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10+ Best WordPress Category Plugins For Every Blog Owner in 2020

Categories are one of the useful taxonomies of WordPress, they help organize content related to each other. These help your readers to identify with your content and look for similar content easily all at one place. If you want to go beyond the built-in utility of categories, you need to opt for some of the category plugins and extend the use of the WordPress category functionality. Read on to learn more about best wordpress category plugins.

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Whether you want to add color to your category, exclude or include a particular category, create sticky posts within a post or a page, convert categories to tags or vice versa, you can now do these things easily with the help of best WordPress category plugins. I have rounded up a list of the best WordPress category plugins that you can use to make the most of WordPress categories. The list includes best WordPress category plugins as well as some of the premium options as well.

Categories can be likened to the book chapters which in this case is your site, this means, categories are very relevant when you want to arrange your sites’ content if used appropriately. With this kind of information, you can find yourself doing more things with them than can be done using these categories.

To make things easy for you, you can come up with custom codes when modifying the function of these categories. With WordPress category plugins your website categories can be made useful in improving the functionality of your site.

Continue reading this blog because we will provide you with information about the best WordPress category plugins which will assist you to develop your site. We shorten the URLs, add category images and easily create lots of content that will be put into categories.

How WordPress Categories Are Used

WordPress categories are very relevant to your contents’ navigation, this means, users will be browsing your blogs through relevant topics, instead of going through each one of them. We have provided you with the best WordPress category plugins though you should go through each one of them before making your perfect decision.

WordPress Real Category Management

WP Real Category Management is a premium plugin available for $19, which gives you complete control over the organization of your WordPress categories. You can drag and drop your posts with the ability to create, rename, delete, or reorder your categories. The plugin is easy to customize and offers advanced features such as WooCommerce support, custom post type support, switch pages without page reload, compatibility with touch devices and more. Unlike most premium plugins, the developer is providing free updates over the life of the plugin.

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Media Library Categories Premium

Media Library Categories Premium is a plugin that allows you to use categories in media library and filter on categories while inserting media on your WordPress website. This plugin will keep your media library more organized with the help of categories. You can change the category of multiple items at once with the help of bulk actions. The plugin allows you to add, remove or edit categories in the media library from a dropdown list of categories.

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ZF WordPress Category Accordion – best WordPress category plugins

ZF WordPress Category Accordion
ZF WordPress Category Accordion is a category accordion plugin that supports both WooCommerce and WordPress category accordion. The plugin is extremely easy to use and is available for $15. The key features of the plugin include 7 color schemes, translation ready, supports shortcode vs widget, arrow alignment, highlight current category, support ‘click’ and ‘hover’ event and more.

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WooCommerce Category Plugin

This plugin is especially designed for eCommerce website or online store, available for $6. This plugin will make your WooCommerce website clutter-free and organized. You can switch from those annoying long categories list to the expandable variations of categories menu with multilevel sub-categories. You can also set a custom title with the help of the plugin and is optimized for speed without slowing down your website. The plugin is ready to boost your sales by increasing you customer’s choices when try to buy exactly what they are looking for.

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List Category Post

List Category Post
List Category Post allows you to display a list of posts from a certain category or various categories. If you want to highlight posts from a particular category on your website, this plugin is for you. It is extremely easy to use, you just need to insert the required shortcode in the texts and your posts will be listed there.

You are looking forward to creating many lists of contents in one category, list category post will assist you to achieve your goal. This category has been used by more than one hundred thousand website owners, this means that this is a premium category for all website owners.

Category plugin is very flexible as it has very few configurations needed.

A shortcode on a specific page with your plans in place is all that is needed. Your category can be specified using category names or an ID, after this, you should come up with the amount of content you wish to post. Other specifications include the status of the posts, post author, date, among other things.

Can be added on pages as many times as possible, with any combined specifications. Advanced specification includes OR and on all operating categories and other compatible search conditions.


  • The shortcode is easy to use
  • Its configuration is very simple
  • It includes the sidebar widget
  • Its parameter list is very comprehensive
  • The display can be customized using CSS.

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Ultimate Category Excluder

Ultimate Category Excluder
Ultimate Category Excluder is a plugin for those who do not wish to display all the categories in certain areas of their website. The plugin allows you to exclude categories from archives, front page, searches and feeds. It is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is select the categories that you want to exclude and the plugin does it for you.

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Remove Category URL

Remove Category URL
This plugin is handy for those who wish to completely remove category from your permalinks. It enables you to have logical permalinks and it also redirects old permalinks to the new one. It is easy to use, you don’t need any configuration and it works with multiple sub-categories as well.

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WP Categories Widget

WP Categories Widget is a free plugin that comes handy if you wish to choose to exclude any taxonomy that might conflict with other plugins like WooCommerce. This plugin will save a lot of your precious time since it allows you to show categories post count and categories of any taxonomies type. If you need it, the plugins gives you the option to hide widget title or use custom taxonomy.

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Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order

This free plugin not only works for categories, it is for the custom taxonomies as well. You can add terms to your categories with the help of this plugin. You can also display a list of categories as link, the plugin gives you complete control over the output of taxonomies. The plugin is perfect if you want your categories widget with drag and drop sortable JavaScript capability.

Full Details & Download

Category Posts Widget

Category Posts Widget plugin allows you to display full background post images with your categories. The plugin is user-friendly and quite easy to use with shortcode options available in the customizer. You can also use responsive layouts with more complex ways to filter.

Full Details & Download

Category Color

Category Color
If you want to add that extra bit of pizzazz to your category widget, this is the plugin for you. The plugin allows you to select a custom color for a post category or the category names, post titles, background as well.

Full Details & Download

Category Sticky Post

Category Sticky Post
Category sticky post is a sticky post for categories, the plugin allows you to stick any post to the top of any archive page for the category of your choice. The plugin allows you to select the category and it displays the post on the first page of the archive of a specific category. You can choose to stick one post at a time and the plugin also has light styling that you can adjust according to your theme.

This is a great plugin to use on any site. We just recently installed it on a website about the transportation industry, and it has worked really well for the site owner. Since the site has such high traffic, the owners needed a great solution to help their users navigate their many promotions and coupons, and this category helped them solve that problem with ease. They especially love the sticky post feature of this plugin, and we are sure you will too.

Featured Category Widget

Featured Category Widget
If the Featured Post Widget is not enough for you and you don’t merely want to highlight a post but an entire category, this plugin is the best bet. The plugin allows you to style the widget, you have control over the way in which posts will appear, you can choose to display the excerpt from the post or the first three sentences will automatically be taken. If there is no thumbnail in the post, the first picture is taken and you also have the control over the size of the thumbnail.

Categories Images

categories images

With this plugin, it is possible to include images into the categories. This plugin has been used by over sixty thousand websites, this is a clear indication that this is a high-quality tool.

After installation and activation, category images will also become active in each category and taxonomy displays. Though, if you want, you can edit the taxonomy, this can be achieved in the settings section.

If you want to edit a taxonomy or category, you can just add an image or choose one from the library via the WordPress pop up. You can have a preview of these images in the appropriate taxonomy and category.

Important Features

  • Images are attached using the WordPress media library
  • Images are displayed on the front use by the use of a code
  • Images can be previewed in the WordPress administration
  • Its configuration is simple

Wrapping Up

These were some of the handy category plugins that you require to make the most of the best WordPress Category plugins. I hope you found this article useful, let us know if you use any of the best WordPress category plugins that you found useful. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. If you like our effort, consider sharing this article.

*last updated 1/4/2020

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