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8 Best WordPress Search Plugins to Improve UX 2020

We all love searching through the contents of the websites, and if the search is refined and categorized, then half of our work is done by the search engine on the website. The point of having a great search function is to help the visitors to feed them with the relevant answers on the first click. Ready on to witness the best WordPress Search plugins? Let’s start our journey.

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But, WordPress is not that lucky in the department of searching. It has evolved over the past few years but never took the search functionality off the charts. The reasons may be many, but we are not here to find faults. We are here to offer some great alternatives to the built-in search option.

All because of the WordPress EcoSystem, almost every functionality on the WordPress platform can be improved with the help of the plugin. To help refine and improve the most simplistic functionality of the WordPress platform, i.e., Search features. The vanilla search feature is not really up to the standards of the WordPress and we hope that it gets updated in the later version. Until then, we will help you and your website with advanced search plugins that can improve both your visibility and increase access to each part of the website without much difficulty.

Best WordPress Search Plugins

In this century, you must have a functional search system for your site. Whether you run an online store or a blog, your site must come with a way through which your clients can get the content they are searching for. Because the internet is full of the best content, you should come up with the best features to outshine them all. Nowadays, having a search system is not the only requirement. Because people are used to google, you should come up with the best search engine. Without this, you will lose many clients. All thanks to WordPress search plugins which have been created to assist you in such instances.

Even if the WordPress search plugin is functional, there is nothing to celebrate yet because it has a low speed and a boring appearance. If you use the best WordPress search plugins, you will have a search system that is accurate and very fast. Continue reading this post, because we will list for you the best WordPress search plugins.

Qualities of A Good Search System

Accurate and Fast Search

Content should not take too much time to load. If this is the case with your site, you will lose many clients. Premium WordPress search plugins should be fast making sure that the clients don’t get bored. It should also give accurate results.

A Search Bar that is Visible

Search bar should be clearly visible to your customers. If it is invisible, they will go to another site.

Phrase Searching

The search system should effectively search for phrases. With these, clients will not use so much time because they will only specify what they are looking for.

These plugins hook into the default search module and improve it with more functionality and design.

Ready to witness the best WordPress search plugins? Let’s start our journey.

Best Search Plugin for WordPress in 2020

1. Ajax Search Pro

Best WordPress Search Plugins

Ajax Search Pro is one of the dominant WordPress search plugins that provides excellent search functionality on your WordPress website. The effect takes place once you install the plugin — it takes over the default search and provides much better user experience compared to the vanilla version.

With the help of the WordPress search plugins, you can easily search different types of media on your website. The plugin supports setting up search for selective media types such as PDF’s, video, audio and more. It can also be configured according to different criteria such as custom fields, post types, taxonomies and more.

Furthermore, it can also be refined according to the relevance of keyword place, for example, the keyword in the title will be given more relevance to the title, and then the comment and the content. If you are a developer, you can further refine the search engine with the help of hooks available. The plugin also supports extensions that improve the search feature.

Currently, a regular license costs only $36 and has been updated frequently since release.

Full Details and Download

2. Search Manager – Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress

search manager

Search Manager is a powerful plugin especially for those who own an online store. Having tried this plugin, I love the speed in which the results loads. It is an all-in-one solution that gives you the ability to track customer search results. As a result, you are able to redirect search results to get the customers where you want them to go. It is also worth mentioning that Search Manager supports custom widgets which a lot of the free alternatives doesn’t have.

The highlights of this plugin for me is as follows:

  • Can redirect users to product page, product page, etc.
  • Filter by SKUs, categories, tags, comments, etc.
  • Option to show recent or popular search terms
  • And the option to embed a search form on any page via shortcode or widget.

Full Details and Download

3. WP Extended Search

Search Everything Plugin

We all love free plugins and WP Extended Search is one of those plugins that helps you to remove the default WordPress search with a powerful option. WP Extended Search plugin improves search by integrating advanced search feature including integrating search features on any template pages.

The plugin can be easily installed and configured, and the search engine can be configured to search anything you want including attachments, comments, custom field, tags, experts, pages and more. Furthermore, you can choose to refine the search by excluding some pages from the crawler. WP Extended Search offers two features, one is Research Everything, that works within the horizon of the website. The 2nd option is the Power Search, which can be used to have the search expand beyond the horizon of the website and into the web.

Full Details and Download

4. Relevanssi

Relevanssi Better Search Plugin

The name Relevanssi is taken from the Finnish language, which means Relevant in the English language. And, the name completely fits the WordPress search plugins. It is powerful, easy to install and customizable and can be said as one of the best WordPress search plugins after the WP Extended Search plugin.

The plugin offers tons of features including configurable options and results in a much more fashioned manner compared to other WordPress search plugins. The plugin supports fuzzy matching that means it can match partial words.

