Best chart wordpress plugin

Best Chart WordPress Plugins

Everyone is not that good at storytelling. So, we need numbers, charts, graphs, and other graphical elements to keep the user attention in focus. Now, creating these graphic elements isn’t that easy either.

Still, we have some tools that can handle the technical aspect and can give us some professional looking graphics. Charts are one cool way to showcase numbers and related data.

And, here is a compilation of few best Chart WordPress plugins. One way or another, these are going to impress you. Yes, each one of them!

All you need to do is to go ahead and check details of one by one. To know them better, I’ll recommend checking support and review pages before making a final decision. Let’s begin!

#1 WordPress Charts and Graphs Lite


Do you know about ThemeIsle? It’s a well-known WordPress developer, known for dozens of free themes, plugins and dozens of premium ones too. This first plugin is a free product from the same developer. It uses Google Visualisation API to generate and add charts to any website and the graphics are well-ensured to be compatible with cross-browsers, including the older IE versions. It also helps in achieving responsiveness which is crucial to get these graphics load in a mobile-friendly view. Yes, both iOS and Android devices are covered! It is available in free and premium versions, while the first one holds most of the features, the other one holds the advanced ones.

The plugin offers nine different chart types which are all set to be added without paying anything. They use HTML5 as the base, which is the primary reason why they are responsive and still looks modern. Using the available tools and creating charts and graphic elements by inputting the data inside is actually very simple. All thanks to the very user-friendly layout. In short, the plugin is a one-stop solution to most of your needs and you can get most of the things done without paying anything. Cool, right?

Talking about the paid version, it adds an Import tool to the base, which allows importing data from other charts. The editing of existing charts becomes easy as a Live Editor is implemented. Combo, Timeline, and Table Chart are the three additional chart types added to the available list. Moreover, the user can expect dedicated support and updates for one year. It also includes priority email support straight from the developer.

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#2 wpDataTables


It’s a premium tool which is very popular in this category and has been used by more than eight thousand users so far. It even won the badge of best selling table WordPress plugin in 2013 and since then, it has been among featured products at CodeCanyon platform. In short, you’re looking at a popular and a premium product which has been tested and used for years by thousand of users. So, you’re in safe hands! It comes with dedicated six months of support and proper documentation with the promise for future updates. It’s updated regularly to work with latest versions of web browsers and WordPress at the base.

Coming at the features, the design is the primary attraction here which is kept responsive to ensure the mobile friendliness is achieved and maintained to ensure the user experience delivered is top-notch. It comes with the support for WPBakery’s Visual Composer tool, a known drag & drop page builder. With other customization options and this page builder tool, the webmaster can come up with any sort of possible design. And, to have this custom solution, there is no need to write any code, at all. Yes, it’s all user-friendly and impressive.

Other features include the compatibility with any WordPress theme, flexible and customizable, Google Spreadsheets support, Google Charts and Highcharts support, support for large datasets, dynamic table support, quick import and export functionality, table constructor to manually create tables, cell or row highlighter, availability of the special Formula columns, customization from the front-end, and many more. It comes with proper documentation and tutorial.

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#3 Data Tables Generator by Supsystic


The plugin’s primary selling point is that it doesn’t require any coding, at all, to use or implement the tools available inside. By selling point, don’t judge it to be a premium plugin, because it is available without any price tag, right at the official WordPress’s plugin repository. It is currently used by over 10,000 users, and is regularly updated to meet the compatibility standards with latest WordPress version and modern web standards. The developer is also offering some level of support and being a free product, it’s an impressive factor. You can easily notice on its landing page that the plugin has managed to receive 4.9 rating out of total 5. It’s an impressive number to achieve.

The plugin offers front-end table editing feature which looks really impressive considering the fact that we’re not paying anything here. The graphs, charts, and diagrams, all are supported and even the formulas are allowed by the plugin. It all happens using the HTML code, which makes things lightweight and compatible to function on any web browser. There is a navigation function inside which helps in searching and managing the crafted graphics. SEO norms are followed properly to keep the search engines happy and the content of tables are ensured to stay readable by search engines. Yes, there is also an option to integrate Google Charts data. For a free plugin, these are a lot of features. Isn’t it?

