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12 Best WordPress Dating Plugins to Create a Fully Fledged Dating Website

As quoted by Musician Foxy Brown, “To find a prince, you gotta kiss some toads.” However, with the increased number of dating sites being set up almost every month, meeting your better half is no longer a problem. Nevertheless, if you are thinking of starting a dating website, you should consider the best WordPress Dating Plugins that you can use to improve your dating site for the best results.

Dating is a fancy term for relationships in modern society, and ‘Online Dating’ is its digital form.

For mass, it’s a simple and convenient tool to find a soulmate, but for a few, it’s a billion-dollar industry. Currently, the industry is dominated by apps like Tinder and eHarmony, which together count for America’s $2.2 billion industry, as covered in a report by The Washington Post. The report further details that the online dating industry will grow by another $100 million terms each year. You can also research various online dating sites and learn how easy it is to chat online.

Looking for the best WordPress dating plugins and WordPress dating themes to create your WordPress dating website?

Is it complex to build a dating site and, most importantly, ensure it is safe, particularly if you are using some readily available dating software? While it might be difficult to start a new company, many entrepreneurs do not want to undertake technical things. This is because they want something great that can easily work from the box.

Building a successful dating website can be a daunting task. The dating site will need a registration system, a payment system, dedicated user profiles, and a customer support system with features such as live chat, friendship, private messages, and so on. Fortunately, we have some incredible WordPress plugins that can help with such tasks.

Suppose you have already made up your mind to start a dating site. One of the most important things that you should decide on is the platform that you must. You will be spoilt for choice considering that there are both paid and free dating scripts.

All you need to start a dating website is to choose a reliable domain name and web hosting server. You can move ahead with the shared hosting as you start, but after the business has already grown, you can switch to the dedicated VPS or server.

For this reason, there are numerous options to improve WordPress performance, but there are very few optimal WordPress dating plugins for dating websites. You will also be glad to know that some WordPress themes come with inbuilt dating features. You can choose any of the WordPress dating plugins based on your choice and requirements from the following list.

That was all about defining dating and its market scope. Now, let’s get real with your idea of running an online business, which requires a WordPress setup, a dedicated theme, and one or two plugins to bring the required functionalities.

Best WordPress Dating Plugins

As far as plugin repository for WordPress platform is concerned, there are very few and rare WordPress dating plugins options available. Following is a compilation of only the best of them.

Additional Tip: – Before you pick any plugin, check its compatibility tab and make sure it’s supporting the latest version of WordPress. The trick is to have the compatible version of WordPress on your domain, even if it’s not the latest!

#1 UnderConstructionPage


Before you even publish your dating website, you should let any visitors know that something is coming. UnderConstructionPage is just the plugin for that. With it, you can set up an under-construction page to create anticipation for the website.

The plugin offers many images and templates that you can customize as much as you want to fit your brand and overall style. Its drag and drop editor is straightforward to use and allows you to alter and adjust the templates according to your needs.

Plugin highlights:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • A vast array of templates and images
  • Options for customization
  • Zapier integration

#2 WP Reset

WP Reset

WP Reset is your ultimate tool to use when something goes wrong. Whether you install a new plugin, update a theme, or make design changes, errors can occur.

To prevent those errors and reverse any that might happen, you need a tool that can handle all of them. WP Reset is exactly that, a plugin that will control, reset and restore your WordPress website in case of need.  It allows you to create a Snapshot before doing any major changes to the website, which you can later access if the change doesn’t go as planned. That means you can return your website to the state it was in when you took the snapshot.

You can store all of your snapshots and collections son the cloud or use services like Dropbox and Google Drive. WP Reset provides you with any cleaning tools you might need to keep your website squeaky clean.

Plugin highlights:

  • Nuclear Reset option-make sure everything is gone
  • Snapshots before making a change
  • Whitelabel Option-hide the company’s logo

#3 ARMember

ARMember is the premium solution to finding the best dating membership plugin for WordPress. It features the ability to sell membership subscriptions and has many options regarding user registration, user profiles, and built-in security options.

This plugin makes it simple for you to create different membership models and several useful tools that make it easy to build a subscription base for your dating site. Luckily, advanced programming knowledge is not required to use the plugin, and if needed, professional support is included with the purchase.

Plugin highlights:

  • Customizable login/sign-up forms
  • Free/Paid trial option
  • Ability to give discounts to potential customers with coupons
  • Buddypress and bbPress compatibility
  • Integration of PayPal, Stripe, and other popular online payment gateways.
  • WooCommerce support

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#4 Rencontre

Rencontre Dating Site Plugin

This plugin is one of the most recommended and clearly one of the best WordPress dating plugins you can get without paying anything. It helps create an online board featuring different profiles with their personal details like country, name, age, etc.

The plugin offers an advanced search tool with dozens of filters to choose from and refine the overall search results. It allows users to share contact details and even send smileys. Moreover, it even supports webcam chat for private members.

Plugin highlights:

  • The plugin is available in six different international languages, including French, Danish, and Spanish.
  • It offers a powerful and filter featured search tool that can even let your visitors look for astrological matches.
  • It offers a blacklist feature to the users and records every visitor’s IP location details for future reference and better geo-based services.
  • The plugin never puts a limit cap on the number of visitors allowed to use the service.
  • It offers a Facebook login integration that is simplest for users and even offers Google Map-powered proximity search.

