10+ Best IDX WordPress Plugins in 2021 (Paid & Free)

Looking for the best IDX WordPress plugins for your real estate website? WordPress is a popular platform that is used by thousands of real estate websites to display listings and attract new clients. In this blog, we have handpicked the best IDX WordPress plugins for real estate websites that you can rely on to help grow your business.

Real Estate Business is already pretty hard, not only for newcomers but also for existing superheroes. In the current era of internet, websites are an easy way to reach thousands (even more) of users in your town and so you should invest in having one.

Because of the fact that you arrived here, you haven’t used a dedicated real estate WordPress theme, rather using a normal WordPress theme which is ready for customization and now looking for third-party plugins to handle the job.

If you are a developer or a realtor, then you without a doubt understand the intricacies of the most effective solutions. When it comes to creating a fully functional real estate website. One to showcase your listings in the best way possible.

Fortunately for you, there are many user-friendly plugins out there that can help you in setting up a very professional WordPress site for properties under the responsibility. The most important thing that you should do is set up your needs and get cracking on digitizing these listings.

With this in mind, this post covers the crème de la crème of the best idx WordPress plugins. Scroll their features, and finalize things up with a section that is purely dedicated to narrowing down your choice based on your unique choices.

How To Pick The Best IDX WordPress Plugins For You

All the best idx WordPress plugins that have been listed here have their unique strengths, even when they do share some of the features which are common to real estate sites. With this being said, this section aims to help you understand what the best for individual cases are.

If you don’t know where you can start, we recommend that you start with the WPL Real Estate. It has enough documentation, the support team which stays on top of the questions, the premium version which you can choose in if you want to add features.

In case you have your heart set on certain WordPress themes. But are completely scared of the possible compatibility problems, possibly no plugin handles the better than Easy Property Listings with the customized compatibility mode. Easy Property Listings is a great option. Especially for those agents that want to allow their customers to plan appointments online. And therefore minimize the time spent on the mobile phone. Overall, they provide support for different major locations and multiple currencies that make it a great choice for choosing international properties.

For example, if you fancy peeking behind the curtains to check out the underlying code of plugins that are being used, the WordPress Listing’s GitHub repository is always open to the general public, permitting you to see what you are getting after installing it.

So, to update your knowledge and also to help you quickly find, here is a compilation of best idx WordPress plugins. Even I wasn’t aware of what MLS stands for, but a little bit research took me to the answer i.e. Multiple Listing Service. I prefer calling it as a solution though.

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Best IDX WordPress Plugins

Following are the plugins you should check out and start comparing with the best among. Within next 5-10 minutes, your search for a best idx WordPress Plugins is going to end. Ready for that?

#1 WPL Real Estate

Best IDX WordPress Plugins

Full Details/Download

This is the next free plugin that can help you start your real estate listing website without paying anything for these services. The features include RETS, IDX and VOW real estate options, along with special support in North America region. Furthermore, the plugin also includes few premium (paid) features.

The best idx WordPress plugins comes with a dedicated knowledge base that is being managed for all of its users, in order to bring quick help and get going with the community. Moreover, the database system included is fully flexible which clearly means that every listing is customizable and you will be able to choose or remove any sort of custom fields (i.e. the database).

#2 Optima Express IDX Plugin

Best IDX WordPress Plugins

Full Details/Download

One more plugin in the list that comes with similar pricing options (per month charges for using the features during the usual $99 setup fee). Call To Action at your website is primarily focused and improved, which ensures higher conversions. Search engine optimisation rules are also offered, along with all kind of general IDX/MLS features.

Email alerts, social media links, user registration, property organiser, interactive map search, saved search pages, sold/pending listing, widgets, shortcodes and agent details are the part of almost every listing.

Full Details & Download

#3 Simple Real Estate Pack

Simple Real Estate Pack Plugin

Full Details/Download

If you have been waiting for the free option, then Simple Real Estate Pack is the first one. Feel free to grab its installer package from official WordPress plugin directory and you don’t need anything else to begin using it.

Along with traditional listing features, it includes different calculators for calculating mortgage, affordability and closing costs estimator. Live Mortgage rates via Zillow API is included inside and different similar APIs are also part of the features. The plugin can also let users know details of their locality by knowing nearby gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, banks, etc.

#4 IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

IDX Broker WordPress Plugin

Full Details/Download

The plugin is available in two pricing options, $39.99 for light usage (Broker Lite) and $59.99 for intense usage (Broker Platinum). The features offered include layout slider, custom domain setup, customization property URLs, automatic email alerts, message center, Map search, area details, complete property address, and cloud hosted listing data for faster performance.

The design is responsive to work fast on mobile devices and SEO norms are well-followed in order to grab high number of organic traffic. Also, the email alerts included are not only for listing alerts. But you can even run a branding campaign to let existing users know about any live offer or new feature.

Other IDX WordPress Plugins To Consider

#5 dsIDXpress IDX Plugin

dsIDXpress IDX Plugin

Full Details/Download

This is the first and among all available options, the best one. It comes with a cost, although you can download its package from WordPress directory without paying a single penny. But the package requires a key that is obtained after you pay for the activation. $29.95 per month (for a single domain) is the activation charges while $99.95 is charged for the setup.

Coming from the features this plugin offers, it comes with dedicated widgets, shortcodes and every option that you may or may not use on your property listing website. The good thing inside is that it doesn’t use iframes to create pages, rather simple posts (or even pages).

