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8 Best Plugins to Turn WordPress Site into a Mobile App 2021

Looking for the best solution to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app? Today, many people use their mobile devices to shop online and browse the Internet. Apps offer the most convenient way to offer improve the mobile experience and deliver your content. In this article, we’ll show you the best plugins to turn a WordPress site into a mobile app.

Mobile App For Your WordPress Site

If you check your site’s traffic, you will find that many users are accessing your site from their smartphones. The best way to ensure the mobile users have a great experience on your site is by making sure your website is fully responsive.

A fully responsive WordPress site uses a great design that automatically changes to match small screen devices. Many good WordPress themes are fully responsive out of the box. You will even get a good mobile responsive website for eCommerce.

Nevertheless, some businesses want to provide a much nicer user experience through the creation of in-house mobile apps. Rather than visit your site in a browser, users can launch the app from the home screen to fully access the online community, membership website, online store, and favorite blog.

Creating a mobile app usually requires programming skills, and many web development companies will help build a mobile app for your site. Nevertheless, it will cost you over $15,000.

If you’re looking to build a great mobile app without spending much of your money, there are some WordPress plugins that you can use to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app. All these plugins are paid solutions, but cost far less than hiring a developer to build the mobile app for you.

Remember using these WordPress plugins require some WordPress skills. If you are a WordPress newbie, we strongly recommend using a mobile responsive theme and enhancing your WordPress speed.

Plugins to Turn a WordPress Site Into a Mobile App

The web trends are continually changing and according to studies, even way back in 2018 mobile traffic was set to surpass 60% of all the traffic that the Internet receives. In fact, according to newer studies, USA is already at over 70% and some countries, like Indonesia, are as high as 90%!

The web world is fast moving towards complete portability and the chances are that more and more traffic to your website will be mobile-driven.

Mobile Apps on the other hand provide a gateway to connect the website to the users with a high emphasis on customized feed than using a browser. Also, having a mobile app for the website can create a positive impact on its Google search ranking.

Even though, we all know the importance of mobile apps and its impact on the users, we don’t want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to create an app for your website.

The good news is that there are many WordPress plugins that will transform your website into a mobile app! And you will be able to transform your WordPress website into a mobile app. No need to learn coding or complex frameworks to create mobile apps for different platforms including iOS, Android and more.

The most famous alternative of building phone apps is using PhoneGap framework, which utilize three basic technologies i.e. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to build portable apps for Android, iOS, and Mac. PhoneGap is free, but not the iOS version as one need to register for an account to host the iOS app.

That said, the following are the best plugins to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app.

1. AppPresser

Build iOS Android mobile apps AppPresser

AppPresser is the leading app in WordPress market for converting any WordPress website into a mobile app.

Having a mobile app provides a competitive edge over the other websites that do not offer a mobile app for their website. The website can be from any niche, news, magazine, blog or e-commerce, there are endless possibilities with a mobile app.

The pricing of AppPresser is slightly on the higher side, with simple news/content website app starting from 249$(for 1 app) and more advanced mobile app going to $599.00(bonus app included).

To know more about the pricing, check the page here.


2. Wapppress

There is not much difference between creating a website and a mobile app using the wapppress plugin. Once you make the website(responsive), the plugin can easily convert your plugin into a mobile app without wasting your time. It only take one-click to create your app. You also do not need to any programming languages or go to constructs.

With the help of wapppress, the plugin can create a native mobile applications for Android and iOS. However, the developer separates mobile platforms into two different plugins so you might need to buy both for full functionality.

The app supports fast and intuitive app interface. For those, who are looking to control specifics to the mobile app won’t be disappointed, as the app supports 3rd party script/coding works you can develop into your app.

The plugin also has useful features like push notifications, AdMob, custom launcher icon, and custom splash screen.


3. AppMySite


AppMySite is becoming increasingly popular amongst WordPress website owners for app development. The platform is easy-to-use and can be setup to create a mobile app in minutes.

Here’s how it works. Once you connect your website and app with the AppMySite plugin, the latter will start showing content directly from your site. This includes website content assets like pages, posts, categories, and so on.

Even if you have a WooCommerce website, or use a plugin which create CPTs and taxonomies, you can sync it with AppMySite.



4. Flink

Flink is another great competitor in converting your WordPress website into an Andoid mobile app without any programming language knowledge. The best part of using the plugin is the instant conversion of the website into a mobile app. But, there is a pre-requisite for conversion of website into mobile app, the website must be a responsive website. Without responsive support, your website won’t cut the bill.

The plugin’s features include push notifications with Firebase, multi-language support, AdMob, Facebook network advertisements, and several types of app screens. Everything is managed with a user-friendly material interface that is fully compliant with WordPress.


5. MobiCloud

Mobile Apps WordPress mobiloud

MobiCloud is a premium Mobile app converter plugin that offers push notification and other native app features. MobiCloud is at par with AppPressor and provides tools to turn your WordPress website into native apps that can run flawlessly on Android and iOS.

Pricing of MobiCloud is starter app that is $199/mo, which features one platform, email supports, etc. The other package that MobiCloud offers for their customers is a professional app that will cost up to $499 per month. The professional package supports both the iOS and Android apps.


6. WPMobile.App

WiziApp WordPress iPhone App Plugin

WPMobile.App is a freemium mobile app converter. The native Android and iOS app needs buying and can be brought from their website.

The plugin can turn your WordPress website into a mobile app without writing a code. And it also supports other features such as customization, animated navigation, cross mobile browser support, multi-menus and more.

Native Android app will cost you around 79€ whereas iPhone and iOS apps will also cost you a 79€.

If you are looking for a free demo, then WPMobile.App is a great choice as it offers free test with the android and iOS demo app. Install the plugin and the app will start processing the mobile version of the website.


#7. MobileLoud


MobiLoud lets webmasters turn their WordPress sites into mobile apps. It has two products: one for blog sites and news and another for websites using other sophisticated plugins.

The plugin comes with custom branding, analytics, mobile advertising support, and pushing notifications. The app is well configured and can be submitted to the app stores.


#8. Androapp


The AndroApp is another essential WordPress plugin for converting your WordPress site into a mobile app. The plugin comes with native social sharing, infinite scroll, unlimited push notifications, internationalization supports, multiple themes, and offline support. It doesn’t support BuddyPress or WooCommerce.The developer of the plugin offers help to download and configure your app.


Wrap Up

Mobile Apps are the future; they are fast, intuitive and adds value to the business and if you are looking to make your business blossom, then creating an app is a great idea.

AppPresser, Appmaker WP and wapppress are the best of all of them, but I will ask you to go through all of them carefully and decide for yourself.

We hope this article has helped you find the best plugins to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app.

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    Comes with Push notifications for every new post, it sends push notifications automatically, there are many more features which you can see at @ androapp.mobi

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