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10 Free WordPress Support Ticket Plugins 2021

What do you think is the true indication of a successful business? Revenues, Innovation, Quality? It is actually the way a business treats its customers that says a lot about their values and what they stand for. Offering quality products or services just isn’t enough for businesses these days and it requires something more from the Businesses’ end – Proper care for their customers. Say one has trouble with your product or some service, the first thing it makes sense to do as a Business is to let them properly contact you. In this modern digital age, drab Email contacts for customer support put your business in the dark shades. Read on to learn more about free WordPress support ticket plugins.

Consumer satisfaction is by far the most important aspect that a business needs to implement if it wants to excel. Ticketing system based customer support, help desk and customer support service systems can be of great help to you. The best free WordPress support ticket plugins can help you handle queries from hundreds or thousands of clients.

In case you run a business related to a service or product, then your clients must want to ask questions about that service or product, it could be they have some other doubts or queries regarding your product it is upon you to offer a simple, well-designed support ticket system for your customers.

Keep in mind that the live chat support system is also a perfect option when it comes to providing the best service to all your customers. Also, you can check our posts to find the best live chat customer support plugins.

What you would need is a robust solution to the problem at hand and address it properly. This is when you can rely on some of the best free WordPress Support Ticket plugins for your WordPress based website. These plugins build an awesome and powerful Support system for your website that include Support tickets, live chat support and much more. Never again leave your customers in the dark with these brilliant free WordPress Support Ticket plugins for your self-hosted WordPress website.

Without further ado, below are the 7 Best Free WordPress Support Ticket plugins for your self-hosted WordPress website.

ClickDesk Live Support


ClickDesk is one of the most widely popular WordPress plugin to get your WordPress website powered up with a robust Support system. ClickDesk’s Ticketing Support system seamlessly integrates with their built-in Live chat feature to make it easy for you to manage support tickets on our Self-hosted WordPress website. This plugin allows website admins to create categories and make it easier for customers to find the appropriate department to reach out to for their issues with the Billing, Tech support and such.

ClickDesk’s interface is something you would rarely witness in a Support system. The interface is extremely intuitive and makes it easier for both you and your customers to get answered appropriately to their queries. As and when the website admin responds to tickets, the customers receive personalized Emails delivered straight to their mailbox. This plugin also allows admins to group these questions and build a frequently asked section, making it easier for others to find answers to the most common problems, instead of opening new tickets repeatedly.

Hosting the Ticket Support system on your own sub-domain, E-mail forwarding, Alerts sent right to your IM over new tickets and Ticket automation are some of the key features of ClickDesk. This plugin also does offer amazing Live Chat support, which seamlessly integrates with the Ticket Support system. All in all, a must have plugin for anyone looking to provide an incredible customer service experience on their website.

Notable Features: Live Voice & Video Chat, Ticket system, Helpdesk,  Fully Customizable, Multi-language support, Seamless integration with other 3rd Party apps like Salesforce, Unbounce and more.

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WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System

WP Support Plus responsive Ticket Plugin

Another popular, free WordPress plugin for powering your WordPress website with a Support ticketing system is WP Support Plus. This is a responsive Support ticketing plugin for your self-hosted WordPress website. One of the best features of this plugin is that it allows multi-user role-based users to submit tickets to your website. That is, either the admin, a guest visitor, your client, someone logged in via Facebook, anyone can create a ticket with this plugin. Tickets are also classified into categories, and you can assign individual agents for them depending on your team.

The status and priority of these tickets are categorized as Open/Closed/Pending and Low/Normal/Medium/High respectively. This AJAX-based plugin makes it highly responsive and takes up lesser time to process ticket requests. Apart from the ticket support system, this plugin also boasts of a powerful Live IM based chat feature to provide Live support to your customers. Users and admins are notified through Email regarding activity on their tickets and addition of new tickets respectively.

Supervisors could also be assigned to ticket categories or individual tickets, to keep the interactions moderated efficiently. Support for multi-language is also provided in-app to make it easier for your end users. The only feature lacking in this plugin is the provision of canned responses to make it easier for customers to find answers to the most common queries.

