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Having an online website has become a necessity for your business to keep going. Without having an online site, reaching to an audience on a global level is just impossible. The crucial step of getting your website online is choosing the right form of WordPress hosting. If you are a big website that requires high uptime or an enterprise company, google cloud hosting service is the one for you.

best cloud hosting service

In the following blog, you will learn almost everything about google cloud hosting. So, let’s get going.


Google Cloud hosting is a type of hosting service that uses more than one server to maximize uptime and balance the load. Rather than using a single server, your website can up the game by signing up for a cluster of servers the excavate and use resources from a centralized pool. This means the failure of one server doesn’t affect the functioning of your website.

Google Cloud hosting service can be visualized as a web of different interconnected computers. The more the number of machines hooked up to the network, the more will be the number of resources added to the overall cloud hosting service.

While in the traditional hosting method, you get a certain amount of space on a single server, with google cloud hosting services, you get a part of the cloud cluster.


Resource Pooling

It means that the google cloud server should be capable of pulling the resources from multiple destinations to provide it to their customers with the help of a multitenant model. The physical and virtual resources allocated depends upon the demands of the customer. The customer has no information or control generally on the location of the resources provided, but he/she can specify location at a higher level of abstraction.

Ease in maintenance

The maintenance of the servers is quite easy. The websites using google cloud hosting experience very less percent of downtime; in some cases, it is as less as zero.


The resources are highly scalable and always available. The capability of the google cloud server can be modified, amplified, or extended upon the convenience of the customer.


It is a one-time investment process. You need to buy the resources and storage only one time and then use it for however long you wish to. The only money spent afterward is the money spent on essential maintenance, which is very minimal. You only have to pay for the services you use and not for the services included in your package. There is no extra or hidden charge to be paid for.

On-demand self-service

Due to this feature, you can strictly and continuously monitor server capabilities, uptime, and allowed network storage.

Large network access

You can upload the data to the cloud or access the data from the cloud from anywhere just via having a device and a stable internet connection. This feature is available all over the network and can be accessed with the help of the internet.

Automatic system

The google cloud hosting server identifies the data needed at provides metering capability at a certain level. You can manage, control, and report the utility. There is extreme transparency in everything.


Security is one of the best features of cloud hosting. The data is confidentially stored within the storage device that can not be utilized or hacked by any other person. The storage service is reliable and quick.

Measured Service

The resource usage is monitored, measured, and reported by the cloud server for the charge per use feature.


Iaas, Paas, and saas are related to google cloud hosting as they all use cloud infrastructure for delivering their service.


IAAS, also is known as infrastructure as a service, is linked to the new business model for hosting companies. This process is inclusive of processing power via cloud architecture and offering virtual machines. You do not need to hire a physical architecture. Instead, you can simply purchase only the necessary resources.


Paas stands for a platform as a service. The job of these solutions is to provide a framework for developers to build upon. PAAS has gained popularity over the years by decreasing the time to market and offering greater flexibility.


SAAS, short for software as a service, is used when the company uses the cloud to deliver their software interface to their users via mobile applications or web browser. One of the popular SAAS product is google docs.

Advantages of Google Cloud Hosting

Pocket-friendly than other hosting methods

You only pay for the computing time you use the resources. Google cloud hosting gives you discounted prices for long-running workloads with zero up-front commitment required.

Live migrations of the virtual machines

Live migrations allow better addressing of repairing, patching, or updating the hardware and software without keeping you worrying about machine reboots.

Excellent Security

There is a security model built over 15 years that currently secure services and products like search, Gmail, etc.

Consistent Backups

Google Cloud hosting promises consistent automated backup for recovery of any lost data in the care of any software or hardware crash or any malicious or outsider attack.

Excellent performance

Google cloud hosting is made for an excellent performance. The resources on google cloud hosting are 100% scalable, and the downtime is decreased to almost zero.


Cyber-attacks vulnerability

Google Cloud hosting service makes everything accessible via the internet. Now, we all know how the internet is the home to many cyber and malicious attacks. Therefore, even the biggest of organizations might face server breaches or severe seizures.

Lack of speed

The speed of your net connection is the determinant of the speed of your server connection. A slow internet connection makes the whole VPS hosting process very slow and frustrating. So, unless you have a reliable, stable, and fast internet connection, using the google cloud hosting method won’t be a smart choice.

Poor technical assistance

Even though the cloud hosting servers have high potential, you would still want a back up if, once in a blue moon, any technical glitch occurs. This is where google cloud hosting loses the game. It has inadequate technical assistance as well as customer reception.

Pocket exhausting

Though google cloud hosting is very cost-efficient, some hidden costs come out after the deal is sealed, which in turn excavates an amount much more significant than you expect.

Possible Downtime

Even though google cloud hosting guarantees an excellent uptime, but, it is entirely dependent on your internet connection. You will experience a smooth running website with excellent uptime till the time you have a stable net connection.


The crowd that google cloud hosting attracts is quite different than the one drawn by traditional hosting methods.

If your website is mission-critical, that means that your company just can not function without it, then choosing cloud hosting is a smart choice. Google cloud hosting is also a choice to be made if you run or are
planning to run corporate websites, e-commerce stores, leading generation websites, or high traffic projects.

Google cloud hosting offers better scalability at times of fluctuated requirements of power.
This makes google cloud hosting a preferrable choice for publishing firms and news agencies who expect humongous amounts of likes on their posts or traffic surges. In short, it is an ideal choice in a lot of situations and fierce competition for other hosting methods.

