9+ Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins 2020 to Enhance Navigation

If normal Menu over WordPress isn’t able to fulfill high requirements at your end, then you probably need to look for Mega Menu and many plugins can help you all the same. Here I’m with a collection of best WordPress Mega Menu plugins that are sailing great in 2020. There is a difference between regular and mega menu and that’s mainly because of their capabilities.

A normal one can only help you add text links towards various webpages that can help in navigation but when it comes to another one, then you are allowed to add almost anything you wish. You can add images, videos or any other media file or add impressive looking options. All these things are there to improve navigation throughout.

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins

Let me now start with the collection and I hope you find at least one of them matching with the requirement list at your end. Many of such plugins are premium because of kind of features it needs to have while I’ll also come up with free ones.


UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

This is our first and foremost plugin that comes at a price of $18 and developed by a premium developer. It comes with lots of features like fully responsive, flexible layouts, advanced content, mobile optimized, enhanced user interface, dynamic item generation and easy to optimize. All these features form the basic structure for the powerful Menu that can be developed, and I can assure you that you will be able to create not just working but also elegant looking Menus with it.

It’s compatible with latest WordPress script version and supports most common themes around. Adding media content like images, videos is easy, and you can even add Shortcodes and widgets. My favorite part is that it allows users to add Map to the Menu. A search bar or contact form can be added along as well. It even supports Tabbed Menus.

With its dynamic item generation tool, it can help you create unique things with a single click. The whole tool is powered by an enhanced and simply looking powerful tool which is itself very special. With all these features and tools, it comes with very elegant graphics elements and so overall makes it the number one Mega Menu plugin in 2015.

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Hero Menu

Hero Menu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Hero menu is one of the most elegant mega menus straight out the box. Currently, we are building a custom theme for one of our niche projects and are working to implement this in our theme. The other plugins mentioned here are superb at what they do but straight out the box this plugin fit with the current theme design we have.

Okay, let’s have a look at what makes Hero Menu so great?
It is super easy to use and setup within a few minutes. What we like most is the drag and drag feature that allows us to customize it to our requirement. If you sell products through WooCommerce, then you will be happy to know that it supports products in the dropdown menu.

If you are not good at choosing a color combination that goes great together, not to worry there is a beautiful section of preset colors to choose from.

With Hero Menu you can easily add:

  • recent post
  • plain text or HTML
  • contact form
  • maps
  • images and much more.

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WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu Plugin

WP Mega menu is one of my favorites for many reasons the first on being its ease of use with no complicated setup. That being said you do get a fair bit of configuration option to create something beautiful. Wp Mega menu loads with ajax so you get a smooth loading effect improving your user experience.

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Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu plugin

This is our next selection that is available at a price of $14, and it comes with dedicated support and proper documentation. Its dropdowns can support text, links, icons, interlinks, search bar, widgets, and media content. Together they all make the plugin be counted among best as I did here. It comes with 10+ different dropdowns, unlimited colors and over 600+ Google fonts.

Other noteworthy features include sticky menu, icons, search tool, background images, 1600+ vector icons, widgets, shortcodes, etc. Together they make the Menu look great. It can change the way navigation section works on your website thus increasing the user experience that your primary goal is.

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Supermenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Supermenu is another WP plugin included here for your consideration. What stands out about this plugin to me is the ability to display your menu as you would on the default 2015 WordPress theme. If you find all this setup up of menu complicated then, Supermenu could be the one for you with automatic setup.
That been said you still have the option to play with some of the other advanced features on offer. The overall design is very desirable, but I will leave you to be the judge of that.

What’s also fab about this plugin is the ability to control the height of the menu as users scroll down the page. We have a similar setup here at 85ideas, and the reason for that is we want readers to be able to navigate our site easily without distracting from the content.


Kodda WordPress Mega Menu

$11 priced, Kodda is a fully responsive and completely customizable plugin that will deliver features that you’re looking for. It can allow you to add different menu types, different social icons, different widgets, search forms and even select among 100+ Google fonts. It follows SEO norms for better navigations which further makes it important.

It requires WordPress 3.5.2 or higher version of the script to be driving a website where it’s supposed to be installed and worked. It can let you change its CSS to implement any design changes you think of, and it can let you style almost every possible element of the Menu which is eager to be part of your website. It’s compatible with cross browsers to make it work in every case and to be responsive it’s compatible even with smartphones, tablets and off course PC.


Suppamenu WordPress Plugin

If you’ve been researching earlier, then you must have heard its name and its priced $16. It comes with features offered by above plugins and even more. It’s cross browser compatible and supports even the newly released version of WordPress. Of course, it comes with dedicated support and free upgrades in future.

It comes with nine awesome Sub-Menus which are pre-designed, and you can even use them in different ways to create your unique combo. You can add recent posts, HTML code, link, WooCommerce Cart, social media icons, Mega posts, Boxed search form, dropdowns, and even Shortcodes. With all the features available within, over 300+ different styles can be generated and that too pretty comfortably.

Its Control Panel is neatly designed and well labeled. Suppamenu plugin is WPML and Retina ready and comes with Sticky Menu and unlimited skins. Backgrounds and color boxes can be changed easily to change the overall look anytime you wish to. In short, it’s powerful and covers up almost every possible option you may or may not be adding to navigation section.


WR Mega Menu Plugin

This is our first free plugin that is cool and powerful enough to help you build powerful, unique and media driven navigations. It’s fully responsive, easy to use and highly customizable. The tool behind this plugin supports Drag and Drop options, thus making it easy for us to prepare whatever we need. It can let you set vertical menus and comes with 130+ icon sets. It even supports Google fonts.

FH Mega Menu

FH Mega Menu

Special features that make it different is support for responsive videos, Google Map integration, Bootstrap compatibility and great use of jQuery and JavaScript together. It offers unlimited colors schemes with three easy steps to installation on any niche of WordPress driven website. It’s responsive, and you only need to pay $5 for purchasing rights to use it.


Is there anything I missed above? Do let me know so that I can complete things for you. I hope you finally found what you were looking for and going to share this collection with your fellow friends in the same business. Peace.

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