Best Dedicated Hosting-How to Choose the Best Hosting Services

An online website has always been a business priority. To achieve it, we should make use of hosting services.  All businesses require these services to host their web application, web service, or website. Opting for Dedicated hosting services gives us an upper hand over other companies using other forms of hosting services. It provides immense control and power for the companies looking for the exclusive use of all the facilities for themselves. Choosing the best hosting services is the most tedious job. We need to be sure about the specifications we seek and their results.

In this blog, we talk about all the necessary information required to choose the most suitable dedicated hosting service. Continue reading the article to gain a crystal knowledge about all the parameters of specialized hosting services. It’s features, advantages, drawbacks, and some of our recommendations.

Best Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting provides the entire server to a single website. Thus all the features are available to an individual client. Whereas, in shared hosting, resources are shared among different sites.
Dedicated hosting offers higher reliability and more features in comparison to shared hosting, which makes it a bit expensive, but the worth is convincing.

Salient Features of Dedicated hosting


Security is the critical feature of any dedicated hosting. In the case of a data breach, the reputation of the company is at stake. The company may face legal actions as well as massive fines. If the server is hacked, the performance of the company will be stagnant, and no operations would be performed. This is the reason why most of the hacked companies go out of business.
Physical security, as well as the location of the data, should be kept in mind while choosing the best suited dedicated hosting server for the organization. You should also look for DDoS protection, malware and virus prevention, and next-generation firewalls.

Operating System

While choosing the dedicated hosting service, it is essential to keep in mind the operating system we are using. Usually, web applications and sites are OS-specific in nature. They tend to support different operating systems. Few applications which run on Linux OS may not be compatible with the Window OS and vice-versa. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the service provider you choose enables you to run the operating system you require.

Server Configuration

Server configuration is as important as the freedom of choosing the operating system. It provides you with the ability to have complete control over the server, which allows you to customize it according to your need.

Server Management

Managing the server in a well-defined manner helps in keeping the server up to date. It also helps in making things easier and saves you in the long run. Server management includes server monitoring, OS updates, application installation, and patching. Server monitoring makes sure that the server is fully functioning by tracking the health and performance of the server.

Control Panel Options

A right control panel ensures easy management of the server as well as the applications which run on it. Control panels provide easy navigation and several built-in management tools. Plesk and cPanel are the leading control panels. WHM and cPanel are for Linux servers only, whereas Plesk is now for both Linux and Windows servers.

Hardware Choices

At times Dedicated servers are not pocket friendly. Therefore, we must choose the dedicated hosting providers that offer several hardware choices.  To avoid paying more than the required amount, selecting the hardware with multiple options is a must. One should ideally focus on the size of RAM, CPU model, hard disk capacity and its types, type of RAM, number of cores, and speed.

High Availability

The availability of the server while running the crucial applications, cannot be avoided. One cannot afford any glitch in the server. Therefore, a dedicated hosting service with 100 percent uptime is preferred. This is the only reason you should choose a server that ensures high availability or comprises of models, which makes sure that a backup of all the information is present to handle any sort of failure.

Sustainable Technical Support

Technical support of the service providers is needed to carry out tasks or to handle the malfunctioning of the server. It should be available 24/7 by phone, live chat, or email. Technical support shouldn’t be misunderstood with customer support. Technical implies experts having the complete knowledge of IT and can deal with the problem at the point of contact.

Types of Dedicated hosting

Linux Hosting

It is the most popular type of hosting because Linux is an open-source system. Thus no licensing fees are required while using Linux as a hosting server. It supports MYSQL and PHP. It’s flexibility, and affordable pricing makes it most wanted in the market.

Managed Dedicated hosting

Single-tenancy is the most suitable term to describe the managed dedicated hosting. In this dedicated hosting, the individual host their applications or sites. Whereas, in shared hosting, the server hardware and the resources are shared among customers.

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting uses windows as a server operating system. It offers technologies that are compatible with windows like .NET, ASP, MSSQL. Plesk is used to manage Window hosting account in web browsers.

Merits of Dedicated hosting service

Zero maintenance issue

Maintenance of the server plays a crucial role in the well functioning of the system. A dedicated hosting server manages the building cost and the server maintenance cost.
It also reduces the overhead of a business purchasing server space and maximizes their return on investment.

Unique IP Address

We know that every server has a unique IP address. In shared hosting, you are sharing your IP address with multiple other websites. Thus any mishappening in neighbors site will downgrade your website also. In dedicated hosting, a dedicated server is provided, which ensures your unique IP address. This is of considerable significance when we are SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) for credit card processing.


A dedicated hosting service gives the flexibility of customizing the servers according to the need of the client. It offers to customize software, RAM, CPU, and disk space.
In shared hosting, the client has a limited number of applications to choose from. The client has to utilize the existing software on the server. This reduces the scope of options. Dedicated hosting provides the freedom to choose the software as well as the platform needed by the client. It allows more control over the configuration of the server.

Unshared Server Resources

All the resources are allocated to a single server when we choose a dedicated hosting resource provider. It has various perks. The scripts active on other websites won’t have any command over your site, and there is no scope of hindrance or demand for sharing the RAM or CPU.

Enhanced performance and security

A dedicated hosting provider assures the maximum uptime for the website. Dedicated hosting is best suited for sites with high traffic loads because they offer high reliability and stability in comparison to shared hosting. A secured server ensures protection from malicious attacks. Dedicated hosting provides high-security, mainly for handling SSL or FTP transactions.

