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9 Free WordPress Plugins to Take Advantage of Your Site’s Footer 2020

If you ask me one thing that is mostly ignored by the webmasters/blogger or website owners?

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The answer would be the footer of the website.

Technically, a footer is a section of the website that is separated from the main body. It can contain information, images, banner and other vital information necessary to make the site complete.

But, why does it get ignored? And, even if it utilized, most of the time is not used in the best possible way. Sometimes it cluttered with information, tags, categories, and you get the picture. Also, customizing themes footer is a tough job and takes a lot of time to get going.

By using the footer plugins, you don’t have to edit code and your life becomes easier.

Today, I will list some free WordPress footer plugins. The plugins can be utilized to change the copyright message, add widgets, text and much more. So, why the wait? Let’s get started with the list already.

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Free WordPress footer plugins to consider:

1. Genesis Footer Builder

WordPress Genesis Footer Builder

Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and also offers the right mix of features for the developers and the webmasters. Genesis Footer Builder is what you need if you want to customize the footer of a Genesis theme.

The plugin offers basic customization option. It can be used to use add copyright message, add privacy policy and disclaimer hyperlink in the footer and you can also use the brand name and the necessary copyright associated with it.

The idea is to keep yourself far away from code and moreover you can also add a menu to the footer even if your theme doesn’t have an inbuilt option for it.

I love this plugin as it simplifies the whole footer editing, and that’s fun and relaxing at the same time.

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2.  AddFunc Head and Footer Code

AddFunc Head Footer Code

Header and Footer places are great for adding code for tracking, showing products and anything that helps the analytics of the website. If you are looking to add a tracking code to your website such as Google Analytics, then AddFunc Head and Footer Code offers the right mix of the features to get it done.

The plugin is lightweight and does the job pretty fast.

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3. Header and Footer

Header and Footer WordPress Plugin

And, if you have read the previous plugin in the list, then Header and Footer is just an addition to what AddFunc Head and Footer Code has to offer.

With this simple plugin, you virtually get a centralized overview of all the codes. You can manage both the header and footer section, and that’s quite obvious from the name of the plugin. Furthermore, you can add a custom script for initiating a behavior on your website.

It is mobile compatible and has few SEO options to play with.

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4. YITH Footer Banner

YITH Footer Banner Plugin

Give me something different..I am done with header and footer editing.. Well, I understand your rage.

YITH Footer Banner is a cool footer banner plugin that offers a simple and easy way to add a banner. Once installed, you can configure it according to your choice. Developers can also take advantage of the plugin as it provides good documentation.

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5. Personal Admin Footer

Personal Admin Footer is one of those hidden gems that one may want to use. All great for normal users, but what happens when registered to your site logins into the dashboard?

The normal message that is shown as the footer of the dashboard is “Thank you for creating with WordPress”. Well, it is great and sounds melodramatic sometimes, but the real question is it useful?

No! A much better option is to customize it and enter your unique message for all the registered users who are using the backend of your website. The plugin works out of the box, just active and boom its working.

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6. Insert Headers and Footers

Another insert plugin. I must be crazy, right? Well, this plugin gets a special attention because it is made by WPBeginner — a premier beginner friendly WordPress website. With the help of the plugin, you can add custom scripts to the header and footer.

The scripts can be tracking code or any other code that relates to your website. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking to take advantage of the header and the footer.

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7. Footer Putter

Footer Putter WordPress Plugin

Harry Potter is a great plugin for your WordPress website.

Wait? What?

Footer Putter … oh sorry, I could not resist the temptation.

Now, let’s get back to the plugin.

Footer Putter is one of the most comprehensive and free available plugins in the WordPress marketplace. It offers almost all the necessary functionality, and it is free of cost.

It offers trademark and copyright widget to get you started. You can also add a footer menu to make it more meaningful. And, if you want to add address and other information — all can be done using the plugin.

The plugin comes with many pre-defined templates, and you can use them without any difficulty. You can also check the official WordPress page for more information of what the plugin holds for you.

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8. Horizontal Footer Sitemap – Widget

Horizontal Footer Sitemap is a simple plugin that offers a widget to integrate sitemap to your footer. It is easy to install, and you can add a short description with the help of the plugin.

9. Add to Footer

Add to Footer is yet another WordPress footer plugin that utilizes simple way of integrating scripts to the footer. You can also add HTML and Js to WordPress themes. Also, supports StatCounter and Google Analytics.

Wrap Up

The footer is the one of the key elements of any website. If you do not know how to code and still want to make changes to your WordPress website, then you can use the above-listed plugins to your advantage.

The footer can send a lot of information to the readers and can be used for showcasing address, sitemap, footer menu and more.

It is up to you which plugin to use, and that’s why I leave it up to you.  Do comment below on which plugin you have chosen. We will be eager to learn our reader’s choice.

*last updated 01/02/2020

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