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Would you like to start doing subscriptions offer business online? If so, the first thing that you need to do is to create a great-looking WordPress site for your business. Then, you have to implement a paid subscription service on your website and begin to get the recurring revenue.

The question is – how this can be done? Actually, there is a quick and easy way of implementing an automated billing system to a WordPress site. With this type of a billing system your customers will certainly find it easy to make repeat purchases on your website. For this, SUMO Subscriptions (combined with WooCommerce) is a must-have WordPress plugin for any type of subscriptions offer business.

This blog post will concentrate on such a wonderful WordPress plugin as SUMO Subscriptions. This great WooCommerce addon is designed to make it easy for you to add a paid subscription service to your e-commerce site. We’ll tell you about key features of the plugin. Plus, we’ll outline the most significant benefits of the plugin. So, if you take advantage of this plugin you’ll have everything that’s needed to sell different types of digital and physical products and get recurring payments on your website.

How SUMO Subscriptions Plugin Works

SUMO Subscriptions is known for being the number 1 WooCommerce subscription plugin. Now, it’s time for you to learn more about the plugin’s key features.

  1. What is great about SUMO Subscriptions is that this WooCommerce addon plugin can be easily integrated with almost any WordPress theme.
  2. The plugin comes with all major payment gateways (such as PayPal and Stripe). If you use either PayPal or Stripe payment gateways you’ll be able to set automatic renewal for a subscription. That means that you’ll be able to make subscription renewals and get payments on your website automatically.
  3. You can also integrate SUMO Subscriptions with any of the WooCommerce supported payment gateways. In this case, you’ll be able to choose manual renewal for a subscription.
  4. SUMO Subscriptions makes it easy for you to set price, duration and the number of renewals for each of subscriptions. With the plugin you’ll find it easy to set the date of subscription’s renewal.
  5. The plugin gives clients an opportunity to purchase both subscription and non-subscription products together in a single checkout.
  6. Another big advantage of SUMO Subscriptions is that this WordPress subscription plugin gives a lot of flexibility to buyers. In other words, buyers can choose either automatic subscription renewal or manual subscription renewal.
  7. If you choose to use SUMO Subscriptions on your website you’ll also be able to add shipping and tax costs to your subscription’s renewal price easily. You can also apply discount codes to your subscription renewals.
  8. Your admin panel will have an option that will allow you to create a subscription for each of site users manually.
  9. With such a fantastic WooCommerce addon plugin as SUMO Subscriptions, you’ll find it easy to send reminder emails to your subscribers. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your customers informed about the necessity to renew subscriptions.

Sumo Subscriptions is Compatible with Many Great Plugins

Sumo Subscriptions is compatible with a number of great WordPress plugins. You should know that Sumo Subscriptions is compatible with such plugins as SUMO Memberships, SUMO Donations, SUMO Affiliates, SUMO Reward Points, WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart and Hoicker. Each of these plugins can expand the site’s functionality significantly. Below, we’ll explain to you how Sumo Subscriptions is compatible with each of these plugins.

If you take advantage of such a wonderful plugin as SUMO Memberships you’ll be able to integrate WooCommerce Membership System into your website. With this type of membership system you’ll find it easy to manage your subscriptions as well as membership plans. SUMO Memberships makes it possible for you to use the subscription to control the membership plan.

You can also make donation products on your website. All that you need to do is to benefit from SUMO Donations plugin. With this type of plugin you’ll find it easy to charge your customers the donation amount each time the subscription is renewed.

Would you like to use an affiliate program to promote your subscriptions offer business? If so, you need to use SUMO Affiliates that comes with the up-to-date WooCommerce Affiliate System and many other great features. In your site’s admin panel you will be able to award (or not award) affiliate commission when the subscription is renewed.

SUMO Reward Points is designed to reward your users with points every time they renew subscriptions. The plugin comes with WooCommerce Reward System. That means that users will earn some points for every subscription renewal. Let’s imagine the situation that your client has earned some points. If this is the case, a client will be able to use points for purchasing new subscriptions or renewing existing subscriptions.

SUMO Subscriptions can be also compatible with WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart. With this type of plugin users will be able to see subscription plan details in the Abandoned Cart Emails.

Hoicker is another great plugin that can be easily compatible with SUMO Subscriptions. Hoicker is a multi-module WooCommerce marketing plugin that allows users to purchase subscription products on your website using the Wallet Payment Gateway. With this type of plugin users will be able to pre-approve their future Subscription renewals. When the subscription is renewed the necessary amount is deducted from user’s wallet automatically.

Why You Should Buy SUMO Subscriptions

As you can see, SUMO Subscriptions is a WooCommerce subscription plugin that has a lot of great features. The list of plugin’s features could go on and on. It’s also important to note that the plugin offers a number of important competitive advantages to the owners of subscriptions offer businesses. Now, we would like to draw your attention to the most significant benefits of SUMO Subscriptions plugin.

SUMO Subscriptions can be used for creating different types of websites. Oftentimes, the plugin is used to build websites for selling hosting/domain registration services, software, online courses, home maintenance services and other types of subscriptions offer businesses.

SUMO Subscriptions has been developed by the world’s leading plugin creator. Fantastic Plugins is a reliable company that has built a solid reputation on the market due to developing a lot of great WordPress plugins. It’s worth noting that the company’s customer base is constantly expanding. Fantastic Plugins has developed the new generation of WooCommerce subscription plugin. Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that Fantastic Plugins provides its clients with great customer support.

SUMO Subscriptions is an easy-to-install a WordPress subscription plugin. That means that it will not take you too much time to install SUMO Subscriptions on your website.

SUMO Subscriptions is a feature-rich WooCommerce subscription addon. SUMO Subscriptions comes with all the necessary features for creating and managing subscriptions on a website.

SUMO Subscriptions already has a great reputation. The plugin has a lot of excellent customer reviews. The owners of subscriptions offer businesses are always happy with the plugin. That’s why they recommend the plugin to their partners.

Thank you so much for reading this plugin review. We have just told you everything you need to know about SUMO Subscriptions plugin, its key features and benefits. Hopefully, this plugin review will give you a basic understanding of how the plugin works. Use the power of SUMO Subscriptions to do your subscriptions offer business in the best possible way! Good luck!

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