8+ Admin Plugins For WordPress

WordPress admin panel is a beautiful place to be. Why? It contains all the necessary actions for easy handling of the website. The default WordPress admin panel is quite useful for bloggers like me and you, but sometimes as we need to take a different look at what WordPress platform has to offer.

With the WordPress ecosystem, we can get almost any plugin that enhances some part of the WordPress website. It can be frontend, backend, customizer, admin… the same is true for the admin panel.

The admin panel is a useful place to be…from where you can easily transform your page, posts, categories, settings and control the different aspects of publishing information on the website. The neverending process can be improved with some amazing plugins that we are going to discuss today.

It doesn’t matter if you are a user, admin, content curator or contributor, these admin plugins for WordPress will surely help you gain an extra step forward to efficiency and productivity.

Admin Plugins For WordPress

1. Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin

Editorial Calendar is my favorite..the defacto standard of scheduling your posts within the admin panel. The idea of keeping up with daily tasks, updating old articles, generating ideas, assigning new topics to different authors on the website — can all be done using this beautiful admin plugin, Editorial Calendar.

The Editorial Calendar offers a quick look at the month, day or a year. It manages all the tasks in one place, and you can also change post status from draft to published by just one click. All of this control and power can be gained by this simple plugin.

With this plugin, you will be in full control and can schedule ahead in time — a week, a month or a year with this plugin. All of this is free of cost.

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2. Content Audit

Content Audit WordPress Plugin

Maintaining a website is not only publishing new content.. it is also revisiting the old content and making them new glittery gold. The essence of improving on old content is necessary for big sites to survive as they do not want to lose rankings to the competitors.

With the help of Content Audit, you can easily set the plugin to notify on posts that need to be checked. The period can be a month, days or years. You can also set the authors that will look into the notification and can make the post updated accordingly.

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3. Adminimize

Adminimize WordPress Plugin

Adminimize is a simple plugin that tries to simplify the backend of the WordPress website. The backend can have unnecessary clutter for many users and that’s where the plugin role comes in.

Also, developers can use the plugin to simplify the backend for clients with zero technical knowledge.  This helps to make the client happy and simplify their working environment.

With this plugin, you are in charge of the admin panel and can change many options such as write options for posts, pages, change global options, back-end options and much more.

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4.  Admin Menu Editor WordPress Plugin

Adminer WordPress Plugin

WordPress admin menu can sometimes become a clutter. What’s next..you may see menu items that you really don’t need for your website.

The solution? Just edit the admin menu!

With simple solutions like Admin Menu Editor are there, you will not face problems like this. With the help of the Admin Menu Editor WordPress plugin, you can edit the heart out of the admin menu. You can rearrange the different aspects of the menu and also change name and icons.

If you think this is risky, the plugin offers a simple reset button! All of this without paying a single dime of money. An amazing plugin for sure.

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5. Adminer

Admin Menu Editor Plugin

Adminer is a popular WordPress plugin. The reason for its popularity is the functionality it offers to the website administrators.

You can control the MYSQL database directly from the administrator panel, and this saves a lot of time. You can easily manipulate the tables according to your requirement and also offers more insights into the different aspects of the database.

Running SQL queries becomes easier, and you can also perform database optimization for better performance of the website.

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6. FireStats(+Charts) WordPress Plugin

FireStats is one of the plugins that you are going to love. Every one of us love stats, they provide the motivation to keep moving ahead and also helps us gauge the growth of the website in terms of numbers.

Firestats is one of those plugins that displays a lot of insight about the traffic on the website. You can also choose to watch stats according to demographics and further improve the plugin with a simple add-on Firestats Charts.

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7. Login Lockdown

Login LockDown WordPress Plugin

Security is also an important aspect of the WordPress admin panel. If security is weak, anyone can get into the admin panel and hack the website or destroy some of the work.

To fix this and make your site a little more secure, locking the website from an IP address if someone tries to login too many times and the result is a failed attempt.

This can help site keep clean from hackers or bots who are constantly trying to get access to the website.

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8. User Role Editor

User Role Editor Plugin

WordPress provides a basic access control to different users. But, there is not much customization you can do with the default access control. With the help of the User Role Editor, you can take control of the different users and their role on the website. You can edit granular control and make your website much more secure with this plugin.

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Wrap Up

WordPress Admin panel is the place where most of us spend a lot of time. To make the stay more productive, it is necessary to customize the admin panel according to our own requirements.

I tried to list the best Admin panel plugins for WordPress. If you think, I missed an awesome plugin that should have been in the list, then comment below and let us know.

Also, share the article as much as you can!

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