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8 Best WordPress User Registration & Profile Plugins (Free & Paid) 2021

A WordPress registration plugin will help you stimulate your visitors to register on your site. But, that’s not all! It will also enable you to create advanced membership features, custom access, and bonuses or discounts to your registered users. Hence, let’s see which the top 8 WordPress user registration plugins are so that you can choose the perfect for you:

Below is a sneak peek of the best WordPress user registration plugins.

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Features To Consider In WordPress User Registration Plugins

User registration plugins for WordPress are made uniquely. But, there are key features that you must always look out for and they include;

  • Options for endless forms
  • Tools to collect payments from clients. It’s awesome to have support from PayPal, though credit cards are much better
  • The capability to safeguard your content and ban particular users from accessing it
  • Support for many membership levels as well as payments
  • Drag-and-drop checkers to avoid using so many codes when creating forms
  • Huge collections of custom areas
  • Social login switches for fast access
  • A member directory to manage your clients
  • Amazing login as well as registration form themes
  • User profiles containing features such as social links, avatars, and bios

This list doesn’t contain all the features that you might require, therefore make sure to come up with a small list of what your company requires the most.



You can only buy UserPro as a premium plugin. CodeCanyon listing is roughly $39, though this changes from time to time depending on the developer. UserPro comes as a complete package having a lower price point, enabling users to design registration and login forms with total control. Member listing designs improve users’ involvement and let you understand the purpose of their visit to the site. Present achievement and badges for convincing your users to interact more and attain particular milestones.

It’s also worth stating that UserPro comes with a social connection tool and users are allowed to sign up on the site utilizing their social profiles.

Also, the plugin’s backend appears a bit scary at first, though it’s well-arranged once you scroll through it. For example, you can supervise everything from role-based fields to emails, and WooCommerce activity to pending requests. With the available drag and drop editor tool, you can be able to edit fields and settings, with lots of fields to select from and optimize.

Key Features

  • It’s a premium plugin and comes with a single payment package. UserPro is cost-friendly and powerful if you are looking for premium customer support, especially for the 1st few months.
  • Userpro provides you a PayPal Integration that is provided for free, assisting you to collect payments easily from your members.
  • Many registration form themes are offered with custom fields.
  • The amazing user-profiles comes with social links, biography, user photos, names areas. Also, it only needs a single click for users to follow each other on your website.
  • UserPro offers achievements and badges for motivating your users to finish tasks such as engaging with other users or writing blog posts.
  • You can limit site access based on the kind of a user an individual is.
  • The plugin also comes with searchable member lists to assist users to locate individuals who share the same interests with them. This is displayed in a smooth, grind-founded photo list.

Why Choose UserPro?

Any website owner or firm will find this plugin really strong. As mentioned earlier, badges and achievements seem to be key features of user pro. This way, users are enabled to create a system, gamification included as well. UserPro works wonders especially if you like receiving payments via PayPal.


User Registration Plugin


User registration plugin comprises what organizations require to create a simple but frontend, efficient registration module. A drag-and-drop editor improves your building method and removes the need for any complex coding. The reason why we have started with this plugin is that it’s free, it’s easy to use and it’s one of the top-notch plugins, which contains a bundle of key features.

However, if you would like to upgrade, then consider the Personal plan that goes for only $49. With this plan, you will be receiving high-quality add-ons. For instance, the Personal plan comes with 7 top-notch add-ons, while the Plus plan contains fourteen addons. Other top-notch tools include functions such as file uploading, content restrictions, and email marketing.

Though the free version does magic for small companies, we recommend you try out the Personal plan for it comes with major upgrades. For instance, you get extra tools for advanced fields, file uploading, as well as WooCommerce integration. The extra high-quality add-ons include field visibility, invite codes, LearnDash support, and so on.

Key Features

  • The user registration plugin for WordPress happens to be one of the most straightforward methods to find a user registration form. Everything is controlled on the backend, though you can peep on the visual builder to check what’s being displayed on the frontend
  • You can be able to design endless registration forms, even when using the free version
  • It contains shortcode support that allows you to put your registration forms in posts, columns, and pages
  • Emails notifications are received by both the admins and users
  • Multiple form themes contain User Registration, helping to minimize the development time
  • User data can be downloaded with an easy CSV export
  • The paid versions allow you to access the amazing addons. They include file uploads, social buttons, and content restriction tools.
  • Ecommerce websites can also use the User Registration integration

Who Use the User Registration Plugin?