Because of the simple and compact code, the listing part loads up pretty quickly and thus, doesn’t add any extra page load time to the overall website. SEO norms are also taken care of, which is required to boost organic traffic. You should check out its details and consider using it.

#6 IDX Plugin for WordPress

IDX Plugin for WordPress

IDX is another name for such plugins and this is the second best option we have. It comes with a price, costing $29.95 per month along with $99.95 for the setup charges. The listing it creates on the website are interactive because of elegant design and search tool is clearly visible for the users.

Inbuilt lead generation, tools are present, which basically try their best to convert every single visitor on your website. SEO norms are taken care of and it keeps the website SEO optimized. You can try using the plugin for a while (for testing purpose) without paying anything.

Full Details & Download

#7. Realtyna Organic IDX + WPL Real Estate


Full Details/Download

If you really want to become a successful broker, the best thing you can do is to consider digital marketing as a strategy to get the leads you need. It’s important that you optimize all online solutions available so that you can have a time and cost-effective way of selling and buying your assets. launch your real estate WP themed site with the high-quality Realtyna Organic IDX plugin. This plugin offers a very easy to use property listing with the North American MLS providers. If you have home assets available in North America, this WordPress IDX plugin will greatly improve your real estate website.

The IDX plugin works perfectly with the WordPress WPL platform, a great WordPress plugin with a data structure that allows you to edit, remove, or add your properties data fields. Also, you can use the feature to shape and provide detailed information about all your property listings depending on your current specifications. It has all you need to create a credible and professional real estate website with a flexible MLS database.

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#8. Showcase IDX Real Estate Search


Full Details/Download

The classic Showcase IDX Real Estate Search is a great plugin if you are looking to improve your real estate WordPress themed site. The IDX Plugin for WordPress works perfectly with different platforms like PC, tablets, and mobile. It offers webmasters all the essential features needed to establish a stunning real estate website, which is designed to help you get more leads. Moreover, the Showcase IDX Real Estate Search is a renowned plugin mainly because of the user-friendly platform as well as incredible features, and a trusted search engine.

The IDX WordPress plugin tries to optimize user engagement. And to offer real estate brokers and agents with the definitive MLS database. One to help showcase different properties in your region. Also, the WordPress IDX plugin comes with a simple, yet powerful home search interface. The properties are listed in brief descriptions and are displayed. So, the users will be in the right position to choose a perfect home. Furthermore, the simplicity of the plugin makes it easier for the users to navigate. Especially, via the website to search for all the available properties.

#9. Estatik Real Estate Plugin


Full Details/Download

People love using this WordPress IDX plugin in their real estate WordPress websites! The elegant and simple works with both desktop and mobile platforms. Also, Estatik Real Estate Plugin allows you to build a real estate site without any unnecessary information. its aim is to encourage more users to investigate all the features with a minimal and clean setup. The Estatik Real Estate Plugin is a recommended plugin for real estate agents. Anyone looking to establish an easier to use website with an optimized user-friendly interface. Keep in mind that the plugin features a free theme package and a relatively simple and quick setup.

All the search entries are designed to keep track of the website visitors’ results. To save the searchers just incase they have to go back and evaluate the property in question. Also, it comes with a well-organized wish list feature where users can save the top picks. Another incredible factor that attracts users to install this WP plugin on the website is largely because of the trustworthy online support.

#10. MLS Import


Full Details/Download

If you are looking to setup a stunning real estate website, the MLS import plugin will help you get started. As one of the best IDX WordPress plugins. The MLS Import offers a wide range of functions and features that will instantly help you get started. You get two alternatives to pick from, the MLS Import Plugin and TurnKey Website with MLS Theme. This is what you require when getting into this competitive industry. With a stunning new website to showcase the must-see listings on the website.

Some extra features of the MLS Import include direct integration and coverage of more than 650 MLS markets around Canada and the United States. And Reso API technology for control over your property listings for remarkable maintenance and management. If you feel stuck, you can rely on MLS Import’s superb customer support team to help you.



Full Details/Download

If you are looking for the best IDX WordPress plugins for your real estate broker website, then an Apex IDX plugin is what you should get. The IDX WordPress plugin comes with multiple features that guarantee the leads you need to find the right client. It’s ideal if you are looking to help clients find their dream house with a highly advanced search feature. And a reliable home search page. Your website can search for real estate properties that match their preferred features. Others include the house type, area, and price point of the house in question.

The IDX WordPress plugin also includes a beautifully designed and modern user interface that is ideal for navigation around your real estate website. the IDX plugin for WordPress is packed with a wide range of customizability features that allow you to optimize your site. Set the theme and tine when creating your stunning real estate WP themed website.


Final Thoughts

That’s it, folks! Do share which plugin you are finally picking from this compilation, in the discussion section. If you wish to know any other related detail, then feel free to start a new discussion thread beneath. I hope you are going to share this list. Peace.

The idea to launch your real estate app for android sounds that appeals to you. You may want to look at what has been listed here,

While the android app package is different from the WordPress plugin. You will want to maintain the uniform look between both versions of the listings.

The real estate market can be a tough market that one can break into, but it can quite profitable. An effective and elegant website will help you get on top of your competition. Whether you are a developer or agent trying to find ways to grow your online portfolio.




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