The search can be configured to put weight on the new posts and profiles.

Full Details and Download

5. SwiftType Search

Swiftype Search Plugin

SwiftType Search is a good alternative search plugin that is free and supports the latest WordPress version. It offers lots of features including Keyword targeting, detailed analytics and more.

It can also be customized according to the search engine. Users can also customize the results in the front end, making it highly customizable.

Full Details and Download

6. Custom Search

Custom Search WordPress Plugin

A great custom search plugin b BestWebSoft that is free to use and download. Other than creating custom post type for search capability, it is easy to install.

The plugin supports three languages, and more language support will be available in the future. The languages that are supported by the plugin are Spanish, Russian and Ukranian (English is also supported).

Full Details and Download

7. Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Dave WordPress Live Search Plugin

Looking for a plugin that provide live search on the websites? Then Dave’s WordPress Live Search is for you.

The plugin is lightweight and uses Ajax calling so that the website loads results as soon as the user types in the search term into the search box.

The plugin calls it the live search technique that improves the user experience and creates instant results for the users. The plugin utilizes JavaScript and is compatible with the theme and other plugins. The theme supports WPML plugins and can easily be integrated with the Relevanssi plugin to improve search results.

8. Google Custom Search

WordPress Custom Google Search Plugin

Google custom search is one of my favorite plugins, let’s be honest how does search faster and better than Google?
The default WordPress is okay but with Google integrated you get a far better search results. also uses Google search if you want to search their entire site. In recent years, we have seen how the Alphabet company as evolve its algorithm for a more semantic understanding, with this sort of technology on your site you are sure to give users a better experience.

With this plugin, you can add a search bar in the widgets area and then choose whether to display the results as in a popup.

Google custom search is a paid plugin, and we thought it was worth also mentioning a free alternative.

Wrap Up

Having a great search functionality is a must for complex websites. Even the simplest of website can make much difference with a great search functionality. The reason, why I am pressing the need for a great search functionality is the increase of user traction and their likings of the website. No one loves a website with poor navigation and search features, and that’s why we came up with this beautiful article, articulating the different aspects of the search functionality.

Have any great WordPress search plugin in mind that is not listed here? Comment below and share it with the community.

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  • Fahad M Rafiq
    Posted at 11:23h, 02 April Reply

    Cloudways listed these 10 search plugins as a recommendation of WordPress:

    1. Relevanssi
    2. Search Everything
    3. Better Search
    4. Custom Search
    5. WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin
    6. Dave’s WordPress Live Search
    7. WooCommerce Predictive Search
    8. SearchWP
    9. Swiftype Search
    10. Yolink

    • Brian H
      Posted at 13:53h, 04 April Reply

      Hi Fahad,

      I have seen a few of your comments here adding extra value to our readers, which is why I would like to invite you to contribute here.

      If this is something of interest to you contact me at brian [at]

  • VagabondLabs
    Posted at 07:59h, 04 March Reply

    Hello guys,

    I see you are looking for best search plugins eh? Well we just
    finished and released our plugin called Adminyo – Intelligent WP Admin
    and it features a quick search , that shows your results while you are
    typing. From there you can instantly go to edit or view page..or even
    pin the link to dashboard.

    It also includes other nice features that will help you work faster and easyer inside WP Admin.

    For more informations visit please

  • Austin
    Posted at 21:00h, 11 August Reply

    This is a very helpful list of search options. We have used Google Custom Search on a few of our sites with great results.

    There are a bunch of good frontend search plugin options on WordPress, but our problem was not finding an option for backend searches – like when you’re trying to find a specific line of code or snippet in your CSS or PHP files. You know, as an alternative to having to open each css file individually to find it.

    We couldn’t find a useable solution, so we built one! Our plugin has been very helpful for speeding up editing – in those instances where you know the line of code, or snippet or string, but don’t know what file it’s hiding in. Now you can search all the theme or plugin files at once. Nice and easy!

    If it sounds helpful, please check it out:

    • Editorial Staff
      Posted at 01:58h, 12 August Reply

      Thanks for bringing this up. We haven’t really heard about many of our users asking for a similar solution but it’s really good to know one is out there!

      • Austin
        Posted at 20:47h, 12 August Reply

        You’re very welcome!
        For me it started as a solution to a frustrating situation that played out like this: In the website I was editing, I wanted to change the text “About the Author” that appeared below my posts – to something more customized (e.g. “About Layman Lab”). It took me too long to hunt in each individual theme file to find out that it was located in the shortcode.php file which was buried in some subfolders.

        Now it’s just one search.

        If you’d like to play around with the plugin, I’d be happy to send you a free license key (and offer your readers a coupon code as well).

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