The Best WordPress XML Sitemap Plugins 2021

WordPress is a highly versatile and powerful platform to build your website. Though it is powerful and provides you with a plethora of benefits, you still need to do few things that ensure the success of your website. And one of such important things that you need to do is to generate a proper XML sitemap for your website.

What is an XML sitemap? Do you really need one?

Well, an XML sitemap is a detailed blueprint of your website that allows the search consoles to index your web pages. Why is it so important? As we said, it helps to get your web pages indexed by the popular search consoles like Google, Bling and Yahoo which in turn helps to boost your SEO.

In WordPress, you will always find several plugins for everything you need to do and there are several sitemap plugins too. But this versatility of WordPress also makes it too daunting for you to choose the perfect one for your website. That being said; there is nothing to worry about as we have compiled a list of the best WordPress XML sitemap plugins of 2018.

1. Yoast SEO (includes XML sitemap) Plugin

Yoast SEO is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that you can install on your website. But the functionalities of this plugin are not just limited to SEO. It also helps to increase your social media shareability and most importantly Yoast SEO plugin acts as XML sitemap plugin.

And it is very easy to get a proper sitemap of your website with Yoast SEO. All you will have to do is to go to SEO> XML Sitemap and enable the sitemap functionality by clicking on the box. But the best part about it is that you will be able to generate a single sitemap for multiple sites with this plugin without having to do anything manually. The Yoast SEO plugin is an all-in-one suite that you need to run your website properly.

2. Smart Sitemap.xml Tools Plugin

Smart Sitemap.xml Tools generate a perfect sitemap for your website without any hassle. Yes! You will not have to write or read any server permission to generate the XML Sitemap for your website with this plugin. Furthermore, it also enables you to create a single sitemap for several sites for your convenience. Plus, you will also be able to set the rules as per your choice.

However, the most intriguing part about the Smart Sitemap.xml Tools plugin is that it also allows you generate a human readable sitemap for you to check and understand. Though the human readable version of the sitemap will not be accepted by any search console, it will give you a perfect idea of how the blueprint of your website looks.

3. Users Sitemap & Archive Plugin

This plugin is also a unique and innovative one which you must have for your website to generate an efficient XML sitemap for your website so that the search engines can index your web pages. Though it has all the functionalities of any XML sitemap plugin, the thing that makes it unique is that it also includes the users or authors in your website on the sitemap. It increases your sites indexability greatly and thus enhances your SEO.

4. Google XML Sitemaps plugin

Having more than a million downloads, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin is indubitably a worthy inclusion in our list. This plugin will help you to get your posts and web pages indexed in all the search engines. Moreover, it indexes all kinds of posts; be it a customised one or a general one. So, if you are using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, then you will not have to use anything else to index your posts. This plugin will drive traffic to your website by helping the search engine crawlers to find your website very quickly.

5. Sitemap Generator Plugin

Maximum people use the shared hosting packages to host their sites and if you are one of them, then this XML sitemap plugin can be very useful for you. Apart from the normal posts and web pages, the Sitemap Generator plugin also allows the search engine crawlers to index the videos as well as images by adding them in the sitemap. You will be able to add 500 URLs in your sitemap with this plugin but once you exceed the level, then you will have to go for the premium version.

6. All in one SEO Pack Plugin

It is also one of the most downloaded and highly rated plugins that you can use to generate efficient sitemaps as well as to enhance your SEO. Having launched in 2007, the All in one SEO Pack is the oldest plugin in our list; yet it is still highly popular among the WordPress webmasters. The sitemap module of this plugin allows you to setup the sitemap generation process extensively as per your requirement. You will also have the option for compressing the sitemap or no-index it if you don’t want your sitemap to appear in search results.

There are several other WordPress XML sitemap plugins available. However, the ones mentioned above are the best that you can have for your websites. So, choose wisely and install the best sitemap plugin for your website as per your requirements.

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