In case you need to upgrade to the premium version of this amazing plugin, you will also receive additional features such as google calendar, exportation of the ticket to CSV, email piping, sync, Easy Digital Downloads integration and WooCommerce.

Notable Features: Multi-user role based Ticket submissions, Status check of each ticket, File attachments, Category based agents, Responsive layout, IM/Live chat and more.

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Awesome Support – WP Support Plugin

Awesome Support WordPress Ticket Support plugin

Awesome Support WordPress plugin is just the Support ticketing plugin you would need if privacy is your primary concern. Support tickets are usually open for everyone to view them, but this plugin takes a new approach to Support tickets. This is a restricted access Support ticket system, where users can submit tickets and get responses to them from the admins privately. If you require that your users’ queries be answered to them privately, Awesome support allows end-users to check responses to their tickets from a front-end interface and also through E-mail notifications.

This plugin provides complete control to admins to create custom categories, offering support for multiple products if that is your case with your business. Custom entry fields are also provided to personalize your Support forms. You can also make users agree to your terms and conditions while submitting new tickets. Multi-language support is also provided extending support for five additional languages.

Awesome support is free and one of the most flexible support ticket system WordPress plugin that can be quickly integrated with different WordPress themes. This is one of the plugins that can help you to easily submit tickets from the front end and your company’s customer agents can help the customers from the WordPress backend and quickly setup more custom fields, ask the users to agree to the terms and conditions of the business before submitting open tickets. Business owners can use the plugin to support different products.

One of the key feature lacking in this plugin is Canned responses, which is provided as an add-on for a premium fee.

Notable Features: Front-end ticketing system, Private Ticket system, Email notifications for admins and users, File uploads, Custom categories and custom entry fields, Premium add-ons and more.

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WordPress Advanced Ticket System

WordPress Advanced Ticket System Support Plugin

WordPress Advanced Ticket System is a Free plugin for WordPress to allow your visitors to submit tickets for support. The free iteration of this plugin allows visitors to either login to the website and submit through their back-end WordPress Panel or through Shared guest provision to support without registering. These tickets could be easily categorized into different products/sections, updated with their present Status and Priority.

There are a few trade-off to be made while using these free WordPress support ticket plugins. It does not feature a front-end ticket submitting system for your end-users and it only comes with their premium plugin. Email notifications would also be sacrificed in the free version. Ticket filtering and the Support system scalability are some other key features missing from the free version of this plugin. If you are looking for a simple back-end based Ticket support system for your WordPress website, WordPress Advanced Ticket System is a great plugin.

Notable Features: Back-end admin panel based Ticket submissions and response, Shared guest ticket submission, Ticket Categories/Priority/Status updates and more.

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JS Support Ticket


JS Support Ticket

JS Support Ticket is one of the most powerful free WordPress support ticket plugins to provide your self-hosted website with a great Ticket supporting facility. This free plugin allows your users to create tickets from the front-end and admins can manage these tickets from the back-end dashboard. Priority of Tickets, Their categories/departments and Status message highlighting make it easier for both users admins to sift through Support tickets.

Admins can also add unlimited number of departments and completely customize their entry fields and interface of the plugin. Some key features missing from the free version, available on the premium plugin are Canned responses, Knowledge base/FAQ, Captcha and Announcements. However other key features like Unlimited tickets, Auto-responders, Shortcodes and readily available templates make this plugin a great choice for many people looking to provide better Support to their users.

Notable Features: Front-end Ticket creation, File attachments, Ticket filtering, Categories and Departments for Tickets, Email notifications, Fully responsive, Custom Entry fields and departments and more.

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WP Support Ticket

WP Support Ticket WordPress Plugin

WP Support Ticket is another Free WordPress plugin to provide Ticketing Support for your users. This is one of the most simplistic approach to Support tickets, with a minimalistic interface. The users need to be registered on the website before creating new tickets on this Support ticket plugin. The admins could manage the submitted tickets from their back-end admin panel. Uploading of single files with multiple file format support is provided in this WordPress plugin.

Admins can easily manage both the Active/Inactive tickets and label them as Open,Close or Resolved from their Admin panel. The plugin also features shortcodes to get around the Support system in just a few taps. Some of the features available only to the premium users are multiple file uploads, View & Search all tickets, Support ticket widget and more.

