5 Best WordPress Front End Editor Plugins to consider

Working on the WordPress platform is fun and engaging, but it does have a lot of lackluster features or lack of features. One of the common features that are in demand is the WordPress front end editor.

Front-End Editor is different from front-end builder. The Front-End builders offer tools for creating the front-end web pages dragging elements into a single web page/post. The Front-End Editor, on the other hand, offers front-end editing options to the user, just like the Microsoft Word.

With Microsoft Word, we can easily create powerful word document adding images, table, formatting without losing any sense of control and the end result is just amazing. The scenario is not simple in the case of the WordPress. Regular users will agree with me on how one have to go back and forth from the back end to the front end, save a draft and then preview to see a single change. And, that’s quite tedious for many of us.

I hope the idea is cleared on the need for the WordPress Front End Editor. There is always a need for WordPress to ramp up the development of core features, but until there is one, we can suffice with the best WordPress Front End Editor.


1. Visual Composer

Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer is not a new name in the WordPress marketplace. It is a well-established plugin that enables themes to have a backend page builder, and it is quite good! The plugin is released by WP Bakery and a recent update has also embedded a front-end editor to the plugin functionalities.

The front-end editor offers WYSIWYG editor aka “What you see is what you get”, and that’s awesome.

The front-end editor is quite capable as it offers drag elements to the front-end. To make the plugin usage simple, color variations are used in the elements for better visual editing and faster development. You can read more about Visual Composer Front-end here.


2. WP Quick FrontEnd Editor

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor Plugin

With just a few days to its name, the WP Quick FrontEnd Editor looks promising. The plugin has only 100+ current active installations, but that’s only because of its age.

The plugin offers quick editing to the front-end section of the website, including changes to pages or posts. The change operation can be granted to different roles such as editors, author or contributors.

The front-end editor also offers more functionalities such as drag and drop images from gallery or using the upload button. The plugin also supports responsive and is compatible with all the themes available.

With the support of video embedding, dynamic table creation, and HTML content generation, the plugin do pack a punch, and to add icing on the cake, all of these are free of cost.

Cost: Free


3. WP Front End Editor

WordPress Front end Editor Plugin

Our third contender is the WP Front End Editor. With a support for 4.3-alpha, you can guess how serious the developers are for this plugin. The WP Front End Editor is in development for the last 2 years and has done improved a lot.

Not a few days ago, WPShout, a premium WordPress tutorial website discussed the future of WP Front End Editor, and I guess Fred Meyer nailed the future of front-end editor and what we are looking for.

With features to edit the front-end content and save it without going back to the back end is what we all really need. The Front-End editor must become the next place for most of the bloggers or WordPress junkies. The regular swapping is just not great for productivity.

Cost: Free

4.  Lasso

Lasso Front end editor for WordPress

Lasso, a latest entrant in the commercial front-end editor market looks promising. Jeff Chandler decided to go for a review of Lasso 0.9(beta) and came up with some conclusions.

According to the blog post, Lasso holds promise for the future of Front-end editors. The plugin has a step installation curve, but that’s only because of the theme that you are using. After successful installation, there is not much you need to do with the plugin.

The plugin offers a small icon set at the bottom of the page/post. By clicking on the Edit button, you can start editing the front-end content. It also offers HTML insert option for inserting tables and another sort of HTML markup.

The plugin is still in active development and recently, the team behind the plugin released the 0.9.6 version of the plugin. Nick Haskins, the developer of the plugin, shared some statistics and how they are moving forward to the version one, which probably will fix some of the bugs and features the plugin is missing.

Price: $129 for three sites usage, $249 for the unlimited site and $179 for 5 websites.

5. Live Composer

Live Composer Front-End WordPress Page Builder

The last plugin we are going to discuss is Live Composer. The plugin is trending on CodeCanyon and there are obvious reasons for the trending tag. The front-end plugin offers 30+ modules to work with. You can edit, create powerful front-end pages and eventually edit them, according to your requirement.

You can add images, text, buttons and other elements to the front-end web page/post. The plugin is simple to use and you will not have to learn a lot before start developing your website from the front-end.

The plugin also offers a live preview of what’s going on with each change. As it offers different layout and designs and 30+ modules, it is one of the definite choices for front-end editing.

Cost: $28

Wrap Up

WordPress is what I know and what to share knowledge about, and front-end editing is seriously becoming one of the most happening changes in the current WordPress marketplace and development. Many new players are coming up, the prime example would be Lasso, which is promising and holds a lot of potential.

On the other hand, free plugins are also holding up to expectation and its only time that separates the users from the a fully-functional front-end WordPress plugin.

Without wasting much time, I will end the post now. I would request the readers to like/share the post.

Have you used any front end editor plugins in the past? Comment below and let us know!

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