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14 Best WordPress Timeline Plugins of 2021

Timelines are a fantastic way to narrate the story of your business or brand. Fortunately, we have listed the best WordPress timeline plugins here. Adding the best timelines plugins for WordPress to your site has never been this easy!

Hey folks, today you’ll be grabbing a collection of best WordPress Timeline plugins of 2021 right here. I’m hoping that this guide help you in meeting whatever related requirements you have just like my earlier guides. If you’re not sure now about what’s a timeline plugin is then I’ll start with a description. You can off course skip that part and directly start with the plugin collection available beneath.

This plugin can be helpful if you’re running a WordPress driven website since long time or if you wish to publish a time depending post. A Timeline plugin can indeed help you to display things happened in a particular time frame. Without this plugin you need to either do coding or show the timeline passage via content. But if you can come up with a better solution with certain graphics then of course it will engage readers for longer. That’s our window and that’s the reason why we are here.

It’s really crucial to allow your audience to get more info about your brand’s history particularly when you are marketing it via a site. Most of your audience may not have so much interest in your current posts.

In such cases, they will be more than happy to browse all the info in a chronological manner using a timeline on your site. Therefore, we have compiled a collection of all premium free WordPress plugins, which you can utilize for your site. All plugins that we will provide here are designed to provide you the best outcomes for your site with a timeline.


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What To Consider When Looking For The Best WordPress Timeline Plugin

There are many qualities in each WordPress plugin. However, below are some particular qualities that you should check out on a timeline plugin for WordPress.

Responsive layout

With the increasing fame of handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, every detail on your site must operate on these devices. Therefore, make sure that the timeline plugin for WordPress you select is responsive as well.

Simple customization

Utilizing a timeline plugin for WordPress that is complicated to customize and alter will definitely be a source of trouble for you. Thus, you should install a timeline plugin for WordPress that will provide you the perfect accessibility while modifying it.

Neat and smooth timeline navigation

Your timeline must provide a cutting edge user experience to the site audience also, not just you. Therefore, ensure that the timeline plugin for WordPress you choose can be simply utilized by the site visitors also and contains smooth navigation and scrolling.

Best WordPress Timeline Plugins 2021

You can put in events, important meetings or dates from past or future in a specific frame offered by the plugins mentioned below and the result will be very elegant. Get ready for whatever requirements you have from this plugin and match with the below mentioned timeline plugins for WordPress platform.

Founded on these crucial qualities, we have collected all premium timeline plugins for WordPress for your site. Following is the list that we have compiled.

#1 Content Timeline


Our first plugin is available at a price of $30 at CodeCanyon and all I can say is that Content Timeline deserves your attention. It comes with a responsive design with swipe enable elements. There are eleven different settings which are equally available for customization.

Setting it up is really simple and its UI is pretty cool. If you wish to minimize the size of the overall timeline then it can be done by easing effects. The same plugin package is even available for Drupal and HTML5 (with CSS3) version. Coming back to its functionalities it can let you create and show gorgeous looking timeline right away on any page or post.

A read more button can be applied so that you can connect a story with a detailed post. The Slider can also be enabled within the timeline pretty easily which helps users to scroll from one part to another easily. Content can be added from previously published articles and sorting tools are also enabled.

Key Features

  • Backend Visual Update
  • Edit Items In Their Own Windows
  • 12 Cool Card Layouts
  • Maximum Responsiveness
  • Swipe Functionality



#2 Social Timeline – WordPress Social Stream

Social Timeline - WordPress Social Stream

Social Timeline can help you create a timeline using posts, videos, pictures and tag them with keywords or any other sorting elements. The content can be dragged from any social network profile if you wish to do so. There are different design styles offered that is a cool feature that can help you create differently looking timeline comfortably.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. are few social networks being supported by this plugin and it even has 4 styles to choose from along with a responsive layout. The plugin can be used with a mixed feed of social networks and it even support lots of custom background colors + animation effects .

The whole package is easily customizable and recently released on the market with documentation (in case if you wish to know more details). Of course it comes with dedicated support and free upgrades. It’s also compatible with latest version of WordPress 5.0. You can see it running in the free demo over its detail page.

Key Features

  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Responsive layout option
  • 60+ animation effects
  • 2 popup style
  • individual social timeline


#3 Everest Timeline

Everest Timeline

Everest Timeline is a totally flexible plugin that comes with 50+ pre-designed templates and support for blog posts. It’s compatible with the major web browsers and with the second latest version of WordPress script. It can generate timeline pretty easily and can be customized within few clicks. There is no limit on number of posts to be included within.

There are not many functionalities offered by it but whatever it does, it’s professional in that. Everything is really simple in setup and it comes with dedicated support and free upgrades. It will cost you just $19. Don’t forget to check its live preview before buying.


