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10+ Best BuddyPress Plugins to Enhance your Community

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Any website needs a community to strive. WordPress is a great CMS, but it lacks the inbuilt community platform.

The best BuddyPress plugins helps any webmasters to incorporate an interactive and unique looking community to the website. There can be many reasons for choosing BuddyPress plugins as the traditional social media such as facebook, twitter or google+ don’t quite fit the bill or philosophy of the business.

So, what exactly is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a plugin that transforms the landscapes of WordPress and enables the community within the site. With the activation of BuddyPress, the webmasters can choose to list members, create groups and starts topic that relates to the website in question. After installation, you will first notice the tons of features that BuddyPress comes out of the box. They are activity streams, user groups, user profiles, and more.

Normally, a BuddyPress can be used to start a strong community on the campus or can be elevated to used as a tool for communication in a company or used to market a product with its unique customized social network. The possibilities are endless and there are also tons of other uses that BuddyPress themes comes with.

Today, we will list the best BuddyPress plugins, that reflects the best in the WordPress marketplace. These best BuddyPress plugins enhance the core of BuddyPress on WordPress and provide more options to the webmasters to customize the platform to their heart’s content.

Best BuddyPress Plugins

BuddyPress is a powerful platform and a vital backbone of social network for WordPress. Do you want to build a social community or network on your current WordPress platform? Look no further! The best BuddyPress plugins will do exactly that for you.

The best BuddyPress plugins play a major role in unlocking the WordPress social networking capacity. Essentially, BuddyPress allows you to sign up and create profiles, create groups, build connections, post messages and socialize.

To create a powerful and appealing BuddyPress social network, you should have a killer theme, time and multiple best WordPress plugins that stretches the BuddyPress to your imagination.

In this post, we have introduced the best BuddyPress plugins that you should try out today. Enjoy the best BuddyPress plugins and feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.

The best BuddyPress plugins that are listed here are the must-have plugins for BuddyPress with zero garbage. 🙂

1. BuddyPress User Blog


If you have a community site build on WordPress and BuddyPress, chances are you also have a blog. If you do, this plugin is for you.

BussyPress User Blog will essentially give each one of your members their own personal blog. The amazing thing about this plugin is the interface it provides to your members for writing their own posts. The publishing interface is similar to that of, which your members will surely appreciate.

At the time of this writing, we know that BuddyBoss plans to add the ability for groups to have their own blogs, which will be a great addition to the already rock-solid plugin.

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2. Wanguard

WangGuard Plugin

Every platform needs protection and BuddyPress are no different. Wangaurd helps to protect the BuddyPress community with the help of a centralized database that keeps the spammers and harmful bots at bay.

The database is updated regularly and you can trust Wanguard to protect your community against any kind of spammers and bots.

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3. BuddyPress Inbox

BussyPress Inbox

This plugin will take your messaging to a whole new level. BuddyBoss inbox takes the BuddyPress messaging components and turns into a Gmail-like experience.

It will add a visual editor to the compose screen, and also add attachments with image previews as well as labels so you can organize your messages. Another great features that we love is the auto-save. It will automatically save your message as you type, keeping it as a draft, ensuring you never lose valuable progress (we know very well how frustrating that can be!)

You can see the great Gmail inspiration here. This plugin is definitely worth a look, especially if you have a business-related community where messaging and attachments are important.

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4. BuddyBoss Reply by Email

BuddyBoss Reply by Email

Replying by email is something many have failed at achieving in the past. If you’ve used any type of modern tool where communication was key, you probably noticed that it allowed you to respond to messages straight from your email without having to log back into the platform.

This plugin brings this much-needed feature to BuddyPress, and let me tell you, it really shines. The Reply by Email plugin handles incoming emails and places that replies exactly where they belong. You can respond to any message, comment, forum or activity reply directly from your email.

This is a great plugin, if you’re serious about user engagement in your community site.

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5. BuddyPress Member Types

BuddyPress Member Types

Almost every community site will have multiple user types. For example, if you’re running an e-learning site, you will have student, instructors and maybe even instructor assistants and more. BuddyPress has recently added member type functionality to support this popular scenario.

This is where the BuddyPress Member Types plugin comes into play. The plugin takes advantage of this core feature and provides a UI to create a manage your member types right from the wp-admin.  It also allows you to customize the registration based on the member type. Each member type can have a different registration form. Each member type can also have different profile fields.

The plugin also allows you to have a separate tab for each member type, in your members index page. And if you already have member types created through custom code, or another plugin, you can use the built-in importer, to easily import them into into this plugin. This is a great BuddyPress plugin, useful for almost any community site.