Notable Features: Registered users can create tickets from front-end forms, Admins can reply to tickets from back-end dashboard, Attachment of single files and updating the status of the submitted Tickets and more.

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Sola Support Tickets

Sola Tickets WordPress plugin

Sola Support Tickets is a handy little WordPress plugin to bring Support Ticket power to your WordPress-based website. This plugin allows your users to submit Tickets from a front-end contact form and get the tickets organised intuitively. Email notifications to admins for new ticket creations and notifications to both users and admins for responses to tickets are supported by Sola Support tickets. This plugin also offers multi-language support.

Easily Manage Support tickets on your website by organizing them by priority (High, low, critical and urgent). You can also categorize tickets into different departments related to the services offered on your website. Some of the features accessible only through their premium plugin are Multiple agents, Popular tickets, Uploading of files, Captcha and more. Slight trade-off to be made in terms of these premium features, but yet even the free iteration of this plugin offers a robust Support Ticket platform for your self-hosted WordPress website.

Notable Features: Front-end Ticket submissions, Email Notifications for Tickets, Manage priority of Tickets and their present Status and more.

WSDesk – WP HelpDesk and Free WordPress support ticket plugins

WS Desk

WSDesk is the closest you will ever get to a cost-free helpdesk plugin. One of the most essential features of this great plugin is that it comes with the capability to create support tickets via email. Both guests and registered users can easily submit tickets via the support form or email.

The fully customizable ticket submission forms of the WSDesk allow customers to submit additional details such as department, type of request, product number and many others. Also, you can add an endless number of fields in the support form.

With the unlimited number of agents and other crucial support tasks such as the supervisor, the WSDesk also gives the capacity to add an unlimited number of tags to support agents and tickets.

With these highly advanced design features, the WSDesk gives easy navigation via its interface. Also, you can easily open different tickets to win your tabbed view. The quick reply also improves the experience by enabling you to resolve many of the customer queries.

The weekly agent’s review reports also allow you to analyze the performance of the customer support so that you can largely focus on enhancing customer experience. For those that have previously used Zendesk, WSDesk allows you to also import the Zendesk tickets. Email blocking and filtering allow you to block specific emails so that you do not have to receive tickets from the spam emails.

Additional Zendesk features include:

  • Email blocking and filtering
  • Zendesk ticket import
  • Agent performance reports
  • AJAX design for eased navigation
  • Unlimited ticket fields
  • Unlimited tags
  • Unlimited supervisors and agents
  • Email piping

Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout is one of the best customer support and help desk software for eCommerce business. It is for this reason that it has been voted one of the best free wordpress support ticket plugins. The good thing about this amazing plugin is that it’s quite easy to use and there are many plugins that allow you to combine it with your WordPress website.

Also, there is a Woocommerce help scout and help scout integration for free wordpress support ticket plugins plugins that allow your website to work perfectly with Help Scout.

Zendesk for WordPress


Zendesk is another highly popular ticket and customer support system for businesses. The plugin supports docs, multiple products, teams and works perfectly with WordPress based websites.

Zendesk for WP makes it easy to flawlessly integrate Zendesk support system in the WordPress website.

Furthermore, it allows the users that are already logged on your website to access the helpdesk without having to switch accounts. You can quickly view the tickets in the WordPress dashboard. Also, you can convert comments into customer support tickets.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to add the Zendesk Dropbox tab to different pages on your website.


What do you think of these Free WordPress Support Ticket plugins for your website? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Wrapping Up

In reference to Zendesk, over 80% of people will stop to do business with a company if customer service is not properly executed. Therefore, does this mean that you should bail on offering options for direct services out of fear that you may deliver the worst customer experience?

No, there is no way that this would work. This means that you must use the best support ticket system so that you can provide timely, consistent, and reliable support to your customers. It is for this reason that you should try out any of the free WordPress support ticket plugins we have listed here.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today for any of these free WordPress support ticket plugins!

*last updated 04/02/2020

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    Could you be kind to enlight me on any plugin that can accomplish this?

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    I use a ticketing system and live chat solution Deskun for my WordPress site, seems to be very cost effective.

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