Review: The Weglot Multilingual Plugin Has Evolved

Do you need to translate your WordPress site into different languages? If so, we can recommend you to take advantage of the latest Weglot plugin. It’s important to note that Weglot has established it’s position as the number one multilingual WordPress plugin. With Weglot plugin, you’ll be able to make your WordPress website multilingual fast and easy. Actually, we wrote a review of Weglot plugin previously. However, the plugin has evolved since that time. That’s why we would like to give you more details about Weglot plugin today. So, you’ll be able to figure out how it works and how you can benefit from using this fantastic plugin.

What Has Changed in 1 Year Since the Last Review?

Actually, a lot has changed with Weglot plugin in 1 year since our last review. The big question is – what updates have been made to this popular plugin?

  • Firstly; increased and improved features, such as email translations for WooCommerce or collaboration features.
  • The plugin has become even more popular. Today, the number of the plugin’s users and 5-star feedback has increased by almost twice the amount.
  • The plugin’s developer has increased its staff from 2 co-founders to 8 workers. The company is planning to increase its staff to 10 people in the foreseeable future.
  • It’s also important to note that the plugin provides much better user experience today. The plugin’s dictionaries have improved and more languages have been added to the translations list.

As you can see, Weglot plugin has improved significantly during the last year.

The Benefits to Using a Multilingual WP Website

WordPress site owners can benefit from Weglot plugin in many ways. Below, we’ll outline the key benefits of having a multilingual WP website.

1) Your site’s visibility is likely to increase dramatically if you choose to take advantage of Weglot plugin and make your site multilingual. More people will be able to find your site in search engines. So, your website targeted traffic will increase. That means that your site will generate more potential clients to your business.

2) Using Weglot plugin will definitely result in better user experience. The most important thing is that visitors will be able to choose their language on a multilingual website. As a result, your site’s bounce rate will reduce and conversion rate will increase.

3) Some business owners choose to create an independent website for each language. However, maintaining multiple sites is no easy task. So, it would be better for you to develop one multilingual website. By doing this, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money.

What are The Key Elements of a Multilingual WP Website You Need to Care About?

The quality of translation. If you are going to build a multilingual WordPress website, then you should definitely pay a close attention to the quality of translation. Keep in mind that the text on your WordPress site can be translated by online translation tools, the internal team or professional translators. Obviously, human translation is much better than automatic translation.

The user experience. It’s worth noting that the user experience is crucial for the success of your multilingual website. When new users come to a website and can’t find a translation button for a long time, they usually leave a website quickly. Finally, your site’s bounce rate may reduce significantly because of that. This will definitely have a huge negative impact on your search engine rankings and sales. And of course, you should do everything you can to prevent this type of problem from happening. Obviously, you need to make the translation button visible. So, visitors will find it easy to switch languages on your multilingual WordPress site. You can also take advantage of the plugin that detects user’s browser language. So, if a user comes to your site then he/she will be able to see texts translated into his/her language.

Search engine optimization. It goes without saying that search engine optimization has to be a key part of your online marketing strategy. When building a multilingual site with Weglot plugin, it’s important for you to make sure that all of your translations are SEO friendly. It all begins with keyword research. First of all, you need to do keyword research and identify the target keywords for all of your translated versions. Each of your site’s web pages has to be indexed by all major search engines. Then, you’ll need to optimize the translated texts for the right keywords. This will help your potential customers find your website in Google and other search engines.

That’s it. Thank you so much for reading our review of Weglot plugin. You will definitely find it easy to translate the texts on your web pages and make your WordPress site multilingual with this type of WordPress plugin. There is no question that Weglot plugin will contribute greatly to your online business! Use the power of Weglot plugin to promote your business and sell your products or services online successfully! Best of luck!

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  • Alex Buran
    Posted at 16:19h, 20 March Reply

    Thanks for sharing a nice review on the WordPress translation plugin from Weglot. Yes, this plugin has been around since 2015 when they first published it in WordPress directory and took a right aim on combination of machine pre-translation and human revision aspects in order to bring together world class service. Thanks to our French buddies!
    I’d like to recommend another WordPress plugin that has similar function, but costs less to run. This is ConveyThis Translate. This plugin essentially has similar machine pre-translation function as well as a human revision module. You can download it from the WP repository.

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