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When I first heard of this word ‘Editorial Calendar’ then it sound like a fancy term.

We all hear a lot of fancy terms over the internet which are labeling to help us blogging, but we don’t believe in each of them. It’s ok. We all are from the same planet and don’t want to hurt the simple structure we all have of WordPress.

We chose WordPress because of its simplicity, we all did, but with the growing graph of our blogging success, things get tough. Blogging was no longer simple for us.

We got a lot of stuff to do like fresh content to write, search for unique ideas (which is the toughest part in my opinion), manage social network profiles and other chores related to WordPress itself.

WordPress chores are always going to be the same, but we can get a handy help when it comes to managing content publishing, its writing related stuff and mainly their schedules which we have to maintain.

Google loves blogs which are updated regularly. There is no specific line decided by Google over here that, how frequently a blog should be updated.

But we have to. The more we update, better our blog will grow.

Now after accepting the challenge of updating our blog by at least one article a day, we practically end up missing few days in the month or maybe in a week. In my case, I was never able to keep my blog updated after the very first week. There was always a zig-zag pattern I was going through.

I’m not alone. Am I?

I’ll help you out here to keep your commitment. Luckily I found a special plugin, the one I always thought to be just a fancy one. Such plugins are named Editorial Calendar.

You should have at least one such plugin activated and being used regularly and trust me, it is going to help us do managing chores with much ease.

We just have to trust it once, and use it for a few weeks. Yes, we have to make a habit together, of using this plugin. Once you do it for a week, then you’ll start feeling the change. Finally, you will fall in love with editorial calendar plugin.


Let’s find out best plugin options we have here, together.

The Best Editorial Calendar Plugins For WordPress

Luckily, we don’t have too many options when it comes to this specific plugin. Seriously, it saves a lot of time and keeps us away from the confusion of choosing a single out of many.

#1 Editorial Calendar (Free)

Editorial Calendar Plugin

If you have used Schedule feature offered by WordPress in every post, then you must have experience how painful it is to manage schedule articles. I even found that posts aren’t getting published, and they end up missing schedule. Now, a plugin developed by Zack Grossbart is an answer to all these issues.

It will help you schedule posts, manage them, edit them and most importantly see all of them in a well-managed looking user interface. You will fall in love with the management trick applied in this plugin.

Once you’ve scheduled few posts, then move into Calendar page added by this plugin within All Posts area in Dashboard, and there you will find each and every post which is drafted or scheduled, mentioned in a calendar. Yes, a simple calendar in the background with Date mention clearly, and within the same box, Post titles will be there which are being scheduled on that specific day.

Till now it must be sounded very simple but wait, there are some handy features left to be uncovered. The fun begins when you come to know that you’re allowed to simply Drag and Drop Posts on to any date as on Calendar.

With this Drag and Drop feature, you can not only manage Scheduled Posts but even Draft one. You’re even allowed to quickly edit title and content of any post within the Calendar and even alter the publishing time. Managing posts from multiple authors is also taken care of.

The developer has also released a special Demo page (I’ve linked it below) where you can login and see the plugin working live. If it suits your requirements, then go along and install the same on your beloved WordPress blog.

Full Details & Download |Demo

#2 Edit Flow (Free)

Edit Flow Plugin

Now this is the second option we got which consist of features offered by above one. But it does come with some unique features too. The same Calendar view is there along with Drag and Drop functionality. It adds a unique commenting from beneath every post written by Author. And Editor is allowed to start a discussion on any related topic.

Quick email notifications are sent to author and editor at the occurrence of every new thread in the discussion. This feature comes out very handy when you’re having a lot of authors writing content for your blog. Both authors and editors are kept informed of the status of Posts they are following through email notification.

Editorial Meta Data is also allowed to add within and you can set Post ideas to a section which is visible to every author you allow. Along with Post Idea, a little bit detail can also be added and you can even manage which author is working on which sets of Post Titles.

The only reason I mentioned it on second position in my compilation is that it isn’t updated for the moment and right now it is compatible with WordPress 3.8.3, which is an older version. I hope it quickly receives the update.

Full Details & Download


I wish to conclude it with a discussion. I hope I’m not asking for a big favor. Let’s start a discussion about the benefits or usage or effects an Editorial Calendar plugin can or will have. I truly want to hear your side.

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