17+ Must Have WordPress WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store

Today’s affiliate marketers must have WordPress WooCommerce Plugins as they are the best tools to earn the profit amidst the cut-throat competition. However, there are many options available, but you must choose what suits you best or fulfill your needs. Now, the plugins mentioned here below has been selected after many efforts and with essential features like multi-language support, customization options, user engagement profile and many others so that you can use them and get the profit in larger amounts. So, have a look at them and select whatever you need for your blog or website to strive in the tough market among your competitors and get you the maximum profit for your efforts.

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WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

It happens sometimes that we’re just about to check out with the items added in our cart and internet is down and all the items added to cart are gone. Well, this WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart WordPress WooCommerce Plugin is made for these situations only and can get back every item of yours back in your cart. There are many features available with this plugin and you can explore all of them at just US $ 49.

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WooCommerce Products Designer

Woocommerce Products Designer Plugin

It’s always good to have some customization part in your hand while using any WordPress plugin and if you talk about the online selling, then this WooCommerce Products Designer WordPress WooCommerce Plugin is the best option available for you. It has all the features to engage your customers and increase the sales like multi-language support, image extraction from the social networks, customization ready as said, template creation to clients and many others as well. The one-time price to buy this plugin is just US $ 61.

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Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This is my first recommendation that is available for the price tag of $49. It lets you display Amazon products automatically on your WooCommerce ready e-commerce website and thus, you can earn money for every successful product purchase. The plugin is easy to setup and comes with features like product variations, price variations, Amazon coupon support, product Shortcodes. The feature list of this plugin continues Amazon Asin grabber, automated content spinner, products stats, synchronization, on-site car or direct checkout, geo-targetting, Amazon reviews, 9o days cookies, etc. So, the feature list clearly indicates that you’re getting almost every needed feature.

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Catalog Mode

WooCommerce Catalog Mode

Easy to use, plugin and play, shop/catalog mode switching, with/without the price tag, custom link redirection, custom button support, and button color customization. These are the feature highlights of this plugin that is priced $15 only. Using it, you can easily switch any WooCommerce compatible website into a catalog of products. Even in the catalog mode, ‘Add to Cart’ button will be visible, ensuring that you always get a sale. It even allows setting of a button like ‘Call for Price’, which increases the user experience.

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Social Login

WooCommerce Social Login

As the name suggests, this plugin adds social login and registration buttons that make the login and registration part, very easy for customers. It provides an option to either integrate the button at starting page or even at the checkout page. It even supports a Shortcode that can be placed anywhere, the place where you wish to implement the login. It supports all popular social platforms including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. The one click registration can really help the users to get quickly registered and complete the process of shopping on your website. Thus, it’s a much-needed plugin. It’s priced $39.

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Galaxy Funder

WooCommerce Crowdfunding System

This Galaxy Funder WordPress WooCommerce Plugin is the rendezvous of the crowdfunding and WooCommerce plugin. You can always use this plugin to make sure that your customers get impressed by your campaign and you earn enough from them. The features available in it are also plenty and some of them are shortcode generator, CSS customization available, you can always set target date or target goal to end a running campaign and can run it forever as well. Also, some more features are available too, which you can explore with the following link and it cost US $ 49 to buy.

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WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce Simple Auctions Plugin

If you like the famous online retailer EBay and wish to get your blog or website just like that, then here is this WooCommerce Simple Auctions WordPress WooCommerce Plugin to fulfill every need of yours. The features available in it offer the best service in the e-commerce industry with easy to use platform as well. Some of its features are widgets available to notify about the start and end of the auction, e-mail notifications available, shortcodes availability and much more. The price of this unique auction type WooCommerce plugin is just US $ 29.

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Fancy Product Designer

Fancy Product Designer WooCommerce plugin

If you’re very keen to make your E-Commerce portal look stylish and completely unique, then here is this Fancy Product Designer WordPress WooCommerce Plugin to fulfil all your needs. The features available in it are best in the industry and supports very well to make a good online portal. The important ones among them are custom product builder, WPML and multi-site compatible, supports both Google and custom webfonts, HTML product designer to every product type, many responsive theme layouts and many other features as well. The price to buy this plugin is US $ 50.

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MailChimp Subscribe

WooCommerce MailChimp Subscribe

Name of this plugin must have cleared the functionality it adds to a WooCommerce compatible website. It is priced $15 and comes with features like opt-in on checkout, easy setup, customizable text, MailChimp integration and optional Double opt-in. The plugin can be used to send emails with checkout buttons (in or out) with additional details related to the products being recommended. Thus, it helps in increasing sales graph if you have a good and convertible email list available.

