7 Best WordPress File Upload Plugins 2020

Just like every other website, WordPress driven sites never offer a file upload system for users. The system is there for website managers since they have to upload plugin packages and media content. But, for regular users of a WordPress driven site, it is not possible, at least by default. Read on to find Best WordPress File Upload Plugins.

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WordPress doesn’t contain ways through which your website customers can use for uploading files or when submitting new blogs.

If you are having website authors, customers or any other user who wants to send you files, and you are not sure of the method they should use, worry no more because you can add a plugin to your website.

Many existing premium plugins can add file uploading forms to your website. Continue reading this blog to choose the best plugin that you can use to add file upload to WordPress.

So, here are few best WordPress file upload plugins that you should start comparing. Finally, you will get one plugin that is going to fit requirements at your end. I hope you find at least two which meets the requirements!

The Best WordPress File Upload Plugins

All the Best WordPress File Upload plugins function the same, though some of them have special features. You should go through each at a time to come up with the best plugin for your website.

This is a premium plugin that you can use on your website. You can apply it to the contact forms and when you want to create new websites. You can also use it to build custom forms because it is very intuitive. With this plugin, you can easily add a file uploading section. You can easily add file uploading section inform of an email or a name option.

Following are the options you should start considering. Do let me know which one you are finally going to use and why. As always, I recommend you to create a requirement list first and then start comparing it with the Best WordPress File Upload Plugins options we have.

#1 WordPress File Upload

WordPress File Upload Plugin

First and the free solution which offers an impressive way to upload any file into any directory within the WP-Content folder of your WordPress’s website structure. The plugin provides a simple Shortcode, which can be placed anywhere in any post or page which will allow any user to that page to start online file uploading. The interface of the plugin is simple, and it doesn’t use any flash technology. Rather, a hybrid of HTML5, AJAX and older HTML norms, thus, keeping the performance of your website intact.

Plugin itself comes with a visual editor that allows developers to edit and customize the Best WordPress File Upload Plugins code itself. Thi is helpful in case if you wish to add new options and block certain ones. Using the whole tool is pretty easy because of its simple user interface. The tool also integrates well with WP-Filebase plugin. Multilingual characters are supported, and so does the localization facility. You should try it out once, and I am sure you won’t be looking for any other.

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#2 WP Media File ManagerBest WordPress File Upload Plugins

This plugin will help you organize WordPress media library folders/categories more easily with premium features like the Drag’N’Drop interface and integrated shortcuts to files. There is also support for allowing more file types to be uploaded rather than accepting only commonly used ones like other Best WordPress File Upload Plugins and is 3rd party compatible with any theme that utilizes the “Add Media” button. WP Media File Manager is definitely one of the most powerful WordPress file upload plugins on the market you should consider using on your website. Luckily, this plugin has a 100% money back guarantee along with 24/7 premium support so it’s almost risk-free to try.

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#3 N-Media file uploader plugin

Best WordPress File Upload Plugins

‘Front end file upload and manager plugin’ is the primary name of this plugin, but I prefer calling it as N-Media file uploader plugin because the later one gives a clear sense of identity. The package is available for free and does what it claims in both of its names. The uploading tool can be customized itself, allowing you to change look and color of ‘upload’ button and few more customization to offer you a choice.

The functionality is simple enough to fall in love with and never find an issue. You can even change the background at the uploading screen. Proper messages are displayed about success or error in the uploading process. While these free features complete the necessary requirements, you can also opt for the pro version. The paid one offers secured uploading mechanism with improved performance, directory tree view, the creation of secure download link, and many more features.

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#4 Frontend Uploader

Frontend Uploader Plugin

If you are looking for a free plugin that is being regularly updated and the developer is actively supporting every help discussion, then Frontend Uploader should be your choice. It offers right tools using which file uploading is made possible through front-end, i.e. user view of your WordPress website. The user interface is simple, and every option is well-labeled.

Along with simple media files, different file types like Word file, PDFs, etc. are also allowed to be uploaded. After installation and activation are done, you can enable different tools from the plugin’s setting hub. You can even create your MIME file types that will be then allowed to be uploaded to your website’s file system. UGC control is also possible using the inbuilt option.

Full Details & Download

#5 Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

Ajax Multi Upload for WordPress

Not every free plugin is 100% safe to use. If you truly believe that and always want to stay away from risks attached with those freebies, then here is the premium solution to our need. It will cost you just $10, but comes with premium code and dedicated help support. As the name suggests, it uses AJAX web technology in coding part and thus, works pretty fast while looking elegant.

The plugin allows single and multiple files uploads at a single time. It comes with proper documentation and implementing it is clearly, very easy. If you mostly upload images, then they can also be resized before finalizing the upload attempt. Thumbnails feature is also available. Auto upload, upload statistics, integration wit forms, pass custom data, file extension filters, etc. are the highlight features. If you have another website that isn’t driven by WordPress, then the plugin is also available in another format.

#6 Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader

Gravity Forms Advanced File Uploader

In most of the cases, we use YouTube for uploading videos and then embedding them into our posts. But, if you use a separate video player or the native WordPress one, then uploading the same file first on the website and then on YouTube, must be an additional work for you. But, with this plugin, you can set the video to get uploaded automatically on YouTube channel. File uploading tool is also there which even supports chunk format. The package comes without any price tag and is compatible with latest version of WordPress script.

#7 Real Ajax Uploader for WordPress

Real Ajax Uploader for WordPress

$15 priced plugin is the next one that offers simple drag and drop file uploading system. JavaScript is solely used and handles the technical working of the plugin. Uploading files through chunk is possible, and the interface is compatible with different browsers and their individual versions.

Multiple file upload is possible along with a dedicated preview for each file. The preview part is handled by Lightbox thus, offering an elegant experience of viewing the archives. Active upload status is also visible. The admin panel at the back is AJAX powered and simple enough to understand quickly and start using. A particular report section is there which keeps the status of every file being uploaded.

Over to you

This is it! The Best WordPress File Upload Plugins compilation is over. I did find few other file upload plugins, but they were either rarely used or were not upgraded to be compatible with last few versions of WordPress script. Regardless, you still got a bunch of options to try. Peace.

*last updated 01/04/2020

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  • Mark Wigston
    Posted at 11:01h, 02 October Reply

    Just wanted to comment on a Plugin I have for sale called Real FTP Upload. This plugin is designed to allow users to upload multiple files, with progress bar and Captcha to prevent spam submissions to any FTP server they like. I developed this plugin for myself really being a Graphic Designer and Web Developer I needed a way for people to get me large files that would fail in email. Using the free Filezilla ftp server the plugin on my site actually allows users to upload files directly to my office computer.

    The form that is filled out asks for Name, Email and Company name along with purpose of upload and a comment section (The plugin then creates a folder on the ftp server based on the company name field to keep things properly organized.

  • davidhunternyc
    Posted at 23:39h, 02 May Reply

    I am new to WordPress. I am building a website. Duxsux.com. On the contact page I would like to have a file upload button so users can send me photos too. How do I do this? How do I add a plugin to my Contact page and which plugin should I use? Thanks.

  • Eric
    Posted at 15:47h, 07 July Reply

    What year is this post from?

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 19:07h, 16 July Reply

      It’s from 2016, published earlier this year

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