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6. BuddyPress Social

BuddyPress Social Plugin

We all want social sharing and engagement of the user with the help of likes, commenting and more. BuddyPress Social achieves the same by incorporating sleek and smart social sharing plugins on all group activities, media and member updates.

The best thing about Buddypress Social is that it supports the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, creating more chances for user interaction and involvement.

The Buddypress Social buttons pick up the colors according to the theme being used. Isn’t Smart?

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7. BuddyPress Activity Plus

BuddyPress Activity Plus Plugin

Social Sharing is an important part of any community and this is true for BuddyPress powered social networking sites as well. BuddyPress Activity Plus enables the integration of all the media attachment including audio, video, images and links for streaming.

This really helps the community to flourish as they can share favorite media with the community increasing the activity rate. This plugin brings the likes of facebook and other social media sharing to the BuddyPress platform.

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8. BuddyStream

BuddyStream Plugin

There is no doubt that Facebook and other social media have more traffic and hence more activity. To transfer the activity charts or streams to your BuddyPress community can really help your members, feeding them with content from the start.

Using BuddyStream, you can easily integrate all the popular social media platforms including Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, and

Once you setup the plugin, you can also go through all the necessary statistics and filtering options available in the admin panel of the plugin.

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9. Membership

BuddyPress Membership Plugin

So, you are generating tons and tons of great content and want’s users to pay for it? Then, there is a full-fledged plugin for creating a premium door for the users who are willing to pay.

With Membership plugin, you can easily control all the media of the website including pages, posts, galleries, comments and others with the help of the shortcodes, and set it up using the Membership plugin. Now, you can easily divert users accordingly. Free users will be able to see the free content, whereas premium users have access to both free and premium content.

Membership plugin is a great way to monetize your custom social networking website. The only pre-requisite is to create great content or services.

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10. BuddyPress Groups Extras

BuddyPress Groups Extras Plugin

BuddyPress is a great platform, but it still lacks a lot in terms of different functionality. And, that’s why 85Ideas is sharing this article for the users.

Our next plugin that made it to the list is BuddyPress Groups Extras that adds more features to the already awesome BuddyPress Group. The plugin offers adding more fields to the Groups page such as descriptions, rules, FAQs, events, wiki and more. The plugin is also useful if you are looking to add custom fields to your groups page, such as checkboxes, radios, dropdowns and more.

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11. BuddyPress Groupblog

BuddyPress Groupblog Plugin

Content is the key to success and we all agree to it. The social networks also thrive on one thing, i.e, content.

If you are looking to diversify the BuddyPress community then BuddyPress Groupblog is for you. The plugin helps you to build a custom blog for each group in the community, increasing the chances of more great content to be shared.

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12. rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

rtMedia BuddyPress Plugin

rtMedia is just like BuddyPress Activity Plus with greater control and execution over your website, BuddyPress community or bbPress. The plugin lets you control different aspects of your platform including adding video/audio albums, implementing front-end uploads, encoding of both video and audio files and the most important privacy and setup sharing options.

The plugins also offer tons of features including drag and drop uploading, attaching media to activity stream, BuddyPress and WordPress Integration and more.

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13. USERPRO User Profiles & Instant Social Plugin

USERPro provides users with the capability to sign into their WordPress website through their social network account. There are many amazing options that you can activate. Nevertheless, in case your visitors do not want to utilize one of the social accounts, they can easily log in to your website the conventional way. This a premium plugin that is worth every dime.

Moreover, the plugin comes with multiple options that include:

  • Custom icons
  • Newsletter integrations
  • Member search
  • Beautiful member profiles
  • PayPal integration
  • Google fonts
  • Many registration forms

Besides integrating flawlessly with BuddyPress, it also integrates with MailChimp, Woocommerce and bbpress WordPress themes. Moreover, it also includes user-friendly options that make it easy to setup. There are a drag and drop admin panel, which simplifies the customization process. This is a translation ready template which includes the RTL support. It will work perfectly,no matter the country where your prospects live.

14. BuddyPress Default Data

BuddyPress Default Data Plugin

Starting with BuddyPress, then do not look further than BuddyPress Default Data. The plugin helps you to test your BuddyPress social network before launching the final version. The plugin loads default data for testing purposes and you can have as much jab at it as you like.

The plugin populates the community with 25 users and 75 activity items, creating a great environment for testing purposes.

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Wrap Up

BuddyPress is a great platform for creating and nurturing the custom social network for your users. To make the platform more awesome, the best BuddyPress plugins help a lot and we are sure that the above list will help you build another amazing BuddyPress community.

Think, I missed something? Comment below and share it with the community.

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