10+ Best Free WordPress Hosting Services of 2021

This blog is all about the best, efficient and free wordpress hosting services available in the market. Keep reading to find some of the best free wordpress hosting providers that can help you setup your website without any extra costs!

Why You Need the Best WordPress hosting services?

A WordPress hosting service is a class of internet hosting services that allows people in an organization or individuals to share and make their website available via the world wide web. These services are provided by web hosts. Web hosts are the companies or a group of people that provide your website space and on the server. They also provide your internet connectivity in a data center.

Why is WordPress hosting service important?

To have a successful online business, you ought to have a strongly appealing website as its foundation. You cannot expect a flourishing, successful, and profitable business with a poor website. This is the main reason as to why a good WordPress hosting service is important.

Increases SEO and search engine rankings

Your business will surely have a hard time if your website appears down whenever the search engine attempts to reach out to it. Slow websites also affect your ranking drastically. So it is important to invest in a good WordPress hosting service to maintain your site’s ranking and pace.

Frequent Website Backups

There is always a fair chance of an outsider attack on your site that may corrupt your data stored and files. In this situation, if you do not have a WordPress host, you might lose all of your stored information. A good WordPress hosting service always backs up your data from time to time. So, you can restore it at any given date and time.

Minimal Website Downtime

A poor WordPress host doesn’t provide enough protection to your website. If you are associated with a poor WordPress hosting service your website will suffer as it will be disrupted or unavailable most of the time. But if you invest in a good WordPress hosting service you will gain customers, their trust, and fortune.

Increase in website’s load time

A sluggish website disinterests the viewers and makes them unlikely to stay. A website that is amateur and slow has high chances to get increased bounce rates. This is where having ties with a good WordPress hosting service comes into play. They ensure that your website is sufficiently fast and highly responsive.

Increased Security

A good WordPress hosting service ensures you enable HTTPS on your site. Also known as SSL, HTTPS offers additional security to the sensitive content of your website. All the information that passes through your website becomes well encrypted and inaccessible to hackers.

Free wordpress hosting services

Parameters to Judge web hosting service providers.

It’s Reputation

When choosing the wordpress hosting service provider to get tied to, looking at it’s reviews on independent sites is of utmost importance.It is recommended that you thoroughly check it’s testimonials, clients and past experiences before you choose their offered services.

Flexible Scaling

A good wordpress hosting service will ensure a prosperous expansion in your business. This means that your site will experience increased customers and flow of traffic with the passage of time. Before opting for a wordpress hosting service provider you should cross check whether it offers flexible accommodation. Your web host should be able to upgrade and scale as per your needs.

Strong Support

What is the use of spending bucks on a wordpress host service provider if it can not offer its help when you need it? A good wordpress hosting service offers its support at least during the working hours if not 24*7. Before choosing your WordPress hosting service provider you should check its mode of support.Whether its just emails and ticketing or you can actually ring someone up.

 Downtime Duration

Downtime is the period of time when the visibility of your website become unavailable. Even minute your website is down you lose more than one customer. So before choosing a WordPress hosting service you should ensure that it offers zero or minimalistic downtime.

Extent of Backup Available

If there is any issues in your website that requires reinstallation of your site, you wouldn’t wanna lose your data. So, before choosing any particular WordPress hosting service you must ensure whether they provide backups and how often do they do that.You must also check whether they provide these services for free or do these provisions carry extra charges.

Efficiency in Switching Suppliers

You must always hop onto better available options in the market whenever possible. The bigger question is that how easy would it be?Does your new WordPress hosting service provider offers moving services or does the old one charges you to leave them.

Now that you know what does a wordpress hosting service do, how important it is to choose the best WordPress hosting services available in market, choosing the most appropriate one is the most crucial part. One must opt for the WordPress hosting service that provides the maximum necessary features at free of cost.

Well, we have done the research work for you.Below are the best, powerful and free WordPress hosting service providers offering their services 0$ per month.

Free WordPress Hosting Services


wordpress hosting services

This is an open source software that provides free WordPress hosting services. This service is present at WordPress.org. It makes accessibility of your website at www just a ‘one step process.’ All you have to do is register as a WordPress.com account.

It is a good option for people who lack technical experience like freelancers. The reason is that it does not give you full access to WordPress’s features, themes and plugins.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Easy Setup
  • User Friendly
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Sufficient Storage Space
  • Accessibility to the free WordPress themes
  • Free SSL certificates
  • High powered infrastructure

Cons of this free WordPress hosting Service:

  • Themes can be chosen from the ones available,no choice is given.
  • You can not have a custom domain of your own.
  • No direct server access.


000webhost - free wordpress hosting

This is another free WordPress hosting service platform powered by a popular budget host.It works best with light traffic and you can host more than one website at paying absolutely nothing.

