Best Premium WordPress plugins

Best Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Every Penny

WordPress is a great platform. And why shouldn’t it be? It provides an amazing platform for beginners, enabling them to start their online journey.

It also offers exciting free plugins and themes. The ecosystem of WordPress is one of the most exciting places to be. And, why not, there are tons of developers who work day and night to develop amazing plugins.

Free plugins are great, but they are limited. If you just starting out, using free plugins can be justifiable, but if you are into full-fledged business or blogging, premium plugins can add the necessary juice to your website revenue generation capacity.

To get the best possible features and functionality, you need to use premium plugins. And, that’s why I will go forward and list the exciting premium WordPress plugins that are worth every penny.

Exciting Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Every Penny

Monarch Social Sharing

Premium WordPress Plugins That Are Worth Every Penny

If you are looking for a best social sharing plugin out there, Monarch Social Sharing plugin is your best option.

With a price tag of $89, it might be a little costly, but believe me, the plugin is worth every penny that you spend on it.

Starting from the dashboard, the plugin offers great user experience, tons of options to fiddle with and an appealing social sharing buttons.

Social networks have flourished in the past decade. Using right tools such as Monarch Social Sharing buttons can add value to your website and increase social sharing and revenue in a long run.

Also, using a good coded social sharing plugin adds value to SEO efforts as Google sees a social signal as a ranking factor.



Sucuri is a premium WordPress security service. They are one of the leading developers and keepers of WordPress.

The pricing of Sucuri is affordable and comes at three different levels. If you are a basic user, you can try their basic plan for just $16.166/month. The pro version is tailored towards the E-Commerce for just $24.99/month and the last one is for the best in the business — the business package for just $41.66/month.

On the features front, Sucuri is a complete security package for your WordPress website. It includes malware scanning & detection, malware cleanup, security monitoring, DDoS protection, performance optimization and much more.

The plugin is highly reviewed on the internet with great reviews by its customer. Hence, it qualifies for the best plugin that is worth your single penny.

Alternative: WordFence

CoSchedule by TodayMade


CoSchedule by TodayMade is an excellent service that can help you improve your blogging or editorial efforts.

The editorial calendar cum social media tool can enhance your effort to make your website top notch. Maintaining a website is no small talk. It requires tough decision-making and constant work. With CoSchedule, you can easily manage your blog posts and schedule them using drag and drop functionality.

Moreover, the plugin enables you to handle a team and assign tasks easily.

On the social media platform, the plugin helps you to handle the social media sharing options and automate the whole process. With automation, you are bound to get more traffic and hence improve your profits in the long run.

The plugin is a great investment for a blogger or a business who are constantly struggling from maintaining work process.

The pricing of the plugin can be checked here.



Cache plugins are a must for any website. And, if you use WordPress, WPRocket can be your cache buddy.

The plugin enhances your website loading time, improving user experience, marketing, and overall profit.

The plugin offers page caching, cache preloading, images on request, static file compression and much more. The plugin is also developer friendly and developers can opt to make changes if needed.

Using WPRocket is easy and intuitive. Installation takes a few clicks and you are done. With tons of features and amazing support, the plugin is worth every penny you spend on it.

The plugin pricing starts from $39 for just 1 site to $199 for unlimited sites. Check the pricing page for more details.

WPSmush Pro


Maintaining file size is one of the biggest tasks of many bloggers. Just imagine a scenario where a page size is more than 2MB? Who is to blame?

WP Smush Pro is a premium plugin from the likes of WPMUDev. The plugin was earlier maintained and developed by Yahoo, but they gave up on it, just to be picked up by Wpmudev.

The plugin strips the extra weight of the images that you upload, preserving the quality. The plugin supports both lossless and lossless compression.

WPSmush Pro is available at only $19 per month.



Managing multiple WordPress website can be a tough job. If you have more than one WordPress website and want to make handling the job easy, ManageWP is for you.

The service saves your crucial time by giving you control of each of your website from one central dashboard. You can update plugins, themes, and publish post directly from one place.

Isn’t it exciting and powerful at the same time? Also, you can automate the backup of your website directly from the manageWP dashboard.

Pricing is extremely low and affordable. You can check it here.

Gravity Forms


Without forms, there will be no way for the visitors or potential businesses to connect with you.

With Gravity forms, you are in full control of creating an appealing and exciting form.

Gravity Forms is not just yet another WordPress contact creation plugin. It gives you the power to create forms with tons of conditions and fields. You can also opt to create Gravity forms to create front-end forms for placing orders and much more.

Also, all the operations can be done using the nifty drag and drop builder. A must buy for anyone serious enough to create stunning forms for their website. The plugin also supports reCaptcha, progress bar, autoresponders, limit entries, etc.

The pricing starts from $39/year to $199/year. Check the whole pricing structure here.



Backing up your website is crucial for your business. No one wants to loose their precious work due to some error. Also, hackers are looking for opportunities to disrupt your business.

VaultPress is a backup service/plugin from the developers of WordPress. The Automattic team lead by Matt Mullenweg.

With VaultPress, you can automate the backup process of your website and schedule it according to your preferences. Moreover, you can easily restore a backup with a single click.

The only downside of VaultPress is that it doesn’t backup everything in your installation.

If you are worried about this, you can use BackupBuddy for your backup needs. Overall, both the solutions are great for backing up your website.

VaultPress is available in two plans: Basic and Premium. The basic plan starts at only $9/month, whereas the premium plan starts at only $29/month. You can check the details of the pricing here.



Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a big game. And, to really make money online, you need to do proper SEO optimization. SEOPressor is a premium SEO plugin that handles all the work that you need to do proper on-page SEO. It checks for keyword density, offers the option to add 3 keywords and also have LSI keyword support.

Moreover, the plugin displays optimization score and warns you if you have overoptimized the post. These features are very useful for ensuring that your blog post is properly optimized.

The plugin also enables you to create seamless internal linking.

Overall, SEOPressor is amazing. You can check the pricing here.

A good alternative will be Yoast SEO Premium, which offers almost similar features for SEO efforts.

Notes and Conclusion

A successful website or business run on investment. Plugins choice makes a huge impact on the success of the website. After all, premium plugins offer excellent features and support.

Free plugins are great if you are starting out, but it is also important to beat the competition with better control on what you are doing.

I tried to list all the necessary exciting premium WordPress plugins that are worth every penny. The list is not a comprehensive one, and I encourage our readers to comment below the premium plugins that are worth every single penny.

Helping your WordPress buddies can improve your networking! So, don’t forget to share the article and let them know about awesome premium plugins.

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