The Latest, Greatest WordPress Booking Plugins in 2023

WordPress booking plugins can be used for different purposes. You can use the plugins to integrate your WordPress site with online appointments, reservation calendars, scheduling events, etc. WordPress booking plugins can be installed on different types of websites such as hotel sites, team sites, teacher sites, ticket sites, online education sites as well as sites that specialize in haircuts, massages, parking, taxi and other types of services.

Do you need to integrate a booking system into your WordPress website? If so, you should definitely take advantage of a WordPress booking plugin. Luckily for you, there is no shortage of booking plugins for WordPress these days. That means that you’ll be able to find a WP booking plugin for any of your site’s needs. Actually, it’s possible to book everything with WordPress. In this blog, we’ll review the latest and greatest WordPress booking plugins in 2021.



If you’re in the business of appointments, WPAmelia is your powerhouse. It simplifies everything, from individual bookings to recurring appointments.

  • Powerful for managing appointments of all kinds.
  • Streamlined management for individual and group bookings.
  • Versatile for handling recurring appointments.
  • Customization

And that’s just the beginning. Amelia seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Google Calendar, Google Meet, Outlook Calendar, Zoom, Elementor, Divi, and Lessonspace. Plus, it supports WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and Razorpay for hassle-free online payments.

Other useful features of Amelia are:

  • Coupon Expiration Date 

Set expiration dates for coupons, ensuring timely usage by customers.

  • Catalog 2.0 Booking Form

Simplify service searches with an intuitive catalog form that allows customers to explore services within specific categories.

  • Address Custom Fields

Collect customer addresses linked to Google Maps for easy service location identification.

  • Coupons for Packages

Boost customer engagement by offering unique discount codes redeemable during the booking process.

  • Built-in Popup

Choose between page or built-in popup views for your booking forms, providing control over your booking experience.

  • Time Zones

Automatically detect customer time zones for viewing slots in their local time, enhancing scheduling convenience.

  • Custom Services Schedule

Configure working hours and breaks individually per service and employee combination.


Bookly is definitely one of the top WP booking plugins to use in 2020. With this type of plugin you’ll find it easy to implement an automated online booking and scheduling system into your WordPress site. It’s worth noting that Bookly is a fully customized WordPress booking plugin. The plugin comes with many great features including a responsive layout, booking automation, user friendly admin panel, notifications, Google Calendar Sync and more. So, you’ll be able to customize your WordPress website for any of your needs.

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Bookme is another good multipurpose booking plugin for WordPress. The plugin comes with all the necessary features that a booking site needs. The plugin’s key features include the following: SMS and email notifications, infinite color variants, user friendly admin panel, cart system, form builder, payment system, Google Calendar sync and more. If you install the plugin, visitors will find it easy to check availability and make bookings on your WordPress site. Bookme makes it possible for users to book different services with different price. You can also use the plugin when you need to create multiple services with multiple staff members. The plugin is known for its simple WordPress integration. So, it will not take you too much time to integrate your WordPress site with Bookme.

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You can also use Booked booking plugin for WordPress. The plugin is likely to impress you with its amazing features. The plugin comes with registered and guest bookings, paid bookings, custom fields and time slots, customizable email content, calendar or list view. With Booked plugin you’ll find it easy to create multiple calendars, create customer profiles and assign calendars to agents. Booked is also known for being a fully translatable plugin.

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Team Booking

This innovative plugin will help you turn your WordPress site into the up-to-date team booking system. The plugin is designed to make it easy for you to create and update events on your WordPress site. You can also use this plugin for different types of business sites. The plugin allows site owners to create single appointments, events with tickers as well as unscheduled services. It’s pretty easy to integrate the plugin PayPal and Stripe payment systems. The plugin also come with approval system and cancel system.

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Would you like to add appointments and reservations to your site? In this case, you need to pay a close attention to such a wonderful plugin as Booki. The plugin supports appointment and reservation mode. Booki is a feature-rich WordPress plugin. So, you’ll be able to get the most out of your booking!

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Pinpoint Booking System PRO

Pinpoint Booking System PRO offers an easy way to turn a WordPress website into an online booking system. With this type of plugin you’ll be able to make it possible for users to book anything anytime on your WordPress site. Plus, you’ll find it easy to integrate your booking site with WooCommerce. Pinpoint Booking System PRO allows site owners to implement discounts and coupons into a website. The plugin also comes with the advanced availability search system. The plugin’s add-ons will contribute greatly to website’s functionality.

Reservations Calendar

This plugin is worth considering if you would like to add a reservations calendar to your WordPress website. It’s important to note that the plugin provides website owners with many great benefits. Keep in mind that Reservations Calendar is an easy to use WordPress plugin. So, it will not take you too much time to figure out how the plugin works. You’ll be able to install the plugin and integrate an online reservation calendar with your WordPress site fast and easy. Reservations calendar will impress you with its clean design. Site’s visitors will be able to interact with it easily. The reservations calendar is lightweight and supports all major browsers.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We’ve just provided you with the list of the best WordPress booking plugins for 2020. As you can see, a lot of good booking plugins are available for WordPress today. Use the power of these plugins to integrate your WordPress site with the up-to-date booking system in 2021. Best of luck!

*last updated 01/10/2021

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