Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins to Attract Reader’s Attention

The notification bar is one of the highlights in Android and even Apple implemented the similar feature in its iOS. No matter what’s your take on its existence, the presence of notification bar can help readers getting your attention over a special page or information.

You must have already seen it being used by various blogs over the website and thus started finding how it’s done. Just because your blog is running on WordPress script, so your thought of getting similar thing via a plugin is right. And I’m going to further help your thought by mentioning best WordPress notification bar plugins over here.

Before starting, I recommend you to make few notes. Don’t worry it’s going to help you in all the ways. Note the reason you wish to use a notification bar.

Since, it’s not an Android or iOS device, so you can’t display cell status or push notifications from any application. But you can off course put in a link to a special page or an email subscription form and few other important things including Call to Action.

So, write it down!

Yes, the thing you wish to implement at notification bar if your blog had any. Once it’s noted down, then start with the compilation I’m adding beneath, and match requirement at your end with the feature provided by individual plugins as in the list.

Once you find the one matching requirements exactly, then that’s the one you’re looking for. Move over to its webpage and grab its installer package. Don’t worry, I’ll mention only those which are regularly updated and have good credibility scores.

Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Here I start with the compilation now.

#1 Hello Bar (Free | Premium)

Hello Bar

Head over to its website, enter the URL of your blog/website and there you go. You’ll find yourself in the little Editor tool where you can set and customize the bar with a preview showing right on your website. Once customization done, proceed with the option over there, and then you will have two methods to go for its implementations in case of WordPress.

You can either copy the code, implement it yourself (of course if you’re aware of the location, where to put the code for it to work) or you can use their free plugin. Hello Bar can even email the code to your developer. They also provide quick support which I found good enough to finally rate them 4.5 out of 5.

There are, of course, many things at which they can improve. All basic features are available free to use, with their branding in every notification center you generate. If you’re doing it to collect emails of readers, then they support all popular email clients like Aweber, etc. and they got their own support for this specific need, as well.

The whole experience is amazing because of simplicity and yet offering powerful customization. It can not only let you place the notification on the top bar, but you can even make it slide from the bottom or as a pop-up or a complete page cover. So, it’s kind of all in one. Don’t believe me? See it yourself.

Full Details & Implement

#2 WordPress Notification Bar (Free)

WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

After that wonderful first option, we all have, here comes all boring (relatively) ones. This is the first among them and it’s free. Being updated regularly and used by over thousands of WordPress users, makes it the second best choice, according to my research.

Once activated, it puts a very special page in Dashboard where you can set and customize notification bar which is about to get displayed on pages of your site. There are very few options you can set or change and thankfully there is also a color selector.

Quick setting up (of course because of limited options inside), ability to display a custom message and Call to Action button, and multisite support are complete features being offered. If you want, you can even make the bar stick on top.

Full Details & Download

#3 DW Promobar (Free)

DW Promobar WordPress Plugin

Basically, it offers all features as of previous plugin but it does offer an intelligent and unique one too. You’re allowed to add a clock countdown right at the top of your site. This timer becomes very handy when you’re running a special offer (like offering discount coupon) to your readers and wants the maximum of their attention.

It works in every practical scenario. The only reason why a reader might not be interested checking that offer is if it’s boring (probably because you haven’t used right and catchy test) or he isn’t in a mood at all. Still, you should give it a try.

Full Details & Download

#4 Foobar (Premium)

Foobar Notification Bar

Unless you encounter your first bad experience using WordPress due to a culprit plugin, you’re always going to love free ones. But if you don’t love them anymore then here is your first premium solution. It is from CodeCanyon and it will cost you only $16.

It does come with premium support and regular free updates along with all possible features one can possibly use and implement in a notification bar. It can allow you to display latest tweets and even integrate RSS Feeds.

#5 Easy Heads Up Bar (Free)

Easy Heads Up Bar

Customizable color schemes are supported along with support for developing, keeping and managing multiple bars. You’re even allowed to schedule them according to time or an event. If above options were missing some unique punch, then try this Easy Heads Up bar and I’m sure it will end up your search.

Full Details & Download


I hope that the urge you had in starting (or maybe just a little need) for finding better WordPress notification bar plugin, is over now. And you at least found one plugin worth matching every requirement at your end.

Now before leaving, I’d like you to appreciate mine effort by sharing this guide onto the social network. It will be quick as you can easily do that by following social sharing tools we have implemented just beneath. It will be very quick, I promise.

Also, I’d like to know which plugin helped you and if that’s the same one you’re all set to use. It will help me and our other readers know which one is even better among these all. Peace.

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  • Ankit Shetty
    Posted at 11:44h, 04 June Reply

    i use a free plugin called Icegram.. its fantastic and super easy.. i wonder y its not on the list..

    • Brian H
      Posted at 02:41h, 14 November Reply

      We have this articles schedule for an updated. I will check it out, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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