will have to share the server with other websites. This can be a drawback, especially if the security is compromised. However, it allows you to split the costs with other users. This makes the best WordPress hosting service more affordable.

Furthermore, with the cheap WordPress hosting, you get limited disk space. The good news is that this can be enough for small businesses. Also, the speed might be slow, but this depends on the web host.

In most cases, customer service is limited to the cheapest WordPress hosting services. You will need the premium WordPress hosting if you need 24/7 remote customer support.

Is Cheap Managed WordPress Hosting the Best Option?

Yes, cheap WordPress hosting can be really good. However, it is always important to make sure you are very careful about the company you choose. To avoid any regrets, opt for any of the service providers listed here.

As opposed to premium WordPress hosting provides, cheaper WordPress hosting provides limited features. There are data transfer limitations and storage caps. Because you will be sharing the server with other people, you should divide it among yourselves. Some of the cheapest WordPress hosts might not provide the digital tools you require to properly manage your web presence.

Also, you must be careful because some cheap managed WordPress hosting plans include hidden costs. For every additional feature you find, just know that there may be some extra costs. Therefore, always make sure you choose a hosting provider with upfront pricing.

Issues with Generic Hosting Services

Traditional hosting service providers, but in most cases, they don’t have the manpower necessary to help you navigate through different WordPress related questions. For anyone who is not experienced in creating websites, running a website on the great WordPress platform usually means slow loading and recurring downtime if the host you had chosen is not reliable.

If taking the time to learn more about server optimization, certificates, or plugin compatibility or hiring a sysAdmin is not something you will want to do in the future, worry not.

With the best-managed WordPress hosting, all the plugin updates, server optimization tasks, and other tasks are handled by the user. With committed support, high-end security, great uptime, and automated backups, no doubt managed WordPress hosting has become so popular.

Pricing can be a major challenge if you are just starting. For example, some of the best-managed web hosts like Kinsta will cost you $30 to $100 per month or more if you choose to upgrade your current plan. This is a huge cost that you might be better off avoiding if you are just starting.

What we want to say if that if you choose the right managed hosting, the pricing will also be effective for you if you are an aspiring blogger, content creator, marketer, or medium-sized business.

Below we have presented a highlight of the most essential characteristics of managed WordPress hosting and recommendations for the best hosting companies that provide fascinating managed WordPress hosting options.

The good news is that with some of the companies listed below, you can easily get an affordable managed hosting package for less than $10 per month.

Points to Consider When Choosing the Cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting Provider


Most of the reliable Managed WordPress hosting plans usually provide better loading times. Nevertheless, with utmost honesty, this isn’t the outcome of some WordPress magic. It is mainly because of the overall quality of the hosting infrastructure across its hosting plans.

Essentially, it is correct to state that with the best-managed WordPress hosting services you can expect optimal performance.

For example, below is a chart with an experiment about loading times after comparing a managed hosting plan against a standard web hosting plan.

Managed WordPress hosting plans also include other optimizations that work together with the server. These are things like improved performance, Apache and MySQL, PHP configurations, good caching, and optimized CDN.

Customer Support

The great news is that the best-managed WordPress hosting service companies usually have an in-house team of highly trained professionals that are ready to help you in case you experience any issues.

For example, one of our top recommended WordPress hosting companies, SiteGround is known to provide great support to a point that they can bend their own rules just to please a client.

Therefore, before you choose a managed hosting plan based solely on low costs, try to find out whether they offer superb support. You can find this information by reading user reviews.

Optimized User Experience

You should consider managed WordPress hosting as software and not infrastructure. Essentially, major strong elements of managed WordPress hosting are a GUI that is easy to navigate, simplified control panels, and user-friendly dashboards.

If you become comfortable with your WordPress website, it is highly likely that you may also want to do more with the site. As a result, you should check out whether managed WordPress hosting plans that you want to have a staging environment. This will be of great help when you want to try out new plugins and themes before you publish your website. Another important aspect to think of, if you want to move from one hosting server or provider, the transfer becomes easier and is often included as a free option in most of the managed WordPress plans available.

Now, without further ado, let’s take you through the most cheap managed WordPress hosting providers out there.

