Free And Paid WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Real Estate is a highly lucrative prospect for earning tons of money. In the times of growth, everyone is looking to sell or buy their properties, lending them whenever possible and you get the picture.

If you have already started your online presence using WordPress and awesome real estate themes, it is now time to make your real estate website much better with the help of the real estate plugins.

This is where WordPress is so better. It offers tons of plugins to play with. For real estate niche, you can easily look for plugins that provide an enhanced listing or offer better control over property layouts, etc.

Today, I will go through some of the handpicked real estate plugins(both free and paid) that can help you achieve the most out of the real estate venture. Quality is essential for any plugin you use, and that’s why it is always a good idea to read reviews, test it on a testing website and then use it on your original real estate website. This way you can control the quality and improve user experience.

Free And Paid WordPress Real Estate Plugins


WPRealEstate search interface

WPRealEstate is one of the newest plugins on this list. It’s a premium WordPress real estate plugin launched in 2021. The plugin allows you to showcase both manual and MLS listings. For MLS, it leverages the real estate industry’s new, restful web API.

As a newer plugin, most functionality is accessed via blocks. There are blocks for displaying listings, maps, search forms, real estate agents, and more. While the plugin has a lot of features, it’s still easy to use and lightweight at the same time. The plugin can be combined with the WPRealEstate theme for a great all-around solution for real estate agents and brokers.

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WP-Property- WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management

WP-Property offers a complete solution for any real estate website. It offers features such as custom listing, property management, and completely customizable real estate.

Also, the plugin can be used without any coding knowledge, making it useful for the general users. It also offers great customized filtering for easy search of the property. With over 9000+ installs, it is one of the best choices for real estate website. The plugin is free of cost and offers great features.

It also comes with Google maps, image resizing, and translation. Also using this plugin will enable you to take care of the

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Vt Visual Composer Property Real Estate Addons Pack

Vt Visual Composer Property plugin is one of the most comprehensive real estate plugins out there. It contains three plugins in one package. You will get property plugin, a plugin for maps and plugin for agents.

With the package, you can do almost anything. For example, you can use Visual Composer with it, search with the help of maps, video display, multiple currency display WPML and much more.

This is a premium plugin and comes at the cost of only $26. The plugin also comes with active support.

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WP Contacts

WP Contacts is a simple contact plugin. And, you would ask why I would list a contacts plugin in a real estate plugin list? The reason is connectivity. With the help of the plugin, you will be able to set up a comprehensive contact management system.

Now, you can easily manage your contacts, offer support or even initiate a deal. WP Contacts is a must have plugin for any real estate website. Highly recommended.

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WP-Listing provides a free listing plugin for WordPress. The plugin offers a listing management system that can be used to enter your real estate properties manually. The plugin supports responsive design and also offers custom templates for customization purposes.

Also, you can use the taxonomy creation tool for easy creation of listings.

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WP Real Estate

WP Real Estate is one of the free plugins available at WordPress repository.The plugin offers an easy listing of properties and offers features such as add property, advanced property search, adding multiple property photos, custom property listing page, multiple categories and much more.

The plugin is also responsive and comes translation ready.

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WPL Real Estate

WPL Real Estate is a free WordPress plugin with premium features. It offers easy property listing using RETS, IDS, VOW real estate options and currently offers North America.

The plugin fits best for real estate website and also vertical markets. The base plugin offers good functionality, and if you are interested in demographics package, you can shell out some dollars to get hold of it. The plugin has excellent ratings and also offers cloud hosting for the database.

Furthermore, it comes with responsive layout support and is translation ready. Currently, the plugin is supported in five languages, such as Spanish, English, Italian, Croatian and Serbian.

The plugin comes with appropriate manual for easy installation and the work guidelines.

I would recommend the plugin to anyone who is trying to establish their real estate empire in the North America zone.

[Details & Download]

EstateVue IDX Real Estate WordPress Plugin

If you’re from Canada and want to use IDX to populate all the property easily on your website, this plugin is for you. The EstateVux plugin offers great service for real estate providers in Canada. They provide the data from their data centers, and that can also cost you $50 per month (even after you buy the plugin).

If you’re from another place, you can also get the plugin and update the database with all the entries manually.

I would only recommend this plugin to those who think investing 50$ per month is great for automated filling of properties in the database. They also provide installation at a price of $475(one-time).

Mortgage Rates Widget

The widget is not necessary a plugin but acts like one when in need. Mortgage Rates Widget is one of the simplest widgets for showcasing information regarding rates around properties. Works great fro U.S. State or U.S. National average data. provides all the data.

The plugin comes for only $5 and also offers two skins.

Over To You

Today, I went through some of the best free and paid real estate plugins. All the plugins meet some standards.

If you are looking for a plugin with support and quality, I will always recommend having a premium plugin. Free plugins, on the other hand, are good too. In the end, you are getting hands-on real estate functionality without paying anything.

If you think that I missed an awesome real estate plugin, then don’t forget to comment below and share the plugin name with us.

Also, share the article with your friends and family.

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