7 of the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress out of the box is a search engine friendly and one of the best content management systems. Search engines bring a significant chunk of traffic to your website therefore it is wise to have a strong SEO strategy. Google has a huge set of guidelines for websites to perform better in search results.

To get your website or blog ranked on top of search engines you need to optimize your content for these search engines and it’s impossible to do it manually. There are so many SEO plugins and tips that people get confused about them, we bring you 7 of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that will take care of all your SEO needs.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is by far the best free SEO plugin available, it is as important as installing WordPress itself. It encompasses a lot of important SEO features, is regularly updated and has 4.6 out of 5 stars on WordPress. This one plugin does the task of many plugins available, it takes cares of all technical optimization of your website.

WordPress SEO by Yoast lets you optimize your website and enhance your writing. The plugin lets you add Meta keywords, Meta description, SEO Title and let you know about your keyword density. You can directly add meta value for your homepage or a single page. The plugin optimizes your RSS feeds and lets you edit robot.txt, .htaccess and much more. You do not need plugins like Google XML Sitemap or Robots meta as Yoast’s SEO comes integrated with features of these plugin.

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WP Social SEO Pro

Social Media optimization plays an integral part in your website’s success, it not only drives a huge amount of traffic to your website but also affects your search engine rankings. The WP Social SEO Pro plugin, earlier known as the WP Social SEO Booster, lets the search engine sites to take what they think is appropriate and that boosts the rankings.

Unfortunately there is no free version available of the plugin but it is worth every penny. It has become very important to have Twitter meta tags, facebook tags, open graph tags, Google authorship and other SEO tags on your website that helps in making your website SEO friendly. The plugin also allows you to have separate titles for different social network making your website more optimized for the social media.

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Keyword Tool.io

Keyword Tool is a free plugin and an awesome keyword research tool. It is a must-have SEO plugin as it lets you know what your target audience is typing in Google as keywords. You can optimize the content of your website based on the results of the plugin.

The plugin gather keyword suggestions from Google’s auto suggest feature and these keywords helps in improving SEO of your website. The plugin is fast, accurate and gives more than 750 choices for every keyword. It also generates keyword suggestions from Bing, Appstore and Youtube as well.

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Broken Links checker

Broken Links Checker saves your website from broken links that can create huge inconvenience to your visitors. It is advisable to check for broken links from time to time, lot of broken links can affect your site’s rankings.

Broken Links Checker is a free plugin that quickly scans your website and finds broken links on your website. The plugin not only finds the broken links but also allows you to make lot of changes without editing your posts. Broken Links Checker is a great plugin and no broken links on your site means better on-page SEO.

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WP Smush

If your blog or website has a lot of images, odds are that it is affecting your page load speed and slowing down your website. To boost the performance of your website and SEO, you need your website to load faster. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo rates the site higher that load fast. Image optimization is very essential for better SEO rankings, WP Smush is a popular plugin with more than 1 million downloads.

WP Smush from WPMU DEV is a free plugin that cleans up hidden and bulky information from your images and reduces file size without compromising on the quality. It optimizes all the images that you upload on your website, it uses the lossless compression technique. It can optimize images upto 1MB or smaller, the plugin processes JPEG, PNG, and GIF files.

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W3 Total Cache

Page loading plays an essential part in page rankings, W3 Total Cache will take care of your entire page load related issues. Your website tends to slow down once the traffic increases, making it difficult for visitors to browse through your website. This affects user-experience as well as page ranking, Total Cache plugin comes with features to curb the problem. Some of the benefits of the plugin:

• It considerably reduces the page load time resulting in increased visitor’s time, faster loading enhances the user-experience.
• Once the plugin is fully configured, it will improve the site performance by manifold.
• It will also save your bandwidth space by HTTP compression of Javascript, HTML, CSS and feeds.

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SEO Friendly images

If you have a blog or a business website and images are important part of your website, chances are you are missing out on a lot of traffic because your images are not properly optimized and Google can’t read images.

Search engines track images through ALT and TITLE attributes and it is very important that you describe your images. SEO friendly images is a plugin that takes cares of your images, it automatically adds ALT attributes to your images. This makes your website available to those searching images from a particular keyword. It is also advisable to give proper names to your images, it appears more professional and neat.

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Wrapping Up

I have prepared the list after keeping all the factors in mind that affect SEO of your website. These are few essential plugins for better SEO rankings of your website, hopefully your website should perform better after installing these plugins.

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