Top Recommended Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

1. SiteGround

It is amazing how SiteGround has grown so much over the past few years. With the basic pricing plan available at only $3.95 per month the heavenly support, great uptime, and super fast loading times, SiteGround tops our list of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting services.siteground - cheap managed wordpress hosting service

Initially, from the time you get in touch with the support time until you purchase a great plan, the SiteGround support team will never let you down. Those looking for the hosting plan for a single website, there is a start-up plan that comes with 10GB disk space and supports up to 10,000 visitors every month. Nevertheless, you can upgrade to the $5.95 for multiple websites, which comes with 20GB disk space and supports up to 25,000 visitors every month.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger has recently made it to the top of our cheap managed WordPress hosting list. Also, Hostinger provides 100% uptime with great performance while being one of the most affordable WordPress hosting services available.Hostinger - cheapest wordpress hosting

You can create a single WordPress website for only $0.80 every month. The most surprising aspect is that the host will offer users a better price in the next billing cycle as opposed to what other providers do within the initial period. It will only cost you $2.15 every month to renew your plan.

Hostinger comes with amazing WordPress specific traits such as WP-CLI to assist configure multisite installations and plugin installation. Keep in mind that Hostinger has a very slow response rate about customer support. We strongly recommend choosing SiteGround if support matters to you most.

3. DreamHost

DreamHost-cheaper wordpress hosting


DreamHost will without a doubt make sure your website will never have downtime, they have a 100% uptime promise. The host also gives you an extra day of great service for every downtime hour that your site is hosted by them. Added to the 97-day moneyback guarantee. The cheapest WordPress hosting plan available is available for only $16.95.


Keep in mind that the DreamHost shared WordPress hosting plan is perfect for those that want to optimize the website themselves. For high-end customer support and managed updates to your website, the price increases to $71.95 every month.

4. WPEngine

wpengine-wordpress hosting

WPEngine is possibly the most popular WordPress hosting service provider around the world. They provide incredible hosting plans that include staging environments, quality customer support service, optimized for WordPress, and other amazing perks that make it a great option for your WordPress website.

Pricing is the main challenge when it comes to WPEngine. The cheapest managed WordPress hosting choice is available for only $30 every month. This entry-level plan allows you to have 10GB disk space, 1 WordPress install, and supports up to 25,000 visitors every month.

5. JustHost

justhost-best wordpress hosting

JustHost is a great company that offers affordable managed WordPress hosting plans. The entry-level plan is available for only $3.49 every month. This includes free registration of the domain name. The plan also includes free marketing tools, free website builder, and free email address. You also get to enjoy a control panel that is designed for use by anyone, including beginners. They also offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

6. Flywheel

cheapest wordpress hosting-flywheel

Flywheel is a great web hosting company that is also officially recommended by WordPress. Another top WordPress hosting provider recommended by WordPress includes DreamHost and SiteGround. If a company is officially recommended by WordPress, then you know that it’s an amazing enterprise.

To start with, interacting with their amazing platform is easy to do even for beginners. Essentially, no learning curve is involved. The company has data centers around the globe. This plays a major role in improving your 1`website’s loading speed and guaranteeing amazing load times. Furthermore, there are automatic backups and in-built caching.

Now, when it comes to pricing. If you are only starting up with establishing your first site, Flywheel has an affordable plan that goes by the name “Tiny.” The plan is available for only $13 per month and can support about 5000 visitors every month. The plan comes with a free SSL certificate, 20GB bandwidth, and 5GB disk space.

7. A2 Hosting

a2hosting-wordpress hosting serviceFinally, we also recommend A2 Hosting. Their cheap managed WordPress hosting plans run of the Virtual private server (VPS) setup. This is one of the most renowned WordPress hosting plans.

The $25 plan option comes with 2GB of transfer and upto 75GB disk space. It also comes with 4 vCPUs and 4GB RAM.

Essentially, A2 Hosting has a great reputation in the hosting market. We strongly recommend A2 Hosting for different websites and purposes. If you are working with a limited budget, then you will be glad to work with them.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know everything about the cheapest WordPress hosting providers. We strongly recommend that you try out SiteGround. This is because their cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan comes with exclusive features that you will never get from other providers. It is now possible to enjoy the best-managed WordPress hosting even with a tight budget. You can also choose something that is slightly expensive based on your website needs.

What are you waiting for? Try any of the cheap managed WordPress hosting providers listed here to properly set up your website.

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