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7+ Best Free WordPress Quiz Plugins for 2021

**Updated 01/02/2021: We added a few more plugins that we think you will really like. You have to pay for the ones we added, but once you check them out, we think you will think the paid features will be well worth the cost ;)**


Back in the days I started blogging; there weren’t many options when it came to quiz plugins, but nowadays we got a lot of better ones. I’m going to share best free WordPress quiz plugins over here with their individual details and links from where you can grab their zipped packages. Just go through this collection guide and you’ll definitely improve your idea to implement quizzes on your website and have a plugin to handle all functional requirements of the same.

Quizzes are the best way to engage a reader and it delivers a lot of good results. It can even help a reader to stay on your blog for some more time that is itself being counted among Analytics data reflecting how better your website is.

On the other hand, it helps readers to grab some extra information with a fun layout and also offers a challenge to them. Don’t take any hope that it will work in case of every ready but I’m certain that it will bring some good effects.

Recommended FREE WordPress Quiz Plugins

Let us begin with the list now and I’d recommend you to create a checklist of requirements you wish to have from a plugin related to quizzes. Once you have that, then all you need to do is to match it up with below-mentioned options. As the title suggest, all options I’m about to list here are available for free, and you can grab them from official WordPress plugin directory.

Quiz and Survey Master – Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Quiz and Survey Master plugin covers every feature offered by other quiz plugins on this list along with the best customization tool for quiz text. It is extremely easy to setup, and even a rookie won’t find any issues. You’re allowed to customize the font style and certain design elements to give a unique look. There is no limit on how many numbers of questions you can run and manage using it, and that’s another eye-catching feature.

It’s time to choose the best free WordPress quiz plugin ensuring that it works well for your site. You can seek help from an expert who makes it easy to understand how their WordPress quiz plugin works, which will help you choose the best option for your site. And it’s good to get familiar with the technologies the plugin is using, giving you the confidence that your site supports the plugin.

Full Details & Download

OpinionStage – The All Encompassing WordPress Quiz Plugin

There are several quiz plugins for WordPress but OpinionStage is one that stands out on functionality, scalability and ease of use. The plugin has been developed keeping in minds of modern businesses and marketers. It allows them to easily create Personality and Trivia quizzes to be deployed on a WordPress powered website. If you try this plugin once you would notice the distinctive advantages it has over other plugins. From design to result measurement and analytics it takes care of all needs.

While the basic architecture and functionality of most quiz plugins are similar OpinionStage stands out thanks to its ease of use. The plugin comes with an all-encompassing dashboard that offers users complete creative and technical control over the quiz that is being created. There are ready-to-use templates within the dashboard that can be customized and branded to meet niche needs of any business. A user can create unlimited number of questions with the help of online quiz maker and take use of images, graphics and other multi-media to improve its visual appeal. The cutting-edge CMS integration feature allows you to embed the quiz in their WordPress website without any hassle.

To create and manage quiz on your WordPress website there is no other plugin as user-friendly and versatile as OpinionStage.

Full Details & Download

Quiz Cat – WordPress Quiz Builder

Quiz Cat - WordPress Quiz Builder — WordPress Plugins

The third plugin on our list of the best quiz plugins for WordPress comes from Fatcatapps, a development company that churns out some pretty cool products. One of these includes Quiz Cat, a powerful WordPress plugin that allows bloggers to easily create BuzzFeed-style quizzes.  Take one look a this plugin and right away you’ll see it stands out from most.

While most quiz plugins have similar features and share triggers, Quiz Cat differentiates itself on style and design.  This plugin comes with well-designed quiz landing pages, allowing users to tweak the headlines and subheadlines, images, and “Start Quiz” buttons. This is vital, because if the quiz isn’t well-designed from the start, what will compel users to take it? The actual quiz itself is also nice, lending a hand to minimal yet beautiful design. It really is a sleek plugin that you’ll just have to try for yourself.