User Registration plugin should be used by people who love simplicity when designing registration forms. This plugin is very affordable and you are given the chance to test it before you pay for a premium package. Furthermore, User Registration contains a variety of addons, which assist to make the forms more advanced.




As its name suggests, this plugin is a true magic for creating not only user registration and login forms, but also simple contact forms. Its free version provides 90+ standard features and three extensions. Once you activate this plugin, a plugin-tour will pop up and introduce you to all of the sections in the plugin interface. This can really come handy if you’re a beginner. Also, it provides shortcodes for three sample forms which you can copy and paste in your pages. And it adds a default page named ‘Submissions’ which allows you to see how the forms work.

RegistrationMagic utilizes super registration tools to provide webmasters with knowledge on how to complete user registrations and the way to manage them. The best part is that RegistrationMagic enables you to make several registration pages for separate users.

This is crucial because your site visitors have different tastes, so it’s wise to provide content on different fields. A variety of other features included are choices for accepting file attachments. The best part with this plugin is that you are allowed to receive payments from new clients.

Each incoming registration is supervised and projected on the dashboard. It also comes with a visual form builder, so don’t have to mess with setting or codes. Autoresponders warns new users, while MailChimp registration helps you create your email list.

The free plugin comes with a collection of features, which fits most companies. This includes Visual Form Editor extensions, Export/Import, and Magic Popup. The premium plan begins at $89 and offers extra features like PDF branding, token system, manual approvals, and bundles of other special capabilities. You are allowed to utilize just one premium version on a single website. on the other hand, you can use the Premium plus package on unlimited websites and its price starts from $189.

Key Features

  • It comes with a free plugin with massive user registration features. Also, the paid version is very affordable and extends the quality-set drastically
  • You get a design visual manager to create what clients see before they sign up for your website

Many form styles are offered to help you with your design without the need for codes.

  • You are also provided with a chance of accepting files attachments at registration
  • The plugin provides a method to display separate forms to separate users
  • It comes with reCaptcha support with a security panel, banned email addresses, as well as submission limits
  • Admin and user receives email notifications upon registration
  • You can combine this plugin with MailChimp as well as other promotional tools
  • WooCommerce integrates perfectly also
  • This plugin integrates with payment options like Stripe and Paypal for accepting payments on exclusive websites or membership
  • Come up with limits on the number of registration permitted and possible attempts for each
  • You are in total control over the appearance of the registration form as well as user management

Why You Should Choose Registrationmagic

The best thing about this plugin is that everyone can use it. It comes with everything for user registration. You get the basics like customizations, simple forms, plus less common features like autoresponders, payment acceptance, as well as file attachments. Make this plugin your choice today.


Ultimate Member (Premium)


This plugin for WordPress comes with high download rates as well as amazing ratings, making it the best option especially when attempting to provide frontend user profiles, login options, and registration forms. The custom form areas are important for creating your logins the way you want them to look, while the builder is the sure way to enhance the user experience.

The ultimate plugin is free and contains some amazing tools for member directories, user content pages, as well as a conditional sense for forms.

The best thing about Ultimate Member is that it comes with high-quality features that are fit for small businesses and beginners. But, users can still upgrade by paying for single extensions, or through paying for the complete extensions with 1 yearly pass. Examples of these extensions are choices to make content private, including a reCAPTCHA, and incorporating with Instagram.

However, the extensions differ in cost, though most of them charge $40 for a single website. You will get twenty extensions for $249/year with the Extension Pass.

Key Features

  • You can get the core plugin for free and it comes with a collection of great features. Furthermore, website owners are allowed to choose whether they want to purchase the individual extensions or buy the whole package.
  • Also, Ultimate Member sells a template, which incorporates simply with the plugin.
  • Strong registration features include registration actions, role selection, and many registration forms.
  • Site owners can use anti-spam measures for creating a password reset link
  • The user profiles provide cover photos, bios, user info, among others.
  • You are enabled to design user roles easily with the assistance of varied profile access as well as general permissions.
  • Member directories provide you with options of presenting cover photos, having social icons, and sorting users.
  • You can opt to have global website access with policies founded on particular posts and pages.
  • Custom fields come with a range of choices, like file uploads, star ratings, and needed fields.
  • Emails are straightforwardly sent out in the entire registration process. For example, your website will pass an incomplete review email as well as account rejection emails.
  • The form builder is crucial for any experience level, which comes with tools for including rows, re-ordering form elements, and designing multi-column layouts.

Who should choose Ultimate Member?

An ultimate Member is a perfect option for firms looking forward to testing the user registration plugin then extend functionality afterward with single extensions. Also, there are a wide variety of special extensions and features such as private messages as well as Instagram Integration.


