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How well you display images in your website can be very important for the same. They can have a dramatic effect on audience retention, sales, as well as on user engagement. With so many available plugins, it’s not so easy to choose the right one for us. All of the gallery plugins are different, offering us numerous functions and styles. In order to help you make the right choice, in this article below, we will present to you some of the awesome new WordPress gallery plugins.

First of all, you need to know what to look in a WordPress gallery plugin?

Before making a choice, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve when choosing a gallery plugin. How do you want to display your images on your website? Only when you have this question answered, you can make a list of functions that you would like your plugin to have. Anyhow, there would be no point for you to install a plugin that you won’t know how to use, so choose a plugin that’s ease of use matches your level of skill.

So, once you have finished your “ functions wish list “ , and compare it to compatible plugins, the next step for you is to check out the feedback from other WordPress users that already have experience with the selected plugin.

Make sure to choose a plugin which has good ratings, a good number of active installs, and it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Below, you can find some of the awesome new WordPress gallery plugins:

  1. Envira Gallery

Even though Envira in relatively a newcomer, it already has over 100,000 active downloads and a five – star user ratings. Its software enables you to create incredible video as well as photo galleries in under a span of minutes.

This amazing plugin is ideal for beginners, easy to use, and provides a range of great features.

Envira is a fully responsive plugin which enables you to create multiple galleries that can be inserted into pages and posts, and even can be placed in widgets. Creating a new gallery is as simple as uploading the images you want to be added or displayed. The plugin enables you to carry out a wide selection of customizations in order to ensure that your gallery id perfectly suited. You can modify your page’s layot, animations, thumbnail size, as well as the number of columns.

A premium version is available, with additional features and themes.

  1. NextGEN Gallery

We can easily say about NextGEN that it is one of the most popular and most powerful WordPress plugins available, due it’s 16.5 million downloads in total and 1.5 million downloads a week.

The free option of this amazing plugin provides users with hundreds of options, and many more when upgraded to pro version. NextGEN gallery is ideal for photographers, visual artists and imaging professionals.

Some of its many features include 4 built – in lightboxes, compact and extended albums, slideshow galleries, the ability to export and import metadata, controlling style, size watermarking, and many more.

  1. Foo Gallery

The following plugin, is antoher five – star rated plugin, with over 300K active installs. Foo gallery is an easy to use application that produces exceptional looking gallery layouts. It is built for use on modern websites, and ensures that your galleries are responsive, load quickly and support high – quality thumbnails for retina – ready devices.

This plugin is designed to be light weight, and for this reason many of its functions are optional, so if you want to use them, you need to install them as add – ons.

Foo gallery comes with a number of gallery templates, and you can customize many of the settings.

  1. Gmedia Gallery

This is a relatively new plugin, which offers you something completely different for a modern multimedia website. It allows you to create image galleries, as well as video and audio galleries.

The Gmedia gallery plugin lets you upload unlimited photo, audio and video files, from which you can create multimedia galleries, albums and playlists. Its compatible with any file format, and you can even import images with captions and add tags for each file.

One of the best things about this amazing plugin, is that it is social media savvy. When clicking on a gallery image, it lets you share it on your favorite social media networks.

The plugin has music and video player, and beside that it offers several standard gallery display options. There are many more that can be installed, such as mosaic, photoblog, sliders and 3D options.

  1. Gallery

Gallery is another new and great plugin that you can choose for your WordPress website.  With its customizable and intrinsic options, you can easily create a responsive gallery in a matter of minutes. It  provides many tools to add and edit images for different views.

You can also add your albums and galleries to various pages, widgets and posts. Also, you can organize your galleries into different tags and categories, as well as add detailed description to each image.

  1. Photo Gallery by Supsystic

If you prefer your images and portfolios organized in an orderly manner, that is both efficient and idyllic, than Photo Gallery is the plugin for you.

There is an unlimited number of options available, as well as a plethora of designs and styles that aims to give your gallery meaning. Besides that, the plugin lets you publish and upload images in bilks, and doing so, it makes image management less stressful.


Image galleries can transform the look of your website. So choose your favorite, and make your website as you always wanted it to be.

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