Shortcodes for Visual Composer

Woocommerce shortcodes for Visual Composer

Most of the modern themes come with this Visual Composer option, which allows users to customize their website quickly in an easy to operate theme panel. If you can somehow integrate WooCommerce options into the same panel, and then setting up those features will be easy, as well. Thus, this particular plugin is available which completes this functionality. You can buy it for just $16. Its functionality may be looking small to you, but it comes out very handy at the time of usage. 

Woo360 Product Viewer

Woo360 Product Viewer

Every shopping website needs to display product images these days. If those images can be improved, and users can interact with the same in a better way, then chances of making the sales will increase. If you wish to implement this functionality through a plugin, then consider this $16 priced option. It is lightweight and works very fast. It supports auto rotation, color picker, lazy load, and full-screen modes.

E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

WooCommerce E-Commerce Bundle Rate Shipping

If you wish to display different rates of a single product for different users or whatever maybe the scenario, then consider using Bundle Rate Shipping plugin. It is priced $22 and is very impressive at its functionality.

WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery

WooThumbs Awesome Product Imagery

Every product needs to have certain thumbnails that users can quickly view and get a better look at the product. Now, this is the plugin that you should be keeping activated on your WooCommerce powered shopping website, as it adds functionality which empowers quick and better thumbnail viewing. You have to pay $17 to get your copy of this plugin, and it really changes the visual aspects of every product gallery on your website.

Quick Export Plugin

WooCommerce Quick Export Plugin

Every billing system needs to offer a mechanism by which product bills and details can be exported into different formats. If you wish to add a similar functionality on your blog, then consider using Quick Export plugin that is priced $21 and is currently used by around 1.5k users.

WooCommerce Custom Background

Background Banner for WooCommerce

While working on an e-commerce portal, it’s important to present the products in a better way so that the customers feel to buy what you’re offering. Now, for the same purpose, here is this WooCommerce Custom Background WordPress WooCommerce Plugin to enable you to get different and stylish backgrounds for your product pages along with many other features. Some notable features of this plugin are product gallery background, banner for each category, background for categories, background for product pages and ease of setup as well. The price to buy this plugin is US $ 16.

Woo Slider Plugin

Woo Commerce Product Slider

Online shopping is completely dependent on the flaunting of products and luring customers to buy them. Well, this Woo Slider WordPress WooCommerce Plugin is the option available in the market to help you easily flaunt your product and increase your sales. The features included in this plugin are unlimited colors, many layouts to show with responsiveness, sliders can hold an image, gallery or the videos, products can be arranged in the order by price, stock, date, rate, sales and title and many other options as well. The price to buy this handy plugin is US $ 18.

WooCommerce Check Out

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

The e-commerce websites ought to have a good platform, design and looks to lure the customers, but one thing that goes unnoticed by the owners is a check out form. Well, I guess if check out isn’t easy then possibly your sales may decline. However, this WooCommerce Check Out WordPress WooCommerce plugin can solve this issue for you. It is very light weight with fast payment and easy to set up as well. Also, it comes at just US $ 6 and I think it’s pretty fair to pay.

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

Migrating or updating your WooCommerce products will no longer be a complex task, once you have the WooCommerce product import export plugin active on your website. It will help you export and import thousands of products belonging to simple, grouped, and external/affiliate product types. You can also schedule the import and export by upgrading to their pro version. Key features of the plugin

  • Import simple, grouped, affiliate/external products from CSV
  • Export simple, grouped, affiliate/external products to CSV
  • Supports various export filters (category, tags, product status)
  • Map CSV columns with WooCommerce fields during import and export
  • Edit products in bulk

And, Some Last Words!

I must say that affiliate marketing has made the bloggers earn some good money and the bloggers too haven’t left any stone unturned to make their website compatible with affiliate marketing to earn profits. Well, I guess the above WordPress WooCommerce plugins are must have for any marketer so that they can maximize their profits. Although we’re not able to mention all the plugins here, so please do mention them in the comment section below. Also, you can also let us know your queries so that we can sort them out for you though if any.

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  • Rostislav Sofronov
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    Hi! One more great plugin – WooCommerce Products Filter https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-products-filter/ – if shop customer can filter products this fact will add more satisfaction for him

  • Francesco Totti
    Posted at 05:45h, 04 August Reply

    For sites running Variable Products, and image swapping plugin. Smart Variations Images works great!


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