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4+ Best Autoblogging WordPress Plugins of 2021

The WordPress Autoblog Plugin are the best tools available in the market for not just autoblogging, but a lot more things among which content curation is the best known. These tools are a life savior for those who don’t have enough time for their blog but has very much passion for that. Also, there are not many but only a few such plugins are available in the market that could be useful to you with features available in them. Here below we have listed some of the best Autoblog plugins for you, so just take a tour and let us know which one meets your expectations.

WP Robot Autoblog Plugin

WP Robot Autoblogging Plugin

One of the most important tool today for auto blogging is WP Robot WordPress Autoblog Plugin which not only allows you to auto blog, but a few things more. It is available in 4 yearly plans that is US $ 89, $ 119, $ 149 + $249 developer version and has 14 days complete refund process too. It could act as a content curation plugin as well along with the following features:

  • With over 80 updates since the time of its release, it is compatible with all the WordPress themes.

  • Customization is available in the tool to add articles at your defined intervals.

  • You can find content automatically for the keyword you want.

  • It fetches content from over 20 sources and you can use them with auto-pilot as well.

  • It CMS helps you to control, manage, update and backup all your blogs as well.

  • 9 major affiliate networks are implemented where you have the ability to automatically post affiliate products and earn commission from them.

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WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator Plugin

This WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Autoblog Plugin defined as the most effective and complete tool in the market for its quality features and comprehensive premium add-ons as well. It is available absolutely free for the WordPress users and here below are features that you might like to know along with the add-ons.

  • You can always export a custom RSS feed depending upon your feed sources.

  • It allows you to display your imported feed items with the help of a shortcode.

  • You can set the name of feed source along with the features like pagination, date format and links as well.

  • You’re allowed to limit the number of feed items in the database.

  • It also can open video websites like DailyMotion, YouTube and Vimeo directly on your blog.

  • I guess the above features are enough for you to choose this plugin and if not, then here are some of the add-ons available for it.

  • Categories – This add-on allows you to show your content in an organized way and according to the category you wish to show first.

  • Full Text RSS Feeds – It connect you to the Full Text premium service and hence you get the unlimited feed items for every single feed.

  • Keyword Filtering – As the name suggests, it imports the feeds as per the keywords set by you.

  • Excerpts and Thumbnails – It clear by the name, the add-on shows excerpts and thumbnails with title, date and source as well.

  • There also are a few more add-ons available that are Feed to Post, WordAi and Feed Creator as well.

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WordPress RSS Feed Retriever

This plugin is pretty simple to use and the creator was kind enough to create a video on how to navigate it here:

As for the core features of the plugin, they include the ability to fetch as many RSS feeds as you want, display RSS feeds as excerpts, control over how the link opens in a new window or has a read more link, fetch thumbnail or first image along with control over size of thumbnails, and finally control over the order of items.

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Autoblog WordPress Plugin

WordPress Autoblog Plugin WPMU DEV

Another one of the simplest tools available in the market is the property namesake Autoblog WordPress Plugin which has many features to make sure that you get the best content. It is available for free and you can download it from the website. Here below are some of its features which you might want to know.

  • All you need to do it just put the URL in feed URL area and that is all.

  • You can always schedule content importing and posting to keep your blog fresh.

  • It is also possible to post content at one place and then make it popular on various locations.

  • There are many more add-ons available for your use and make the work even easier.

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WP RSS Multi Importer Plugin

WP RSS Multi Importer Plugin

This is yet another WordPress Autoblog Plugin, which could be quite effective while using on WordPress websites or blogs. It is also available for no cost on and has many features with add-ons to use. Here are a few of its features and premium add-ons available for you:

  • It can create blog posts with feed items to let the readers comment on them.

  • It can display aggregated feed items in your RSS feed.

  • You can display the aggregated feed items in a theme widget having three display options.

  • There also are 13 templates that can be customized before using them to show feeds.

  • It also can import content from Google News helping you to set up a good blog with lots of information.

  • After setting the expiration time, the blogs get removed automatically.

  • It also can import the videos from websites like YouTube and Vimeo as well.

  • Now, apart from the above features, there are some add-ons available as well, which are as follows:

  • You can distinguish the today’s post from earlier ones.

  • It would be in your hand to set links as no-follow, do-follow or even add them.

  • Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used.

  • Around 25 shortcodes are available for more customization and better results.

  • Date sorting and number of posts per feed option is also available.

  • Excerpts can also be shown as per your requirement.


At last I would just like to say that these WordPress Autoblog plugins are definitely good allies for those who have less time for their or just want to do a lot of things in very short span of time. The plugins mentioned above are just tailor made for you guys to use and do the auto blogging with ease. While you use them or after the use, if there is anything that you would like to ask or share, then you are most welcome to start the discussion in the comment section below. Also, do let us know if you’re already using any other plugin that has not been listed in the list above for your fellow readers.



*last updated 01/05/2021

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