2020 recommendations for the best google cloud hosting service providers

A2 Hosting 

a2 hosting - best google cloud hosting
A2 Hosting is known as the all-rounder in the world of google cloud hosting. It does quite well in all of the aspects related to google cloud hosting. They have high-performance swift server platforms with 300 times faster load times. Their google cloud hosting is ultra-reliable with just one-click installation and 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Some of its exciting features are:

◦ Free SSL certificates
◦ 20 times faster servers
◦ 24/7 Technical assistance
◦ Easy to use control panel
◦ Unmetered bandwidth
◦ Easy and free site transfer
◦ Anytime money-back guarantee

Siteground google cloud hosting

Siteground - best google cloud hosting
Siteground offers the most promising features in the market. It is a great hosting solution for any kind of WordPress website, new, old, big, or small. They provide services that are blazingly fast, stable, and secure. They have specially developed in-house tools for a fantastic cloud hosting service experience.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Unique MYSQL server setup
◦ Domain name registration
◦ Linux operation system
◦ 24/7 support
◦ unmetered bandwidth
◦ Multiple PHP versions
◦ Multiple server locations
◦ Stong cPanel support
◦ Apache webserver

Inmotion google cloud hosting

inmotion -best google cloud hosting

This company is famous for its best technical assistance and customer support currently in the market. They have high availability cloud servers perfect for system administrators, developers, and other people with a firm grasp of configuring servers with the command line and ssh access.

Some of the amazing features are:

◦ 100% money-back guaranteed
◦ Free SSD drives
◦ e-commerce ready
◦ Free Domain
◦ One-click installation
◦ Coding in multiple languages
◦ Data backup
◦ Easy to manage cPanel
◦ Unlimited e-mail accounts
◦ Unmetered Bandwidth
◦ 24*7*365 US based support

Hostgator google cloud hosting

hostgator - best google cloud hosting service
This web hosting service provider company has been winning people’s trust since 2002. Hostgator is a one-stop-shop. It has everything you need to host your website. All the websites come with unlimited e-mail addresses, storage, and bandwidth. They also offer free site migrations.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ 24/7 live support team
◦ Convenient and flexible cPanel
◦ One-click installation
◦ Substantial drag and drop builder
◦ Technical specifications
◦ SSL certification
◦ 99.9% uptime guaranteed
◦ 45-day money-back guarantee
◦ Unlimited subdomains, Gmail accounts, and FTP accounts
◦ Unmetered bandwidth
◦ Automatic backup

Dreamhost google cloud hosting

dreamhost - best google cloud hosting
It is best known for its reasonable and affordable prices. It is known as one of the cheapest WordPress hosting solutions. You can run any application on DreamHost’s all SSD Google Cloud server. It is engineered around ceph and OpenStack. With Dreamhost, you get S3 compatibility and redundant storage at a very reasonable price.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Unlimited website
◦ Infinite traffic
◦ Fast SSD storage
◦ Unmetered bandwidth
◦ Limitless e-mail and FTP accounts
◦ Pre-installed WordPress
◦ Money-back guaranteed
◦ Free SSL certificates
◦ free domain

Cloudways google cloud hosting.

Cloudways - best google cloud hosting services

It is another preferred Google Cloud hosting & laravel hosting service provider. Their woo commerce and managed to host takes away the issues faced while working with the cloud server. Their cloudways cache and cloudways CDN offers blazingly fast performance and provides a seamless hosting experience.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Scalable
◦ 24*7*365 support
◦ unlimited WordPress installs
◦ Dedicated server firewall and IP
◦ Free SSL certificate
◦ Automated backups
◦ Real-time monitoring
◦ Team management
◦ SSD based Hosting

Kamatera googles cloud hosting

kamatera - best google cloud hosting
Kamatera has been proving its worth in the market due to its insane customization services. It is said to have the best customization services.

Some of its features are:

◦ Unlimited scale up and out
◦ Simple API and management console
◦ Premium 24*7 human support
◦ Reliable
◦ Fastest intel Xeon platinum processors
◦ SSD storage
◦ Private networking

Hostwinds google cloud hosting

hostwinds - best google cloud hosting

It is well known for its pocket-friendliness. It offers some of the premium services at an affordable price. You can avail of all the benefits of the best cloud hosting service and still have to pay a minimal amount.

Some of the exciting features are:

◦ Enterprise firewall
◦ SSH key management
◦ Instant scalability
◦ Custom templates
◦ Full management
◦ SSD drives
◦ Various payment methods were our top researches recommendations for a pleasurable cloud hosting experience.


We hope, by now, you must have got a clear idea about the perks and cons and features of cloud hosting service. It is an excellent platform for hosting if your website requires a generous amount of uptime. Not just that, cloud hosting offers some fantastic features along with its regular services. So, what are you waiting for, hop on to the virtual world by investing your fortune in an ethical and reputed cloud hosting service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cloud Hosting

What is a google cloud server?

A google cloud server is a virtualized private server with dedicated resources

What makes google cloud hosting stand out?

Its commendable uptime guarantee is what makes google cloud hosting user's choice

Are these services available for free?

Unlike shared hosting, services provided by google cloud hosting are not free but companies like Dreamhost provide these services at a really convenient price.

Does cloud hosting service providers helps is site migration?

Yes, they are more than willing to help migrate your site. Some of the service providers even do it for free.

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