Pros of using this WordPress hosting service are:

  • Custom Dashboard
  • One-click Setup
  • FTP access
  • No ads
  • Free website Builder
  • 10gb Bandwidth
  • 1gb Storage
  • Custom Domain Name

Cons of using this Free wordpress Hosting service:

  • Extension of free plan limits causes suspension of the website
  • Zero support for email hosting
  • Dashboards is filled with prompts to upgrade to hostinger paid service.

Accuweb Hosting

Accuweb Hosting - wordpress hosting free

It is a US based web host that provides paid as well as free wordpress hosting services.It has generous plans with a lot of limits.This plan is useful to websites with moderate traffic.

Some of its salient features are:

  • 30 gb bandwidth
  • full server access
  • no ads
  • backup supprt
  • email accounts
  • 1 click setup
  • cpanel
  • latest versions of PHP

Cons of using this free wordpress hosting services:

  • You can host only one website per account.
  • Pre set fixed server location
  • No free sub domain


Byet.host - free web hosting

This free wordpress hosting service is best for users with full server access requirement and high traffic websites. It lets you create infinite websites and offers unlimited bandwidth.

Features of Byet:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free subdomain and custom domain
  • One click setup
  • Email Hosting
  • Full server access via FTP
  • No ads

Cons of using this free wordpress hosting service:

  • Though having unlimited storage, storage per file is limited.
  • The dashboard is quite dated.

Award Space

Award Space - free web hosting service

This free wordpress hosting service provider works best upto 5000 visits per month.This is sufficient for people who wish to run multiple low traffic website.

Pros of using this free wordpress hosting service:

  • one click installation
  • custom domain name
  • custom control panel
  • email hosting
  • MySQL database support
  • 1gb storage
  • No ads

Cons of using this service:

  • Low Bandwidth
  • Only one of the multiple websites can be a top-level domain


x10Hosting - free wordpress hosting

It is a cloud based host offering its wordpress hosting services for free. It offers one 1 click installation, unlimited bandwidth and cPanel access.

Some of its Salient features are:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Sufficient storage
  • custom domain
  • full server access
  • 1 click installation

Cons of using this service:

  • Limited signup locations.

Free Hosting No Ads

Free Hosting No Ads - wordpress hosting best

Its name makes it obvious that it is a free wordpress hosting service provider.All it takes to get a free domain name is to join their facebook group.

Some of it’s standout features are:

  • 1gb storage space
  • 1 click installation
  • custom domain and free sub-domain
  • 5gb Band width
  • No ads
  • Email Accounts

Cons of using this service:

  • It is not compatible with latest version of php language
  • Bandwidth limit fail to work on sites with high traffic

Free Hosting

Free Hosting - best wordpress hosting

Another obvious name with obvious purpose. This free wordpress hosting service provider offers unlimited bandwidth and generous cpanel.

Pros of using this service:

  • 1 click installation
  • MySql Database
  • custom domain name
  • one email account
  • 10gb storage limit

Cons of using this service:

  • Allowance of hosting only one wordpress website
  • No free subdomain availability

Infinity Free

Infinity Free -best wordpress hosting

This free wordpress hosting service uses infrastructure from iFasNet. It generously offers bandwidth and diskspace.It is useful for the clients who wishes to run high traffic multiple sites.

Some of its standout features are:

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 click installation
  • Custom Domain
  • Email Accounts
  • ssl certificates
  • ad free
  • 400 My SQL databases

Cons of using this free wordpress hosting service:

  • Even though you get unlimited storage, individual file can not have storage more than 10 MB.
  • The dashboard is quite dated


Freehostia - best wordpress hosting services

This free wordpress hosting service grants generous access to your server. It is best for a basic static site.

Some of its salient features are:

  • Multiple website Hosting
  • 250 mb storage
  • 1 click installation
  • 6gb Bandwidth
  • Technical Support
  • Multiple e-mail accounts
  • my SQL database

Cons of using these Services:

  • Small Storage Limit
  • Allowance to have only one wordpress install.This means all other sites needs to be static.


100WebSpace - free wordpress hosting services

The last amongst our list of free wordpress hosting service providers is 100webspace.It is a really good option to choose for a simple static website.

Pros of choosing this service:

  • email addresses
  • access to human support
  • full server access
  • ssl certificates
  • one custom domain name
  • 100 MB storage space
  • 3 gb monthly traffic
  • one click installation
  • Zero ads

Cons of using these services:

  • Limited storage space
  • Limited SQL database, therefore only one wordpress installation allowed.


So, now you know the best free wordpress hosting service providers. We hope this article has been an eye opener to you. Our aim was to make sure we present you with a detailed list of the WordPress hosting providers that you can rely on for your startup business without breaking a bank.

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