#4 Cool Timeline Pro


Our last premium plugin, Cool Timeline Pro, is available at a price of $25 and it comes with very handy and unique looking design styles. It offers a lot of features like timeline scrolling navigation, animation effects, add cool icons in timeline, category management options, shortcode compatible, AJAX compatible, etc. It supports the latest version of WordPress script and I’m sure it will be updated again with improvements and/or fixes.

Cool Timeline Pro comes with an easy to use and advanced admin panel with lots of options for styling, customization and more. You can pull up posts or images from already published posts on your blog and this responsive plugin will show them all according to a desired time. On top of all, its compatible with all major internet browsers and even mobile compatibility features.

This is a timeline plugin for WordPress, which can also be utilized for creating timelines for your site. It comes with all requirements that a timeline plugin for WordPress should have. The cool timeline also comes with a responsive layout, which can be utilized on all devices without effects on its performance and appearance.

Cool timeline enables you to showcase amazing vertical history timelines; the only thing that is required of you is creating dates, images, and blog posts. You will get a perfectly developed timeline for your site straightforwardly with the assistance of this WordPress timeline plugin. In addition to this, the selections for developing a retina-ready compressed timeline are available as well.


Key Features

  • Develop one-sided and both timelines
  • Timeline images pop-ups
  • Many custom color selections
  • Neat and customized code
  • The translation is available in three languages.


#5 Timeline Express

Timeline Express Plugin

There is no longer any need to wait or check other websites to find the best free timeline plugin for WordPress as we have our next champion. It’s called Timeline Express and available over official plugin store of WordPress. You can find that it’s been downloaded thousands of times and many support tickets have been answered which means it is a higher quality plugin than most free options.

Features include CSS3 animations, scroll effects, localized dates and custom template support, hide or show date, specify the length of timeline for each document or announcement, TinyMCE buttons to generate shortcodes quickly, and translation support.

If you are looking for a plugin to include on your site, search no more because timeline express is the best solution for you. Firstly, the timeline express plugin for WordPress lets you include a vertical timeline on your site also. Therefore, you can display several events, dates, and announcements on the timeline for the site viewers.

Timeline Express is a multipurpose plugin for WordPress with cross-web compliance. Therefore, your timeline will operate smoothly on all web browsers. In addition to this, this timeline plugin comes with shortcode selections to help you incorporate it on your site.

Key Features

  • Amazing CSS3 animations
  • Custom pictures for timeline announcements
  • Descending and ascending order selections
  • Super extensions
  • Contained date formatting particularly for international viewers


#6 WP JQuery Timelinr

WP JQuery Timelinr Plugin

It supports shortcodes with multiple parameters and comprise of features like date ranges, default settings, ability to add timeline according to categories and multiple timelines. If you wish to have a single button that can do most of the tricky part then it got that too.

WP JQuery Timelinr is available at free of cost from the official WordPress plugin store and all I can say is that try it out on your demo website and you might find it working effectively.


#7 History And Timeline Slider


Timeline and history slider is a WordPress plugin that is particularly developed for providing you with great timelines for your site. This WordPress plugin is simple to utilize full of rich qualities. With this, you can simply include, customize, and showcase timeline sliders or history on your site. Furthermore, you can develop a timeline slider menu tab towards the admin area alongside a custom post form also.

Timeline and history slider plugin for WordPress can be utilized for creating horizontal timelines as well. Therefore, you can be able to showcase all dates and events with the horizontal design also. Furthermore, this is a timeline plugin for WordPress that can be simply navigated via the arrow keys.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Template codes
  • Touch-enables navigation
  • Shortcode options
  • Amazing slider design


#8 Event Timeline


The event timeline is a timeline plugin for WordPress, which can smoothly showcase the several events linked with the firm in a timeline. It’s designed with a ton of rich qualities for your WordPress site. The best thing about this plugin is that it comes with a responsive layout, which can be utilized on all devices of any screen size.

You can include your timeline as well with the assistance of 4 separate templates. You can also include a vertical or horizontal timeline for ensuring that your events and timelines can be showcased horizontally or vertically. Event timeline allows you to post the timeline alongside a blog or as single-sided. You can include your stories as well via images, slideshows, and videos on your timeline.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Eighteen amazing templates
  • Audio post format arm
  • Endless color selections
  • Several timeline stories


#9 Post Timeline


To assist you to build an amazing timeline for your site, this plugin can be of great help to you. You can build endless vertical timelines with the assistance of the post timeline plugin. Likewise, this plugin can be expanded as well by including a timeline or several timelines in case the history timeline is long or congested.

Therefore, all your content will be displayed in a very appealing design through this timeline plugin for WordPress. You can also develop animated scroll navigation directly, founded on dates and tags, and even be showcased in an ascending manner. Lastly, you can include a single and simple timeline, many timelines, or header posts with only a single shortcode.