Use Registration and User Profile


Popularly known as Profile builder, this plugin is the best option for profile manager and user registration for WordPress. User registration and user profile come with a huge collection of free features such as a module for designing a user login widget and a drag and drop builder. Some of the key features that help this plugin to outshine other plugins is that it has content restriction selections as well as the reCAPCHA, the two don’t need the user to make payments.

This plugin is a great choice for front-end user registration, login, and profiles. Its dashboard is pretty strong, yet simple to use, and offers some advanced features which are also user-friendly. It adds sample pages on your website including Account, Login, Logout, Members, Password Reset, Register, and User. Plus, it provides default sample forms: Login, Profile, and Registration. This will enable you to copy and paste the default forms in your posts and pages. So, let’s see what you should do:

Key Features

  • Go to the plugin menu and enter the ‘Forms’ menu
  • Click on ‘Add New’ and choose Registration Form, Profile Form, or Login Form
  • Choose the number of columns needed in a row by clicking the plus sign
  • Conditional Logic
  • Appearance Menu
  • SEO optimized
  • Options for import and export
  • Custom User Roles

Why Choose User Registration Plugin

  • Offers a variety of useful features


User Registration (Free)

user registration

This is a modern-day drag and drop plugin which enables you to create registration pages pretty fast. Its UI (User Interface) is very easy to use. Furthermore, once you save a new form, it will create a shortcode that can be used in your posts or pages. Below you can find a a step-by-step guide to what you should do:

Key Features

  • Install and activate the plugin from WordPress.org
  • Click on ‘Install User Registration Pages’ to check/ use the sample pages
  • Drag and drop the custom fields according to your needs
  • Create grid-like multi-row/column forms
  • Completely responsive stunning user registration forms
  • Options for strong password
  • Custom endpoints for My Account
  • Additional custom fields: Text, Input, Country, Select, etc

Why Choose User Registration Plugin

  • User-friendly and simple user interface
  • Grid-like registration forms



Profile Builder (Free & Premium)

Profile-Builder user registration plugin

Similar to the previous one, this is one of the strongest user registration plugins. It lets you add a front-end registration menu using shortcodes and create a new page on your dashboard. Then, you can add these shortcodes on your page and copy and paste a shortcode list into your pages which include:

  • Front-end register form for user registration – [wppb-register]
  • Front-end login form – [wppb-login]
  • Front-end access to user’s profile – [wppb-edit-profile]
  • Logout functionality – [wppb-logout]

Furthermore, the Profile Builder plugin adds a ‘Profile Builder Login Widget’ that you can use in your widget areas.

Key Features

  • Separate shortcodes for register and login
  • Allows approval of new user registration
  • Add unlimited end points for the accounts page
  • Supports WYSIWYG editor
  • Customer registration and login forms
  • Admin bar settings
  • Editable and manageable default or extra fields
  • Variety of free and premium add-ons

Why Choose Profile Builder Plugin

  • Upgradable to the premium plans for advanced users


ProfilePress (Free & Premium)

profile press

ProfilePress makes user registration forms easy-achievable by using shortcodes. It has a built-in Shortcake (Shortcode UI) plugin which provides an excellent user interface for shortcodes addition. Namely, you can create three types of forms: Login, Registration, and Password Reset Forms. Moreover, it will also provide you with three pre-made form themes for each of the three forms which you can view, choose, and use anywhere on your site.

Key Features

  • Limitless front-end login, sign-up, and password reset forms
  • Live Preview of the design
  • Redirection of WP default login and registration to custom front-end pages
  • Built-in theme install

Why Choose ProfilePress

  • Offers different types of forms with different themes

Which WordPress User Registration Plugin Is Perfect For Your Business?

There is a very long list of user registration plugins for WordPress, therefore it’s really hard to select the one that fits your company. But, we have done the hard work for you by proving a short definition of each plugin; hopefully, this will help you to make your decision much faster.

  1. User Registration plugin – Select this plugin if you are looking for the best plugin with a user registration solution
  2. User Registration – This perfect for individuals looking for simplicity.
  3. Ultimate Member – Perfect for special addons as well as choices for extability.
  4. User registration and User Profile – This is a great choice for individuals who like shortcodes.
  5. RegistrationMagic – A perfect choice for developers looking to begin with essential form builder
  6. UserPro – Just select this plugin if you like badges and achievements.

If you still can’t make your decision or need something custom, you can always hire a WordPress developer for the job.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, or need any additional help, please feel free to contact us below in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.



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