Plugin Review: WP Chatbot — an Impressive New Chatbot Builder

As I’m sure you know, chatbots are an incredibly useful tool for web-based businesses because they can save you SO much time and build relationships while you sleep — automatically. They can direct people to important aspects of your sales funnel, or just simply be a helpful member of your team (that never asks for wages or sales commissions! haha).

As a part-time internet marketer, business owner and entrepreneur, chatbots aren’t anything new to me, however — despite being in it’s early stages in terms of development — this brand new, WordPress-ready plugin was definitely still impressive. And it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so…

“WP Chatbot allowed us to divide by 2 the number of emails received each day. I could not believe it until I tried it.”

“We have increased our conversion rate by 35% thanks to WP Chatbot, after 1 month and some testing.”

Firstly, it’s fully WordPress-ready!

Just plug it in, activate and off you go… There’s no special code or “integration” issues like you might face with older chatbot options. Building your own chatbot with WP Chatbot is easy. It’s just a super-simple “if this, then that” type setup, where you put in both questions and possible answers.

Secondly, WP Chatbot is private and secure.

Many of the older chatbot options require you to setup an account, then add their special integration code (or whatever other annoying installation headaches they might come up with), and—most importantly—keep all YOUR data on THEIR servers. It’s a control measure, and it’s kinda creepy. What if your site deals with personal matters and you want to protect both yourself and your users? Nope, no such luck … until now. WP Chatbot gives you full control and privacy of your chat data.

Thirdly, this chatbot has NO ongoing fees 🙂

Sure it’s a premium plugin, so you’ll pay a few bucks up front, but with many chatbot services, you’ll pay again and again, for as long as you want to use it. Sometimes it’s more than the cost of WP Chatbot’s one-time purchase, every single month!

Fourthly, this is a pretty easy, user-friendly plugin.

On the developer’s plugin page, he boasts a 10-minute setup. And, although many developers may be a little over-zealous about how good and easy their own creations are, I actually think this is totally feasible for most people. In fact, if you already have a basic idea of the primary Q&A it’ll deal with, you could probably get your first bot up and running in less time.

Despite it’s complex code and “intelligent” offering (albeit artificial of course), WP Chatbot is indeed easy to setup. You don’t need any special skills and I love that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it. So that means you can start off simple and keep building in more features and improvements as time goes on — which stops you from ever feeling overwhelmed.

You can get it up and running initially to just answer simple questions and point people in the right direction (which is helpful and time-saving in itself), and then keep building in more aspects to cover frequently asked questions and to ultimately act as an invaluable (and free) part of your sales force. Obviously you’ll spend more than 10 minutes on it ultimately, but this “do once, auto-repeat many” type tools are unbelievably invaluable.

This reliable sales assistant never falls asleep, never drops the ball, never forgets a line and never asks for a pay-rise. That’s pretty awesome in my book!

Lastly, there are no rules — except your own.

Other options in the chatbot space, such as Facebook’s own chatbot feature, have strict rules and guidelines. They’re completely inflexible and often restrictive, depending on what you’re trying to communicate and achieve. It’s actually really funny, because on the plugin’s salespage, it actually references “Facebook’s Dictatorship Bullshits”. Yep. Got that one right! haha

Of course, it’s not all roses right now. This chatbot plugin does have limitations because it’s in it’s early stages of development, however I can see from forums that the developer is working hard to rapidly improve it’s features, and I’m sure that within a few months, this will be a full-featured plugin.

Here’s a list of the current features…

  • Easy to use: Teach your bot what to say using a familiar WordPress edit screen.
  • Ask your users for contact details: get email, phone, message or any other details.
  • Store user’s answers: discover how people talk with your bot (helps you improve it).
  • Send an email transcript: so you’ll never miss an important conversation or sales lead.
  • Fully Responsive: it’ll still work and look good on smartphones and tablets too.
  • Monetisation: you can even deliver ads via the chat screen!
  • Comes with 2 skins: a “Facebook” style skin and a classic style.
  • Easily Hookable : if you are a WP developer, you will love the code.
  • Compatible with all themes: if it’s WordPress, it’s all good.
  • Import/export chatbots: you can save chatbots and import them onto other sites.
  • Customisable: you can create your own CSS theme (requires CSS knowledge).
  • Multilingual: easy to translate and compatible with WPML.
  • Auto-Update: it can be updated from your WordPress panel.

For a full run-down and demo, check out WP Chatbot on CodeCanyon.

Tips for optimal use of Chatbot on WordPress

The physical communication team is currently replaced by the conversational chatbot which can provide its services. Besides being cost-effective, chatbot for WordPress plugin remains so easy to configure and offer various functionalities. To help you manage your tool perfectly, consider these essential tips.

How to integrate your Chatbot on WordPress?

To integrate the smart device into your website, first, you must click on the “activate” tab in the Chatbot editor. Then, continue to “Add Website” by copying the URL of your WordPress site.

Be aware that the options of the Chatbots proposed by the editors are different. Tidio, for example, is associated with a graphical chatbot editor, but Botnation is not. Then, the online editor offers two keys to copy and paste directly on your WP admin configuration panel. Don’t forget to save the modifications you’ve made in order to see the tool appear on your website.

What are the new Chatbots features?

To stop hesitating about the advantages of Chatbots, here is a brief review of the options offered by these innovative virtual assistants.

The old Chatbots answered questions asked by customers. Nowadays, these tools take more advantage of the evolution of machine learning and allow to answer more intelligently to the users’ requests. Currently being able to take into account the natural language, Chatbots become fluid and pleasant conversational tool for its interlocutor.

By investing in these automated systems, you will have an assistant available all the time. You will not have to deal with customers complaining about the slowness of your services or other complaints. Also, you should know that these virtual assistants can process complaints more quickly than your physical agents. Thus, you will be able to economize money and especially to win in efficiency.

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