6 Best Free & Paid WordPress Coupon Plugins for 2019

Certain unique ideas in internet related business require unique website solutions (also called custom) which aren’t so affordable.

If you’re having an idea of starting a website where you’re going to share coupons and deals of e-commerce websites, then you probably need a custom solution. That particular solution is going to cost you thousands of dollars to just start with. And if you do not have any web development experience then you also need to hire and afford a developer.

So not an affordable idea, agree? But it does have great potential. So what’s the between way to follow?

Develop a website using WordPress and then install some coupons related plugins. You can also install a coupon niche theme to have proper and a list of functionalities but to start with, coupon plugin will do the trick. That’s what you came here looking for.

Based on my marketing research and years of experience, I’m enlisting best WordPress coupon plugins down here. I hope this guide works as a lifesaver in your case as it’s going to save your time and you’ll also have a head start.

Why using a plugin?

I’m assuming that you’re already aware of what a plugin is. Using a plugin in the case of developing and running a coupon related website can help you save a lot of money which otherwise you’ve to invest in custom web development solution.

Secondly, you’ll be getting related functionalities at a minimum cost (may be FREE) and also using them to get our desired goal will be damn easy. You just need to set the plugin up for one time and then it functions automatically.

But don’t grab such package just from any source as you may get malicious one or the one not working properly. I’ll, of course, recommend you to choose from the one I’m about to add down here. You’re always free to research on your own (and it is a good practice, indeed).

Best WordPress Coupon Plugins

So here, I start with the list now. Get ready for requirements you wish to be covered by the plugin and then start the matchmaking process with each of them.

#1 Viral Coupon

Viral Coupon Plugin

Get 20% off on the Best WordPress Themes & Plugins

Get 20% off on the Best WordPress Themes & Plugins

It’s a premium solution that can not only help you add and manage coupons but can also help in increasing their performance and social engagement of your website or blog. It locks each and every coupon with certain social sharing buttons which needs to be used to gain access.

If you’re sharing interesting coupons, then readers are always going to share those offers. It is priced $17 and comes bundled with dozens of other features. It also supports WooCommerce extension. Check the rest of its features down here where you can also examine it through the demo.

Full Details & Download

#2 WordPress Coupon Code Generator

WordPress Coupon Code Generator

Our next plugin is $11 priced and offers a lot of features which can help you run a simple functioning coupon based website or blog. You’re allowed to share promotion codes, coupons, vouchers and even API keys.

It doesn’t offer a lot of features rather provides simple tools wrapped in a cool package that is manageable using a simple control panel.

Full Details & Download

#3 Code Shop for WordPress

Code Shop for WordPress

If you’re mainly looking for a real powerful punch, then try our next solution for which you need to pay $18. It supports multiple payment gateways (all popular ones like PayPal, Stripe, Payza, etc.).

It is compatible with HTML5 and CSS3 and even ready with translation. You can offer readers free and paid coupons easily and can even deliver things via email. With unique web design and unlimited coupon campaign support, it is one of the prime and powerful solutions you can use with almost any theme.

Full Details & Download

#4 JC Coupon

JC Coupon WordPress Plugin

Welcome our first free plugin that can offer you a simple interface to allow adding coupons and related stuff right on your WordPress driven website. You can even set expiry dates along with different attributes to offer enhanced user experience. It has already been made compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and I’m sure you’re going to like it (only if you’ve very few and basic requirements).

Full Details & Download

#5 Magic WP Coupons – Lite

Magic WP Coupons

This is the first option here which is available in both free and premium versions. The free one covers all basic amenities and functionalities that can help you run and manage coupon campaigns (any number of them). It supports widgets and almost every theme out there. It can even help you track the number of clicks and impressions made.

Premium version comes with dedicated support, and they can even help you with installation and setting up of plugin completely on your blog. Other features offered by the premium solution are SEO optimization, cloaked URLs, Like/Dislike feature, powerful admin panel, detailed reporting and API integration & support.

Full Details & Download

#6 Coupon Reveal

Coupon Reveal Plugin

It’s an iconic premium solution covering features like different color options, very simple layout, powerful control panel, expiration date and three different ways to display campaigns. The feature list is less considering it’s a premium solution but whatever it is offering, it does them great. The customization options being offered are really awesome.

Full Details & Download

Over to You

So that’s all in menu today. You can check our other recipes covering different tastes and requirements of WordPress users at our blog. I hope this guide helped you, and you appreciate the effort done by our team by sharing this guide with all your social friends.

If you think anything left for discussion regarding any issues or any other plugin to be mentioned then we all are available in discussion section beneath. I hope we have something to start with. Waiting to hear your side.

Editorial Staff

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  • Mark Philip Engo
    Posted at 18:12h, 12 February Reply

    I use coupon popup on all my blogs, i highly recommend that one as well, and it’s free! https://wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-popup/

  • Karan Bhagat
    Posted at 09:42h, 07 August Reply

    I think coupon creator wordpress.org/plugins/coupon-creator/ is much better than JC coupons, I have just installed it on my site, going to test it now. Lets see if it’s reliable or not.

    Thanks for the other suggestions.

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 02:03h, 12 August Reply

      No problem! We will take a look at the plugin. What makes it stand out against JC Coupons in your opinion?

  • Kathir
    Posted at 07:38h, 28 September Reply

    great article thanks for posting this.. i was looking for some coupon plugin.. JC Coupon and coupon reveal looks great..

  • Shashank
    Posted at 16:50h, 14 October Reply

    thanks for sharing this information. i would like to know if you have any plugin to transfer wordpress sites. because i need 1 .. badly…

    • Alex Olson
      Posted at 09:13h, 17 October Reply

      Hello Shashank,

      There a few that will do this for you. One of my personal favorites is BackupBuddy by iThemes. It makes the process very simple. Unfortunately, it is a paid plugin.


  • Rayhan Islam
    Posted at 11:52h, 05 August Reply

    Thanks for sharing these couponmplugin. Currently I am using a plugin named “WordPress Coupons & Deals” on my blog. This looks great to me. You can also check that plugin.

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