Key Features

  • Well documented
  • Timeline categories
  • Amazing side navigation
  • Different page URLs
  • Multi-language armed


 #10 Booking Calendar

 Booking Calendar

As suggested by the name itself, this plugin can be utilized for displaying several events and calendar on your site. However, it can be utilized as well for showcasing the crucial events using the timeline on your site and offer you a perfectly running timeline.

A special booking selection is also available in the booking calendar, which allows your site viewers via the timeline itself. Therefore, a booking calendar is a very handy quality for your site visitors if your site offers services that involve bookings. All that is required of your users is to glare at the timeline, choose the events, and book them to attend at certain dates.

Key Features

  • Google calendar arm
  • Friendly booking selections
  • Comfortable admin panel
  • Responsive layout
  • Simple user interface


#11 Event Calendar


Though the primary emphasis of the event calendar plugin is for calendars, super timelines can also be developed from it also. Therefore, this plugin can be regarded as a timeline plugin for WordPress to assist you to include a timeline on your site. You can link your database with an event calendar for showcasing events on your site.

This timeline plugin for WordPress can be utilized for including an endless number of events. This plugin comes with 2 themes for your timeline that can be utilized for enhancing the look as well as the user interface of the timeline. Furthermore, you can modify the colors of your timeline as well such as backgrounds and arrow keys.

Crucial qualities

  • Simple to optimize
  • Date picker selections
  • Recurring events
  • Live preview optimizer for templates
  • Many events for a single day selections


#12 Event Shortcodes Add-On For The Events Calendar


This is a timeline plugin for WordPress via which you can simply include timelines on your site. But, because this is an addon, you will be required to include The Events Calendar for it to operate. Events Calendar plugin comes with its difficulties when developing a timeline on your site though it can be worked out with the assistance of this timeline plugin or add-on.

This plugin is versatile and comes with free layout themes making sure that your timeline can be arranged in a matter of minutes. It also comes with a beautiful timeline demo, which you can utilize for your site. Additionally, this plugin is developed for simple navigation for displaying events timeline amazingly on your site.


Important features

  • Events carousel demo
  • Many events and list theme layouts
  • User-friendly UI
  • Shortcode generator
  • Custom font options


#13 Blog Designer


Blog designer is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that comes with the timeline theme and specific news. This theme is specially developed for creating an efficient and incredible timeline for your site. Thus, it comes with many timeline themes immediately you upgrade it for the pro version.

But, a lot can be done using the free version also. You can modify the background colors to fit your requirements very simply without any difficulties. Furthermore, it is a cross-web compliant plugin, which assists your timeline to be showcased on all web browsers.

Important qualities

  • Translation ready
  • Custom CSS
  • Page selection choices
  • Alternative background color choices
  • Post sections and tag options


#14 Elementor Timeline Widget Addon


If you are using the Elementor plugin on your site, then the addon will be great for building a great timeline for your site. This addon or a timeline plugin for WordPress comes with options for horizontal and vertical timelines as well as one-sided vertical timelines. Therefore, you can select between one of these timelines.

In addition to this, this plugin lets you include images on the timeline history that can be really crucial to highlight your timeline. Likewise, you can control the topography of the history title, fonts, and description of the timeline, making it extra appealing. So, you can simply build an amazing timeline on-site hassle-free.

Important qualities

  • Incredible support
  • Timeline icons and colors
  • Advanced typography
  • There timeline designs (one-sided, vertical, and horizontal)
  • Options for including custom texts

Over to You


With the assistance of this list, you can evidently observe the separate sorts of WordPress timelines plugins. These timelines can be simply installed and utilize for creating your personal timeline on your WordPress site. Furthermore, these plugins are specially picked for offering you a great user experience, usability, and interface.

With these best timelines, you will never face any challenges while including them on your site. Though you will be required to utilize one of the best WordPress image customizer plugins as well to customize your images while including them in the timeline.

So folks I hope you found at least one plugin that matched with the requirements at your end. Don’t forget to share this guide with all your fellow bloggers so that they can also add this needed knowledge to their knowledge bank. Peace.




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    You can also add cool timeline plugin in your list – https://wordpress.org/plugins/cool-timeline/

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      Hi Satinder,

      Thank you for your recommendation the plugin looks awesome I will definitely include it on the next update 🙂

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    You have saved a lot of time of us by suggesting these timeline plugins. Thanks a lot!
    I also want to recommend you to have a look at another WordPress slider plugin named WP Timeline Designer PRO. It includes 12 prebuilt layouts and 50+ timeline designs to design a WordPress website effortlessly.
    Know more: https://codecanyon.net/item/wp-timeline-designer-pro-wordpress-timeline-plugin/29067364

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