Full Details & Download


Watu WordPress Plugin

Watu is the first plugin here which supports touch devices. You can arrange not just simple questions but also run a whole examination online. You can keep a record of each and every reader’s performance in those exams and can even display them online. Other than all basic features it also supports shortcodes allowing you to add any additional functionality easily.

Full Details & Download

Recommended PAID WordPress Quiz Plugins

Free WordPress quiz plugins are great, sure. But if you are looking to really level your game up, then check out some of our favorite paid plugins. There are a few reasons you should pay for the upgrade rather than go for a free plugin.

WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

buzzfeed quiz

This plugin takes viral content to an entirely different level than you have likely ever seen. Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably heard of BuzzFeed, or seen some type of their quizzes go viral on Facebook. The short of it: this plugin allows you to create interesting and unique content that users will likely want to share with their friends. And share they will. This plugin is packed with features that not only make creating beautiful-looking quizzes incredibly easy, but also comes standard with features that encourage users to share their results, which eventually leads to more shares, impressions, and visitors to your site. This is one of the best viral content generators we have seen at this price.

Full Details & Download

WordPress Form Builder – Survey & Quiz – FSQM Pro

Survey and quiz manager pro

This drag and drop WordPress plugin is surprisingly powerful for its price point. Drag and drop design builders allow you to create a great-looking quiz or survey in seconds. Choose from over 100 fonts, more than 35 form elements, 860+ HD icons, and 30+ themes. You won’t find that type of design in a free plugin. Other notable features include powerful analytics, registered user management, and custom redirection. This plugin comes packed with robust features and everything you can possibly think of, right out of the box. Whether you are looking to make a quiz to go viral, or simply gather feedback from your readers, this plugin is worth every penny.

Full Details & Download


Wp Pro Quiz WordPress Plugin

Here comes our next solution that had been number one choice of thousands of users (not many because very few webmasters are using such things in their webpages). It offers lots of quizzes related features like single choice, multiple choice, sorting, free choice, Cloze function, matrix sorting function, time limit, random answer and proper assessment. All these features are bundled among the simple to use package that is really cool.

If you wish to offer and receive email notifications, then it is possible, and the plugin also keeps the record of every statistic. You can even offer hints to users and put questions in different categories. So it really got a long list of features. Try it out.

WordPress Simple Survey

WordPress Simple Survey WordPress Plugins

This is our responsive solution if it was the first requirement, so you can think of it working on almost any possible mobile screen size out there in the market. It doesn’t load the quizzes or any other related section (you’ve implemented on the website) separately; rather everything is loaded quickly and once. It does affect the user experience.

And in this day and age, we know user experience is everything. The look of this plugin alone allowed a popular niche website to get insanely powerful backlinks from some of the biggest news blogs in the world, and boost one of their informational page’s SERP rankings from #5 to #2.

You can quickly start with surveys, polls and off course quizzes. Users can easily enter the answer and can track results. On the Dashboard area, you can track results and every other statistic available within. Another best feature is that results and related data can be exported and emailed in CSV file format.

mTouch Quiz

mTouch Quiz WordPress Plugin

Another package that can help you covers quizzes right on your website. You can start with a single one or even start a whole bunch of exam for readers to participate. Different icons are supported while overall design and feel are pretty simple. As a webmaster, you can either offer readers multiple choice options or single ones.

Questions can be ordered according to a pattern or in a random fashion. You can even limit the number of times a reader is allowed to answer a question. It had been downloaded thousands of times and mostly rated five stars.


SlickQuiz WordPress Plugin

It covers all basic features along with bringing social sharing options, saving user scores and no limit whatsoever. Its control panel at the back is really easy to handle and cool in design. You can even restrict readers to submit questions without inputting any answer and many other similar functionalities. In short, it can offer great user experience and will also minimize work you’ve to do in running and managing question-answer seminars over your WordPress driven blog or website.

SS Quiz

SS Quiz WordPress Plugin

This is the only plugin that is ready with localization so you can expect it to get automatically translated as per language of user’s location. Other than this unique feature, all question-answer related features are being couched within and using them is really easy. Multimedia files are also allowed to be inserted.

