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Business owners do everything they can to make their websites load faster for obvious reasons. The reality is, more and more people choose to use different types of mobile devices for browsing the Internet today. Therefore, if your website is not well-optimized for speed it will take mobile users too much time to load your web pages. Finally, you will start losing your clients. Another important thing is that website’s load speed plays a key role in the process of website optimization. There is the evidence that Google and other search engines rank higher websites with faster page load times. So, if you speed up your site you’ll be able to improve your SEO. Obviously, it’s crucial for you to have a fast loading website!

It’s worth noting that images have a huge impact on website’s load time. Do you find that your site’s pages don’t load quickly? If so, you need to pay a close attention to your site’s images. It’s important to know that large size images negatively affect website’s load speed. And of course, such images need to be optimized effectively. Image optimization is all about reducing the size of images without losing their quality.

WordPress provides website owners with a great way to optimize images on site’s pages. A lot of WordPress plugins have been designed to make it easy for you to optimize your site’s images and improve your page load speed. In this blog, we’ll tell you about the best WordPress image optimizers to speed up your website.

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

What is great about EWWW Image Optimizer is that this image optimization tool is easy to use. All that you need to do is to upload images to your blog. After that, images will be optimized by the plugin automatically. You can also use the plugin to optimize previously uploaded images on your website. EWWW Image Optimizer can be used for optimizing images of JPG and PNG formats. After optimization, your images will load faster and this will help you speed up your WordPress site dramatically. It’s also important to note that EWWW Image Optimizer maintains the quality of images.

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2. CW Image Optimizer

CW Image Optimizer is another great plugin that optimizes images on WordPress sites automatically. The plugin uses image optimization tool that has been developed by Linux. Once you upload new images to your site the plugin will reduce their size. CW Image Optimizer can also optimize the images that have been uploaded to your site earlier. Finally, your images will occupy less space on server and the performance of your website will be improved.

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3. Hammy

You can also take advantage of Hammy to optimize images on your WordPress site. The plugin reduces the size of images automatically and provides users with smaller images for view. So, if you install Hammy on your WordPress site you’ll be able to provide your mobile users with better and faster experience. Another big advantage of the plugin is that it reduces website server load. An image can be processed many times, but it will be generated by the plugin once only. Obviously, this has a big positive impact on website’s load speed.

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4. Bulk Resize Media

Uploading huge images to a website increases load on server and has a negative impact on page load speed. If you install such a wonderful plugin as Bulk Resize Media on your site you’ll be able resize all of your uploaded images effectively. The plugin also comes with the bulk-resize feature that makes it easy for website owners to optimize multiple images for speed.

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5. WP Smush

A lot of WordPress site owners choose to use WP Smush plugin to make their images smaller. After installation, the plugin will optimize all of existing images on your website. WP Smush will compress all of new images on your website automatically as well.

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6. Compress JPEG & PNG

You’ll find it easy to optimize images on your WordPress site with a great image compression plugin developed by TinyPNG. The plugin uses a smart compression technique that is all about reducing the number of colors in images. This kind of technique allows website owners to reduce file size of images as well as website’s bandwidth dramatically. You don’t need to worry about image quality. Users will not see any difference between original and optimized images. It’s the way how the plugin works with images.

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7. Prizm Image

Prizm Image is one of the most effective WordPress optimization plugins. The plugin resizes images and make them much smaller. However, the compression tool maintains the resolution and quality of images. Prizm Image can successfully optimize images of JPG, PNG and JIF formats. Keep in mind that you’ll be required to create an online Prizm Image account and get a free license prior to installing the plugin on your website.

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Thank you so much for reading our article. As you can see, a lot of WordPress image optimizers are available these days. Take advantage of WordPress plugins to optimize images on your site and improve your page load speed. We wish you the best of luck!

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