5 Best Plugins to Turn Your WordPress Site Into an Online Magazine

WordPress is undoubtedly the best CMS in the world. With more than 23% of websites in the world using the WordPress platform to power their website, there is no other proof one need to understand its dominance, ease of usability and scalability.

Many website owners find WordPress platform to be quite good for their business. The ability to adapt to any of the needs can really put the business at the top — all of this without any delay whatsoever. Plugins are there to make this happen. With plugins, you can get a contact form, protect your WordPress website, enable a widget that does X and much more.

Today, I am going to list the best plugins to turn your websites site into an online magazine. Business can turn the attention to magazine based layout, which can further improve their readiness and the brand value of the business.

Using Magazine is one of the best ways to connect with the audience. Regularly releases magazine issues can really make readers hook into your website, transforming them into a long term visitor.

Let’s not waste more time and already jump our gun to the best plugins out there that can transform your WordPress website into an Online Magazine.

5 Best Plugins to Turn Your WordPress Site Into an Online Magazine


IssueM WordPress Plugins

If you would ask me which plugin is the winner among all the available plugin to transform your website into online magazine.. The plugin would be IssueM.

IssueM is undoubtedly the best Magazine builder plugin out there. The internal workings are quite simple, and you can create a magazine in a matter of minutes.

The term is “Issues”. Within a single “Issues” category, you can add as many articles as you want. They all are saved in the form of the draft and hence signifies the process of “importance of magazine”.

Once you are satisfied with the whole thing, you can publish it for the readers of your website. The simple system of creating a magazine is really an impressive one. No fuss, all it works in a simple way to create a magazine that can be loved by the users.

Also, integrating the magazine into the website is done using the “shortcode” — this makes the deal even better — no need to customize the theme.

Premium Add-ons to make it super-awesome.

Many plugins in the WordPress marketplace comes with add-ons. IssueM is no different. The idea is to offer more in a much better way.

IssueM offers a good number of add-ons. The most notable ones are as follows.

Full Details & Download

2. WP jQuery Pager

WP jQuery Pager Plugin

WP jQquery pager is one of the lightweight plugins that take on the job of creating a magazine — more precisely, mini books.

With the help of the WP jQuery Pager, you can create a mini-book with images and booklets. The most important part of the plugin is the minimalistic approach.

Many websites do not want to make the website bloated, and this is where the plugin comes in.

Full Details & Download

3. WP Easy Columns

WP Easy Columns Plugin

Creating a magazine doesn’t really have to be all about issue publication. There are many website that rely on the magazine based style. And, if you are using a theme that doesn’t come with column based layout, then WP Easy Columns is for you.

Magazine based style reading is very popular in the online world. With the help of the plugin, you can quickly create the desired layout in minutes. The layout that are currently available for use is 1/5, 2/5, 2/3 and more.

The plugin makes your website look like a magazine and offers a wonderful experience. Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with most of the theme available in the market.

Full Details & Download

4. Aesop Story Engine

Aesop Story Engine WordPress Plugin

Looking to tell people stories in the form of a magazine, and then Aesop Story Engine is your best bet.

The Aesop Story Engine is the one-stop solution to online magazine building. The online magazine creation is done with the idea of telling a story to the audience, and I must say that it does a pretty good job at it.

The Aesop Story Engine is full of features. It offers an easy creation of magazine that is easy-to-read and is user-friendly. To make the magazine as attractive as possible, the plugin supports full video integration from different sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter, and more.

You can also choose to implement full background and choose to insert galleries. Awesome right? Yes, it is.

To make the deal much better, you can go further and improve on the headlines and change avatars for better user engagement.

In short, you can really create the story of your life with a lot of control in your hands.

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5. Gridster

Gridster WordPress Plugin

Gridster is yet another option that enables you to create magazine based posts/pages for your blog. The plugin offers draggable layouts for easy creation and hence offers great user experience.

You are free to customize the layouts with elements and content. The plugin also comes with the option to use widgets, which can further improve user-experience.

You can also edit the content right from the grid, making it less time consuming. This way the content can be ready to be published in no time.

Full Details & Download

Wrap Up

With this five plugins, you can be at the top of the magazine publication. These five plugins are handpicked and will solve all your problem regarding magazine publication or magazine layouts for pages/posts/website.

For me, IssueM stands out the brightest, followed by the Aesop Story Engine. Other plugins also do justice to your requirements but are varied in functionality and implementation.

One plugin that I want to make special note is Storyform. If by any means you think that Aesop Story Engine has no competition, then you are wrong. Storyform is a good alternative of Aesop.

Do you think, I listed all the best plugins for creating an online magazine? Comment below and let us know. Also, share the article as much as you can.

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