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#5 bbPress

bbPress WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for an authority software, then bbPress is the one that the official WordPress developers develop. It helps in running a dedicated forum or member-based website and never asks for a single dime. The solution gets deep WordPress integration and brings dozens of additional features which its competitors miss.

Plugin highlights:

  • It supports single-site or multiple sites installations.
  • Just like WordPress, the plugin is simple to install, set up, and get together to understand and use everything.
  • It’s open-source. Thus, you’re allowed to bring any change if you know your way around the coding.

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#6 BuddyPress

BuddyPress WordPress Plugin

This work can work in conjunction with bbPress, which offers a similar feature with slightly better design and visuals. It allows users to create their profile, upload pictures or avatars, mention brief details with social profiles, and much more. In short, it’s a powerful community plugin, which can suit your requirements for running a dating website.

Plugin highlights:

  • It can help in running a campus-based social network and maybe an internal network for a single company.
  • The plugin gets deep integration with WordPress code, thus, staying perfectly compatible with everything.

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WordPress Dating Plugin

This one is more like a software application compatible with WordPress, thus getting the eligibility to be called a Plugin. It’s not a free package, and the pricing starts at $149 for the standard variant. The features offered are separated by the user’s role, which is crucial for running a user base social network, in our case, a dating website. Admin users are offered additional features and complete control on everything at the front end.

The developer offers this plugin product for this specific niche and offers templates to customize further the front-end layout. The number and types of features offered in the package are good enough to justify the price tag.

Plugin highlights:

  • The first and foremost crucial feature for a dating plugin is the Search tool, and the one offered here is advanced enough to qualify in any comparison battle. It brings dozens of filters to help your visitors find a perfect profile.
  • Users can create their profile, keep it updated in various manners, and even share their side of the story, which further increases user engagement.
  • It comes with a Near Me feature that searches for the profile based on your geo-location and helps achieve a better functional dating website.
  • The members can share photos, videos, galleries, audio files and even stream online with other members.

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#8 WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat Support is an easy-to-use plugin that will help you create an online chat on your dating site. It uses AJAX, so even if you use a caching plugin, your chat will work without any problems.

This plugin is absolutely free, and it will not display any advertisements, and this, in turn, will create a benevolent impression on the visitors of your site. It includes such features as AJAX chat, display of chat notifications on the desktop, automatic pop-up chat window.

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#9 Ninja Forms

Why do we need a home page if it doesn’t motivate users to use a site and keep going back to it?

Ninja Forms is one of the most highly rated plug-ins that can be used for a wide range of actions. It helps make a form for payments via PayPal, event registration, uploading files, subscribing via email, and more. Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms are good alternatives to this plugin.

These WordPress dating plugins also have a convenient approach when it comes to page design. When creating forms, you start by selecting your tasks and adding the required fields by dragging and dropping them onto the page.

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#10 Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro Plugin

This plugin is a must-have in your situation, as it offers a mechanism that puts a price tag in front of a visitor and asks him/her to pay to gain access to the facility inside. Thus, your online dating website can bring a lot of cash if you apply this conversion mechanism perfectly. This Restrict Content Pro plugin covers the functionality required for that to work.

Plugin highlights:

  • It allows putting a straight price for every visitor or even for specific ones. It also supports the mechanism of discount coupons or codes.
  • The plugin comes with the dedicated integration of PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, etc.
  • It keeps a report of everything available for export in CSV format.

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#11 WP Mingle

The easiest way to improve your WordPress website into a social media network compared to LinkedIn or Facebook is through this great plugin. Mingle makes it much easier for you to create the necessary social network for your business, church, family, or the premium membership website. Mingle utilizes the standard WordPress site and the standard WordPress themes for the instant creation of your social network. Therefore, go ahead and try this plugin to give your users an amazing social experience on your dating website today.

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#12 WP Symposium Pro

WP symposium quickly turns a WP site into a popular social network. This is one of the best WordPress dating plugins that provide mobile support. Facebook connects, gallery, events, groups, RSS activity feeds, activity alerts, social widgets, profile page, chat windows, notification panel, private email, member directory, activity, and forum. You get the freedom to choose exactly what you want activated.

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Final Words

We strongly hope that you have found great WordPress Dating Plugins that you can use on your website. Any recommendation to improve the WordPress plugins or themes you have chosen will also be highly appreciated and considered by our team of experts.

If you are looking for a free WordPress dating theme, you can customize a theme based on your requirements.

Before you leave, I’ll recommend reading the psychology of online dating report published by NBC news, which can help you setting up the right strings to convert your visitors. I hope this compilation of WordPress dating plugins helped you. In the case of assistance on any related matter, please share your side in the discussion section. Peace!

*Last updated 05/24/2021

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  • Tanya
    Posted at 18:42h, 01 March Reply

    we have had continual issues with the WP Dating plugin. Updates crash the site, help is vague and usually takes 5 or more days to accurately address any issues. Their site support forums do not have any recent interactions.. most are at least 3 years old. I’d stay FAR away from this one.

  • ariel schechter
    Posted at 02:53h, 10 April Reply


    I am trying to set up a new dating site and I was very happy to read your article. I chose to install the rencontre plugin and encountered many installation issues. i don’t have prior knowledge in programming. I would be happy for help / guidance if you can help me.

    Good Day,

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