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5+ Best Push Notifications Plugins for Reader Retention 2021

With the increase in the use of smartphones and modern web browsers, the use of push notifications have increased, and they are becoming popular day by day. You can easily send notifications about every new post on your blog to the readers who signup for the notifications.

It works on both modern smartphones and desktop web browsers. In the case of a desktop, push notification module is working perfectly on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but slowly other web browsers are also joining the act.

This module can be applied to any modern WordPress website or blog and that too within a couple of minutes. It works perfectly with every supported browsers and smartphone and believes me it works as it should.

All you need to do is to install a specific plugin which offers this functionality. As we’re talking about WordPress here, so we definitely have a bunch of cool options to pick from. And, here is a compilation of the best Push Notifications plugins for reader retention.

Push notifications plugins are valuable additions to a push notifications service, offering enhanced functionality and customization options for better user engagement.

Although these plugins can increase the overall traffic and reader’s engagement, but you still need to focus on the content strategy. If the content being published is not worth, then users will never activate these notifications.

By signing up for the notifications, readers are trusting you and you need to maintain the same. Make sure the experience is never hurt while pushing those notifications and you also need to take care about the time. If the notifications are going continuously for the whole day, then readers might find it annoying. So, it’s better to keep a proper check.

#1 OneSignal

It’s one of the most popular solutions which is being used by a good number of users so far. It is easy to setup and once that part is done, it can function on its own, offering regular notifications to the readers. It comes with certain configurations which can help you deliver custom notifications to a custom set of readers. For example, you can restrict the notifications as per user’s language preferences.

OneSignalThe plugin allows the concept of A/B Testing which can help you know the exact format or configuration bringing better results. Most importantly, it can let you schedule the notifications as per time zones. The opt-in which delivers the notification is customizable. All the features are offered without any price tag and everything is available for free.

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#2 PushUp

It’s a premium product which is initially available without any cost for the first month and then you need to pay as the user base grows. It is compatible with all popular OS, including OS X, and the push notifications are integrated with the notification system of the OS itself. The developers behind this plugin have a known profile as WordPress developers since years. So, compatibility will never be an issue here. It offers a simple button to control whether a new post’s notification will be delivered to the system or not.

PushUpIt packs analytics tool inside to help you know the performance of the system. There are few configuration options available at the Dashboard which can help you get a customizable solution. It functions perfectly with Safari, Chrome, and even Firefox.

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#3 PushAssist

If the notification subscribers are limited up to 3k, then you can go ahead and use PushAssist plugin without paying anything. Most of the premium features are offered without any extra cost but once the limit is reached, you definitely have to pay for the services. Its setup part is simple and quick and the delivery part is handled automatically with real-time tracking options.

PushAssistIt comes with smart segments and allows running different push marketing campaigns. Moreover, it allows constructing a custom message right at the notification part. It not only works with WordPress but other popular CMS like Magento, Drupal, etc. It supports all three Safari, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers.

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#4 Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

it is another free product and the one I’m recommending last. It can display notification system and works perfectly on iOS, Android and even on Fire OS running smartphones and tablets. It is also available in a premium version, delivering a premium set of features and functionalities. It works on automation and doesn’t require anything to control by the Admin. Once things are configured, you no longer have to worry about anything, at all.

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#5 Roost Web Push

If you are looking for a more functional plugin, then check out this free product offered by two known developers. It supports Android, and iOS platforms and ensures that the push notifications are delivered to the maximum of your readers. It can either send the notifications on automation or you can also filter out to get a custom solution, like a scheduled notification.

Roost Web PushIt always records a detailed analytics, ensuring the data is always available to check the performance. Moreover, it can work with bbPress subscriptions and even allows manual post mode. The notifications headlines can further be customized. It can deliver on-site notifications via a working bell system which is both user-friendly and practically better than any other.

#6 PushCrew

PushCrewOnce installed, you need to login using a PushCrew account and then the services starts working perfectly on any compatible WordPress website. It works on desktops, tablets, and smartphones to deliver active notifications. It is available free to use up to a level and later you need to pick between the three paid plans available. The set of features it packs are way beyond any other plugin is offering at this time and it’s a recommendable choice.


These were all from my side! I hope you find these options interesting and end up moving ahead with one of them. If you need help on any related subject, mention the issue in the discussion section and I’ll take it from there. Peace!



*last updated 01/10/2020

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