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#4 Responsive Charts


Here is another premium plugin available at CodeCanyon platform. It comes with six months of developer’s support and has been updated regularly to stay compatible with the modern WordPress version and also to stay cross-browser compatible. Before we jump onto the features, it doesn’t support high-resolution display or visuals which you should be aware of. In case if the graphics you are intent to use are of rich resolution, then you shouldn’t consider buying it and should look for an alternative. It uses the combination of JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, and PHP to deliver those graphics you are looking to create.

Talking about the features, it can create seven different animated chart types, including pie, bar, polar, radar, and even bootstrap progress bars. Every visual is kept responsive to stay compatible with the mobile device browsing and it is a crucial ranking factor these days. Not to forget, it also maintains the user experience which is equally crucial. It supports multiple data sets for bar and line charts and comes with the facility to allow multiple charts on a single page. It even includes a simple import button to get the data onboard through CSV format.

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#5 Data Source


With the promise of some serious support by the developer for first six months, this is another premium plugin you can consider. It is completely compatible with the WordPress and is compatible with up to WordPress version 4.3. It packs some gorgeous looking charts and graphics which can be used to quickly come up with a graphical solution for data. All the tables and the interior data is filterable. The configuration for those tables is really easy.

Other than the usual chart and graphic features, this premium plugin allows including Google Maps and Vector Maps as the data. It is definitely a unique feature and if you were looking for such a requirement, then here is your provider. The plugin comes with a responsive design and the data is ready to be translated into other languages on its own. Yes, it has built-in translation feature. The built-in import tool works with CSV file, XML, Excel, Google Spreadsheet, MySQL database, and even with custom post types in WordPress itself. The developer has offered a video demonstration of how things work inside. So, go ahead and have a look!

Full Details & Download

#6 Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer


As you can judge from the name itself, it’s a simple viewer plugin, adding a functionality to the core of WordPress which allows viewing content being developed using Google Spreadsheet and related tools. It does nothing else, as the plugin is extremely lightweight and to-the-point. Still, it has been updated regularly to stay compatible with the modern WordPress version and right now, over 7,000 users are enjoying the service. The service delivered here might look simple to you but it is not actually that easy to implement. Besides, you’re getting a plugin specifically developed to deliver this service without any other. So, if you had this specific requirement, then this is the plugin to look at.

Coming at the features, it comes with all sort of Google Spreadsheet related features. Like you can set a blog post to update the moment the integrated Spreadsheet is changed. It also works with CSV file format. All the graphics and visuals created in the Google Spreadsheets are integrated perfectly into the WordPress and they work effortlessly. It allows using of data from other sources as well. Like, CSV files, WordPress database, or even a MySQL database, and some Google Apps scripts. So, that one thing it does, it takes care of every possibility and ensures that the user doesn’t have to look elsewhere.

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#7 amCharts


It’s a simple plugin which does a very tiny thing. The charts and graphics developed using JavaScript are usually not supported by the default WordPress installation. So, after installing this free plugin, the support for JavaScript Charts is added and it starts functioning properly. The plugin also supports JavaScript powered Maps which is an impressive feature. The plugin works with a proper manual placement or via Shortcode. It keeps default settings for the chart type and can automatically locate installed libraries and available resources. It can also switch automatically between CDN or locally hosted file. You don’t need to pay for it, and it’s compatible up to WordPress 4.6.1. So, it’s updated to work with the latest version.

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#8 RJ Quickcharts


This is my last recommendation which is no way an inferior contender. In fact, it packs dozens of features which all are related to our primary requirement over here. It is still available for free and has been updated regularly to work with the latest WordPress version. It supports three types of charts, Line, Bar and Pie and uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code at the base to make them work. The content is responsive to ensure proper compatibility with the smartphones and older mobile devices. The plugin comes with dozens of related features which not only improves the basic functionality but helps one stick with it for longer. You should have a look at its full details.

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Which one are you finally picking? I hope you remember the tip I gave in starting to check support and review pages before finalizing the plugin. In the case of need for assistance on any related matter, I’ll be available in the discussion section below. Go ahead and share this compilation the moment you feel it was helpful. Peace!

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