Demerits of Dedicated hosting


A dedicated hosting server is costlier than all the available web hosting servers. The cost can be as high as 99$ per month. It is difficult for small websites to afford a dedicated hosting server due to a high price, whereas for large businesses, the deal is still feasible.

Unmanaged dedicating hosting

Hosting services require maintenance and management frequently. An unmanaged dedicating hosting leads to enormous wastage of money and time over support.  This happens when we don’t have skilled staff to look after the hosting services. A little technical training is required to manage the administrative tasks on the server.

The requirement of technical staff

Managing dedicated hosting needs a staff well versed with the technical knowledge of the server. If you don’t have enough experience to manage your website, you must hire an IT professional to handle the hosting. The cost of the business increases as you are also supposed to pay the technical staff.

Lack of physical access

It is one of the significant drawbacks of dedicated hosting. It lacks physical access to the server. We cannot trust the web hosting provider blindly because it will be the one responsible for managing the data, maintaining the server, and server back-ups.
If you select a terrible dedicated hosting, you will end up losing your data. So, a wise decision is to be made while choosing the dedicating hosting provider.

Lack of scripts

A dedicated hosting server lacks all the free scripts and features. A dedicated hosting server is more client-oriented; thus, no preinstalled features are added by the web hosts.

Top Dedicated hosting service providers

Big Rock Dedicated Hosting

bigrock dedicated hosting

The big rock is the best Linux dedicated hosting services in India that uses best-in-class hardware for their dedicated servers. The dedicated servers are built to meet the highest standards. The dedicated servers comprise of two hard drives in RAID 1 configuration, Intel Xeon processors, and 1Gbps network port. The dedicated servers are also built for speed, so you have a blazing fast server, ready to use in a fraction of seconds.

Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja best web hosting

Hosting Raja is very popular amongst Indian customers because of its reliability and its quality of work. It provides 24/7 technical support. There are several free services offered by Hosting Raja. It provides a free web creator tool, free parked domain, free Add-on domain, zero installation charges, and a control panel for free. It guarantees 99.9% server uptime. The Hosting Raja team uses RAID technology to avoid downtime.


Hostgator dedicated hosting

Their Dedicated hosting services are engineered to perform. They are ideal for large businesses comprising websites with high traffic. Their dedicated servers are built to be controlled till the very last bit with high-intensity workloads. The configuration, installation, flexibility, and customization are all backed up by HostGator’s unparalleled support.

SiteGround Dedicated Hosting

Siteground dedicated hosting

SiteGround’s entry-level dedicated hosting looks expensive, but it is worth the cost. It offers rich features, service-quality, VIP technical support, and performance. Their servers are built for high-availability and heavy traffic load handling websites.


hostpapa dedicated hosting

Hostpapa provides excellent technical support team and customer services, security and uptime guarantee, numerous resources, and a robust interface. Over 200.000 websites are currently using Hostpapa’s services.


Bluehost- cheap web hosting service

Bluehost offers VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and dedicated hosting. It uses the cPanel interface, which is most suitable for beginners. It provides social media marketing, graphic design services, domain names, SEO services, and a full range of web hosting services.


iPage web hosting service providers for small business

Webmasters and online businesses create websites using the dedicated hosting solutions provided by iPage. It offers WordPress hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Virtual private servers.

Reseller Club Dedicated hosting

resellerclub top website hosting

In Reseller Club, the dedicated hosting provider leases the bandwidth and hard drive space to a small or medium-sized business, who then rents the area to a third party. The host services are being purchased by the reseller and are sold to the clients for profit. It provides SSL certification, domain names, email hosting, web design services, and website builder.

Inmotion Dedicated Hosting

inmotion -best web hosting for small business

Inmotion hosting is a web hosting company that is owned and operated by the employee only. Web hosting network used by Inmotion hosting is based on Unix and Linux operating systems. It provides customized web designs for clients. Inmotion hosting offers VPS hosting, personal hosting, web hosting solutions, and dedicated hosting servers. It uses cPanel as a control panel and Fantastico scripts for the content management systems and customer service tools.


So, this was pretty much everything you needed to know about dedicated hosting. Of course, a private server and a personal domain name come with a lot of advantages like more security and flexibility. But it is a bit on the pricier side. So, if you are a big company having fortune and are dealing with confidential information, or you are a company for whom reputation matters, then dedicated hosting is the one for you. So, hurry and get yourself registered on any of our recommended dedicated hosting service provider for a delightful online experience.

I hope it helps you find a great dedicated wordpress hosting service provider for your website needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our recommendations trustable?

Answer. Yes, we have researched to provide you the best-dedicated hosting services keeping in mind the price, security, flexibility, and wide variety of features.

Is dedicated hosting cheap?

Dedicated hosting is a bit pricey and therefore is not recommended to newly emerging websites. But the services provided are worth the money, so if you got the money, you should opt for dedicated hosting services.

How does dedicated hosting provide more security?

Using dedicated hosting services, you get a server you do not have to share with any other company. This means their malpractices won't affect your site's reputation or security in any way.

How is dedicated hosting different from shared hosting?

In shared hosting, you share your server and domain name with other companies, whereas, in dedicated hosting, you get a personal server and domain name.

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