WordPress Quiz

WordPress Quiz

This plugin comes standard with tons of features that many of the free alternatives cannot lay claim to. Social sharing, export to CSV, submit score via email to owner, and interface customization are some of the features that typically compel users to pay for. As you can see, this is no free plugin, but a tool that blog owners can leverage to truly step their quiz game up.

Over to You

So, the final call is yours, and I hope the collection I got here was helpful and also saved some time. I’d like to ask you for a little favor in return (only if you’ve some more free time). I’ve covered a lot of useful guides and tutorials over our blog. Just check out our blog page and I bet you’ll find a lot of interesting and helpful things. Sayonara.

Editorial Staff

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  • Frank Corso
    Posted at 03:12h, 07 March Reply

    Excellent post! I am glad that my Quiz Master Next made it on the list. With almost 60,000 downloads and 40 5-star reviews, it has become quite popular. Thank you for including it!

    • Brian H
      Posted at 14:19h, 10 March Reply

      Hi Frank,

      Thank you very must for stopping by,great work on creating Quiz master it is a really good plugin. I like most of all the statistics page which give all the information you need at a glance.

      Keep rocking 🙂

  • Michael Erickson
    Posted at 16:27h, 01 June Reply

    Thanks for the post! Two questions:

    1. Do any of the quizzes you mention include a lead-capture section? i.e. take a quiz, enter your contact information for results

    2. Do any of the quizzes act like buzzfeed style “what walking dead character are you most similar to?”

  • Olav Törnblom
    Posted at 12:51h, 08 June Reply

    Check out this new awesome quiz plugin! Nice flat design, great features and an analytic section.

    • Brian H
      Posted at 11:53h, 25 September Reply

      Hi Olav,

      It looks interesting we will consider it on the next update of this article.

  • Anil Saini
    Posted at 07:43h, 21 June Reply

    which one is fully responsive plugin?

    • Brian H
      Posted at 11:55h, 25 September Reply

      Hi Anil,

      Great question, as long as your website is responsive then the quiz on the page should adapt to the screen size.

  • Jack Monroe
    Posted at 22:04h, 02 September Reply

    Really great list, however some of them are outdated and doesn’t compatible with the latest WordPress versions.
    I’m using WordPress Survey & Poll that is perfectly fits to my needs with the survey builder option:

    • Brian H
      Posted at 11:57h, 25 September Reply

      Hi Jack,

      Thank you for pointing this out, this article is due for an update so we will recheck all the plugins mentioned.

  • Ellis Benus
    Posted at 16:40h, 21 September Reply

    Thank you for this article! I never would have found Watu which was EXACTLY what I needed without your post!

    • Brian H
      Posted at 11:58h, 25 September Reply

      Hi Ellis,

      We are happy to help:) thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts.

  • emaxgames
    Posted at 07:03h, 14 October Reply

    Awesome post!
    I need your kind help in this problem: SS quiz is not working – generating neither quiz nor questions.
    MOST IMPORTANT: all the quizzes are added on server side (by ADMIN), can they be added from client side (by other users-teachers)???

  • shreya
    Posted at 13:16h, 15 October Reply

    Your article is good, gives nice collection of WordPress quiz plugins. Thank you very much for sharing all this information. Here are some other best WordPress quiz plugins.

    1. WP Pro Quiz

    2. Quiz Master

    3. WP Form Builder Feedback Survey & Quiz

    4. WordPress Quiz

    5. Modal Survey WordPress Plugin

    you can learn more about them and read reviews of each here :

    • Joel Milne
      Posted at 03:35h, 20 August Reply

      Thanks for noticing and including QuizMaster which is also actively supported and updated, whereas WP Pro Quiz (which QuizMaster is based on) is not at the moment (or in the past nearly 2-years).

  • Falcon
    Posted at 13:23h, 15 October Reply

    Nice list, and very helpful for everyone looking for good quiz plugins for WordPress. Did you consider our free WordPress plugin for quizzes when creating this list?

