Best WordPress Woocommerce SEO Plugins 2021

If WordPress isn’t the best open-source, cross-platform content management system and blogging software, then it’s unquestionably somewhere among the best. Indeed it is debatably the most SEO optimized content management system, although only when incorporated with an awesome WordPress Woocommerce SEO plugin.

Talking about awesome plugins, ever heard of WP Woocommerce SEO plugin?

Woocommerce SEOStraight off, it is a surprisingly good SEO manager—laden with multiple features and thus a popularly attractive and practical choice for search engine optimization. Understanding its basics is a breeze, much like its prime functionalities that make matter SEO easy and less time-consuming to distinguish. However, what makes it perhaps the mother of them all is its excellent performance.

Sure, all the 30+ Million WordPress-based websites and blogs are naturally optimized for Search engines to a certain extent. But anyone who installs a dedicated SEO plugin like this one undeniably gains a competitive edge through the software’s features and benefits.

What’s so good about the WP Woocommerce SEO WordPress plugin?

With nearly an infinite number of search engine optimization plugins available, everyone expectedly faces an insurmountable task choosing the best to use. Among the many top-ranking ones is WP Woocommerce SEO by Code Canyon, a popular pick amongst savvy web-entrepreneurs. Surprising as it may appear, the tool as all what it takes, as highlighted by this review of WP  Woocommerce SEO.

A Sleek Dashboard for Easy On-Page SEO Analysis and Optimization

It features a smooth dashboard that exhibits a concise and detailed overview of the website’s overall SEO status and where improvements ought to be done. With easily understandable percentage scores on permalinks, Meta title, Meta descriptions, image sizes, image Meta data as well as new or updated content and 404 error message pages, everything is a lot easy. And to cap it off, there’s a glimpse of how the site ranks on

Bulk Editing To Save Time

No one can deny that Meta descriptions contribute to the site’s overall visibility on search engines. And even when WP Woocommerce SEO helps create the right Meta Data and Meta descriptions, it also eases the process of editing all Meta descriptions at a single instance. It simply lists all posts, pages, and custom post types in one part under the Content Meta section and everything becomes a lot breezy!

XML & HTML SiteMap Generator to Boost Visibility

It is a file that has all the information regarding your entire site’s content URLs and when they were last updated. Without a Sitemap, search engine crawlers may not navigate through all the links at once, and thus some pages might not be indexed to be discoverable on the web. With WP Woocommerce SEO, therefore, sitemap generation is a simple task, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly UI. As simple as A, B, C, you’ll generate XML sitemaps, HTML sitemaps, alongside the other essential aspects.

Trouble-Free Resizing of Images to perfection

Yet another superb feature of WP Meta SEO WordPress plugin, image resizing becomes a lot easier, thanks to the special ImageRecycle Plugin. It is an incredible solution to many problems that emanate from what many conventionally do, including casually resizing an image and thus resizing HTML and resulting in broken links. Images resized using this plugin don’t lose their quality, which again is a plus!

Redirects, Link Editing and Error 404 thoroughly sorted

Errors 404 turn away a huge number of visitors and also highlight how awful bad SEO practices could be. Additionally, the failure severely hurts all content marketing strategies and thus results in low ROIs – if any.
All that happens when WP Woocommerce SEO is absent since part of its advantages entail the built-in internal broken link checker and redirect tools, two great weapons against redirects. Consequently, link title attribute supplements in rectifying internal 404 errors and broken backlinks anonymously.

Comes with Google Analytics Integration

Google is undoubtedly the king of all search engines, and nothing makes it even glamorous than when it’s important facet; Google Analytics, is incorporated with arguably the best SEO plugin ever. Once you activate it, everything will be super-easy, and, trust me, you’ll fall in love with the plugin once more!

Seamless Yoast SEO Importer

Yoast SEO plugin is great, but if you’re thinking of making the switch to try out WP Woocommerce SEO, migration won’t be much of a shocker. And the process will become a lot more seamless given that you’ll stand no chance of losing your Meta data. Cool huh?

Are your really SERIOUS about SEO?

Well, gauge how earnest you could be using the WP Woocommerce SEO premium add-on and see how much more features you could be missing. It draws a simple table of comparison between the free for all and the one that belongs to the elites.

Further features and benefits of WP Woocommerce SEO WordPress Plugin

  • Multilingual ready
  • Light and compatible and maintains WordPress framework
  • Very compatible with nearly all themes and 3rd party plugins, including WooCommerce and Visual Composer.

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