7+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Successful Affiliate Marketers 2021

Plugins come into lead role especially when we look at adding a lot of affiliate related options or tools on our blog. I’m enlisting here best WordPress affiliate plugins which you can use and in return they will help you applying affiliate system on your blog and earn a lot of additional money. These will help you mask links, redirect URLs neatly, create Call to Action points and do a lot of related stuff which is otherwise not at all easy.

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Just list the requirements you have which you wish to add to your website that is developed to earn money out of affiliates. Once the list is there then go through the list I’m adding down here and I’m sure you’ll find at least one plugin that full fill your needs.


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#1 Ultimate Affiliate Pro

With features like easy installation and integration, custom affiliate slug, lifetime commissions, unlimited affiliates, social share, affiliate coupons, checkout reward system and integration with BuddyPress and WooCommerce, this plugin is one of the best premium plugins out there which will serve almost every feature which you may feel in need of.

It provides each and every feature as I stated above and that too with a simple to use and understandable user interface. All you need to do is to buy, download and install it. If you are not finding any good in setting it up then you can watch the video tutorials, read its online documentation, or even contact the developer’s support center.

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#2 WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin

Whenever it comes to adding commerce related stuff on digital profiles then WooCommerce term is widely known and popular and here its plugin which you should be using to increase your earnings. It includes an automatic spinner, product removal, simple user interface and a lot of e-commerce features.

The product removal feature is its best because it simply removes a product from your blog which is being affiliated once it’s no longer exists on Amazon. I personally liked this feature and it’s good enough to maintain user experience which can be hurt otherwise.

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#3 Adning Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System

This is another plugin that can help you manage advertisements which you deliver to your readers through the very much beloved blog you own. It can help you create branded looking advertisement campaigns and trust me it will definitely bring up the sales graph which you may be struggling at.

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#4 Affiliates by WordPress

free Affiliates WordPress Plugin

It’s a free plugin available from the official WordPress.org store and it can be used to mask affiliate links, track their progress through stats, credit referrals, create a new registration, etc. This plugin is very robust and good enough in whatever I had mentioned or you will see in its little dashboard area after it’s installed. As its free so there is no stopping in trying it for once.

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#5 WP AdCenter

wp ad center plugin

It’s a premium plugin now at your side which can help you create and manage different advertisement campaigns. It will serve complete control over any type or number of ad zones you are or wish to run over your website to increase your affiliate income.

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#6 Popup Domination

PopUp Domination Opt in Software

This plugin can help you either promote a product directly or increase your email subscription through the means of an elegant pop-up that arrives according to your settings. You can fix the pop-up to arrive after a delay or time or you can even set it according to user’s engagement.

It comes with features like inbuilt analytics, A/B testing and tons of customization features. You can buy it for $54 for a single website and I can assure you that you’ll see its affect soon as it’s installed and setup well.

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#7 EasyAzon

Use this plugin and it will help you easily create affiliate links to any Amazon product. The links can be in the form of images, text, info blocks and even in Call to Action. So overall it’s a plugin of great use and you can even integrate links among search results right from your Dashboard area.

It brings in an appropriate feature that shows product links as per the location of visitor which simply can increase his action that will reach towards money for you. Its pricing starts at $47, yes for unlimited websites but for your own purpose.

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#8 AdPress

AdPress WordPress Ad Manager

If you believe in showing proper advertisements through graphics on various location on your blog then try using this AdPress plugin as it will help you deal a lot of functionalities with ease. Like you can rotate ads, create multiple ad types and can even track down their success through statistics.

#9 Better Links Pro


This plugin can be used with EazyAzon as it is developed by the same developer and it can serve a number features which will bring good fortune for your earning charts. Its functionality and expertise remain around links which are always a keen part of affiliate business.

First feature is that it will offer links according to user’s location and other from it features link short link creators from within the Dashboard area, automatic keyword replacement for any link on your website, adding no follow tags and a lot.

#10 Author hReview

WordPress Reviews Plugin

If you’re reached by a lot of PRs who care to see reviews of their products on your blog then it’s time to use this Author hReview plugin. It will provide a simple user interface and tons of features using which you can publish reviews of different products on your blog and can rate them accordingly. You can even break down the whole rating into parts (with their individual ratings). These basic features are available at no cost.

But if you wish to avail every feature this plugin got then opt for the membership plan and you’ll have further features. Premium version includes editorial review, WP Rich Snippets and a list of additional features.


You can also do a lot of marketing for your affiliate campaigns through increasing email subscriptions and writing related emails to your loyal readers. You can check my collection of best plugins to get more email subscriptions.

I hope your quest for finding best WordPress affiliate plugin ended here. Do let me know if you have any other concerns for them I can come up with a solution. I wouldn’t mind discussion on any related topic.

*last updated 09/13/2019

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