How Do I Exchange My SafeMoon to DOGE?

How Do I Exchange My SafeMoon to DOGE?

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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2013 as a joke. Initially, it was created by two crypto enthusiasts just for fun, but later its popularity grew, and currently, DOGE is the fifth most prominent cryptocurrency in the blockchain market. Initially, the crypto was created for competing with Bitcoin, so it has several unique features. For example, compared to Bitcoin, DOGE has a faster transaction time.

DogecoinCurrently, Dogecoin has a new competitor – SafeMoon. It debuted in March 2021 and became popular over a short time. Creators of SAFEMOON say that this cryptocurrency has come to fix the biggest problem in the crypto world – price volatility. To do so, SafeMoon rewards long-term coin owners and discourages daily trading. It’s what makes SAFEMOON different from DOGE and other cryptocurrencies.

SafeMoonHow to Swap DOGE to SAFEMOON

To exchange your DOGE to SAFEMOON, you should take the following steps:

  • Go to the widget where all coin exchanges are carried out.
  • Then, select DOGE and the number of coins you want to sell.
  • Choose SAFEMOON – the coins you want to receive after exchange.
  • Indicate your SAFEMOON wallet address where you’ll receive the coins after conversion.
  • Then, confirm the transaction.
  • The system will search for and choose the most profitable conversion rate, and after the transaction, the coins will be added to your SAFEMOON wallet.

You need to take similar steps to swap your SAFEMOON to DOGE. The only difference is that before carrying out the transaction, the platform warns that SafeMoon charges a 10% commission. SafeMoon has introduced this transaction fee to discourage coin holders from daily exchanges so that the coin’s price can stay stable. Therefore, you should confirm your consent about it so that the transaction is carried out.

How to Choose a Good DOGE to SAFEMOON Exchange Rate

Question markYou won’t see the rates of SAFEMOON on crypto exchange rankings since, despite growing fast, it isn’t yet as popular as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Hence, for choosing a profitable exchange rate, you should check the conversation chart of the exchange platform. The chart shows the real-time rate of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the graph demonstrates price changes – growth and fall.

To make the right decision for trading coins, check the following data:

  • The conversion rate for 1 Dogecoin to SafeMoon
  • The percent exchange for the last day and week
  • The maximum and circulating supplies for DOGE and SAFEMOON

You can find all this helpful information on the exchange chart of the platform. So pay attention to the numbers and calculate your potential income to make profitable trading.

Why Exchange SAFEMOON to DOGE

When coin holders exchange one currency for another, they don’t do it for fun. Instead, these kinds of crypto conversions bring income. For example, by trading SAFEMOON for DOGE when the latter’s rate is low, they acquire DOGE coins and can sell them and make income whenever its rate increases.

By using the services of exchange platforms, users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly without creating personal accounts. There are no swap limits. Users can exchange as many cryptos as they want because the system puts no restrictions.

The only limitation is the stability time of the fixed exchange rate. When you select a fixed rate, it stays stable for half an hour, after which the rate may change. However, this time is entirely sufficient for completing the swap.

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