12 Best WordPress Content Slider Plugins in 2020

Sliders are necessary for pulling the attention of the audience. There are main sliders, sidebar sliders, content slider, and you can name it all. The main aspect of a slider plugin is to show images in a series or other patterns. Images are the best way to send messages and slider plugins just makes the whole deal much better. Read on to learn more about the best WordPress content slider plugins.

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Also, if you have a blog post with related images/information, you can just create a slider for better user consumption. Website’s main page sliders are also important for the audience as it offers a collection of the best blog articles on the website.

This is for people who wish to include a stunning slider on their WordPress website. If designed using the correct too, WordPress sliders will make your website more fun, interactive and engaging. However, selecting the best plugin can be tricky sometimes as there are WordPress Content Slider Plugins at the purchasing sites. Because of this, we have selected the best WordPress Content Slider Plugins just for you.

Things You Should Look out for When Selecting the Best WordPress Slider Plugin

Including sliders on your website can make the site more attractive, though they can disappoint you due to low speeds and other problems. You should be extra careful when selecting a slider plugin for your website. Continue reading this blog because you shall be provided with some important information that you can use when choosing a slider plugin.

There are three main things which you must check in a slider plugin;

  • First, you must make sure that the slider plugin is completely responsive. This is an important feature that should be included in a slider plugin because huge crowds of people are using devices that have small screens for browsing the internet. You will be so unlucky if your slider fails to fit appropriately on those devices.
  • Secondly, it should be easy to use. You can find many plugins on the market but only a few of them are user friendly. You should avoid picking a plugin that is difficult to use because you will miss out on many important things as you will spend most of your time on the plugin.
  • Thirdly, the other important factor is speed. Reports have indicated that websites are slowed down by plugins, but increases webpages loading time. If your website is slowed down by a slider, then there is no need of applying that plugin. Speed on a website is very crucial for the best user experience, SEO and the entire development of a business.
  • You should look out for those 3 important things when selecting a slider plugin for your website. These qualities are speed, responsiveness, and simple to use.

Best Free and Premium WordPress Content Slider Plugins

Master Slider

WordPress Content Slider Plugins

Price: $19

Master Slider is one of the most impressive premium slider plugin in the market. It offers great sliders for content, and it does it with the help of simple transition/animation that comes with the plugin.

You can add images, videos, text within the slider. The sliders created using the plugin are responsive and offers great SEO support.

[Full Detail and Download]


Price: Ranges from $19 to $249

Soliloquy is one of the most famous WordPress sliders. It is responsive and fast and offers excellent integration with any WordPress theme. With the plugin, you can create multiple sliders and add them to all sorts of places such as index page, blog or in-between code. It is possible because of shortcode generator within the slider plugin. The slider plugin Soliloquy also offers add-ons for better functionality.

[Full Detail and Download]

Meta Slider

Price: Free/$19/$39/$99

If you want me to pick one slider, I will choose Meta Slider. It is a premium plugin that have tons of downloads over a short period. It offers four different types of slider and also offers the necessary drag and drop builder to create impressive sliders. You can also add captions on the slider and make them more personalize. The sliders created using meta slider plugin are SEO ready and offers great possibilities.

[Full Detail and Download]

Flex Slider

Price: Free

Flex Slider is a free plugin that offers great slider creation capabilities. JQuery has been used to create the plugin. The plugin offers multiple slider support, callback APIs and more. The slider is also SEO compatible and offers simple, semantic markup.

[Full Detail and Download]

Nivo Slider

Price: Free/$29/$49/$99

Nivo Slider is a very popular slider plugin. For the advanced users, the plugin is a free and open source. But if you want to cut the whole story short, you need to pay for this amazing plugin. According to the statistics, the plugin has been downloaded more than 3,000,000 times since its inception year 2010.

The plugin offers beautiful transition effects and also offers simple/powerful slider creation through the backend. It also generates the shortcode so that you can use it anywhere within the website.

[Full Detail and Download]

Slider Revolution

Price: $15

Slider Revolution is a premium slider plugin that offers great functionality out of the box. As usual, it is responsive and comes with SEO optimization. You get tons of features including animations/transition over the images used in the slider. Creating a slider is also easy as it offers drag and drop builder.

Slider Pro

Price: $28/$140

Slider Pro is one of the best professional WordPress Content Slider Plugins that offers more than 100 possible transition effects and over 150 options to play with. And, this is not the end. It also offers seven scrollbars, 15 skins and also supports video integration.

The Slider Pro plugin is for anyone who is looking for tons of options to play with. It is also SEO friendly and offers a very intuitive user-friendly backend to create the sliders.

WOW Slider

Price: Free

The WOW Slider is a free slider plugin that offers great features out of the box. Don’t get confused with the free tag as it offers great professional looking sliders for your website. The sliders are also responsive and offer great wizard for slider creation. If you are into customization, you can easily customize the slider with the help of the CSS.

Full-Width Background Slider

Full-Width background sliders are in great demand. If you are looking for an alternative, then Full Width background slider is for you. The slider plugin comes with tons of custom features. You can add pages or images to the slider. The only limitation being that you can add six images/pages to the slider, which in not a limitation. You can also set the background color according to your requirement.

Royal Slider

Price: 20$

Royal Slider is new in the market and has already started to impress the users quite a bit. It is responsive and offers HTML content slider with the support of swipe navigation. Moreover, it offers other support for all different media types such as images, posts, video, etc. It is also complete responsive and loads nicely in the mobile device.

The plugin is created using latest technology HTML5 and CSS3. And, it also offers support for horizontal, vertical and full-screen sliders.


Price: 25$

TouchCaraousel, as you might have guessed it supports touch navigation for mobile devices. It is one of the WordPress Content Slider Plugins with the support of custom post types and taxonomies as the filter.

It is loaded with five skins and four layouts. Also, the plugin developers offer great free upgrades and support for the plugin.

Captain Slider

Captain Slider is a free slider plugin that offers great functionality for basic usage. It is minimalistic and offers great integration with any WordPress theme possible. Also, it generates a shortcode for easy use.

Over To You

Today, I went through the best free and paid WordPress Content Slider Plugins. The WordPress Content Slider Plugins are universal and can be used anywhere within the website. For me, the best plugin that is free is Soliloquy and offers great features. The WOW slider is also a great alternative as a free plugin.

For paid plugins, the call is tough as most of the plugins offers the best features you can think off. The choice depends on your needs and how you choose to use the plugin on your website.

So, which plugin you are thinking of using on your website? Comment below and let us know. Also share the article as much as you can.

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    This is available in Lite and Pro version.
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