    With H5P, you can create regular quizzes, but also video quizzes and other interactive content. It also supports different question types including multichoice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop and mark the words.

    If you have tried H5P or get the chance to give it a try please share any feedback you may have.

  • Academia QI
    Posted at 02:32h, 30 March Reply

    Hi, thank you for this awesome list! I’ve already checked 2 free, but the viral one seems promising. If you could, what plugin would best fit in the ( in English: )? I’d need a plugin that can count a range of points (say, 1 to 6) for each question, then processed at the answer. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Academia QI
    Posted at 02:32h, 30 March Reply

    Sorry, the link is: Will look forward to the quiz samples I have

    Posted at 07:43h, 29 May Reply

    great list! thanks for sharing. I think wp-pro-quiz is best

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 14:46h, 31 May Reply

      We love that one too. All around great plugin!

  • Rumana
    Posted at 04:30h, 11 June Reply

    I love all of these

  • Paul McCann
    Posted at 18:18h, 27 June Reply

    I can’t find a plugin that allows the site-owner to create a quiz, drop a shortcode for that quiz on a content page, saves the results AND doesn’t embed the answers somehow on the quiz page. Quiz and Survey Master is great, as is some of these others, but the ones that don’t need massive customization all put the answers in JSON in the source! To easy for cheaters!

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 18:05h, 29 June Reply

      Thanks for the feedback on the list. I’ll do some searching around to see if I can find anything like that. If I can, I’ll update the list with my findings


  • Jeremy
    Posted at 14:09h, 21 July Reply

    I’m looking for a plugin that will do the following:

    1) Ability to have quizzes/surveys
    2) Built-in leaderboard with widget/shortcode that shows those with the highest engagement/scores on those quizzes.

    Any suggestions?

  • Umesh Krishna
    Posted at 16:34h, 21 July Reply

    i want create quiz test based website i want these fuctionality please tell me which plugin i use:

    1)User choose their quiz test in front end;(1:-Math,2:-History,3:-science)
    2)Afterthst showes teir catagiries of perticuler quiz,(like math:-trignimatery,calculus,geomatery)
    3)Every quizes store in database and admin saw users qiz test
    4)After Qiz users provide a ertificate

    Plese tell me one………………………………..

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 17:48h, 22 July Reply

      Have you thought about a course-based system? From the sound of it, you should check out something like this:

      Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for!

  • Sansar Lochan
    Posted at 18:35h, 12 September Reply

    Thank you for the wonderful collection. Though I was looking for a wordpress template which supports online tests.

  • Rubel Ahmed
    Posted at 03:56h, 08 October Reply

    Is there any plugin that assigns negative points for wrong answers on each questions?

  • ajay
    Posted at 23:59h, 13 November Reply

    thanks it is very usefull

  • Eileen
    Posted at 20:26h, 17 July Reply

    Hello, I am looking for a WP plugin for a Personality Quiz: 81 questions, 10 point slider option, calculates the score and sends a report to the Quiz taker. Any suggestions? Thanks

  • Joel Milne
    Posted at 03:33h, 20 August Reply

    Newly released in early 2017 is QuizMaster, a rebuild of WP Pro Quiz. Unlike WP Pro Quiz which hasn’t been updated in well over a year and has no active support, QuizMaster is being actively developed and is more developer-friendly with fully customizable templates and range of hooks (actions and filters). It’s an extension-based system similar to WooCommerce, with about 5 free extensions already available for feature support such as Grading.

  • kuldeep
    Posted at 11:47h, 11 January Reply

    i am finding this list and you have placed this list. thanks a lot.. this is the best list of free WordPress quiz plugin.. those who work on niche website, they are must check this list.

  • mabosbet alternatif
    Posted at 12:36h, 23 September Reply

    What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable knowledge regarding unexpected feelings.

  • Ashly Kalie
    Posted at 00:27h, 30 January Reply

    Nice article. thanks for sharing. Quiz and Survey Master is the ultimate quiz plugin for WordPress. You can create native looking quizzes and surveys in matter of minutes for your WordPress site.

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