7 Social Plugins to Improve your WordPress Blog

What is actually a plugin? The simplest way to explain the term: A plugin is a piece of software which contains a group of handy functions and can be easily added to a WordPress website. Plugins may extend your website’s functionality in order to make it look less basic and much more professional, as well as add more fun and useful features to your site. Plugins make it easier for users to add features to their website without any coding knowledge whatsoever. There are more than thousand free and premium plugins available on the market.

Below in this article we will present the best 10 social WP plugins which you can use in order to improve your website.




SocialFans is a WP plugin which is used to display your followers, subscribers and fans on 30 different social networks. This amazing plugin allows you to see the popularity of your pages, and it may be a great influence on others to check your page. SocialFans comes with an option for a button which shows the amount of page views your websites has which is an awesome way to show others how successful your site actually is.

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Custom Facebook Feed

With this great plugin you can easily feature your Facebook feed on your blog. Custom Facebook Feed is a totally customizable plugin which enables you to match it to your website’s theme, and reveal as much posts as you want.

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Instagram Feed

The Instagram Feed WP plugin automatically matches your Instagram posts to your WP theme, as well as customizing its appearance as per your needs. With this awesome plugin you can choose how many posts you want shown on your blog, as well as customize the size of the images. Instagram Feed is a free plugin, but it can also be upgraded to a pro version which comes with additional great features.

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YouTube is a great WP plugin for adding videos to your site. Featuring videos on your website are a great way to maybe explain more about your brand or explain better a blog post. This awesome plugin is a must in order to boost traffic to your channel on YouTube or to bring more interactivity to your WP site.

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AddToAny (Share Buttons)

AddToAny is a wonderful plugin which offers 100+ share buttons and includes lots of great customization options. This awesome plugin comes with many great features which by using Google Analytics will allow you to track your social media sharing, as well as a follow button which is an excellent feature for engaging more followers on your social media accounts.

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Pin It Button

Pinterest is a social medial platform which is presented as a catalogue of ideas from all around the world. Its users create boards filled with different awesome ideas and items on whichever topic they desire. The Pin IT Button is a great way for users to pin your content. You can download the Pin It Button plugin for free. The plugin allows you to customize the button’s color, shape and size, depending on your theme’s color and style.

Twitter Tweets

Twitter Tweets is another great WP plugin which displays your latest tweets from your Twitter account directly on your blog. This awesome and useful plugin has lots of customization settings to match your website’s theme, plus an amazing option which allows you to add a follow button in order to gain new followers. If any of your visitors wants to retweet your blog post, this plugin includes this kind of option as well, which is a great way to increase social engagement.


All of the previously listed plugins are a great way to promote and improve your blog in the best possible way. Try them out, and let us know your thoughts bellow in comments.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any additional help, or you have any other questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask below in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

*last updated 10/30/2019

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