Seven WordPress Plugins for Starting a New Website

Seven WordPress Plugins for Starting a New Website

When it comes to content management systems and website builders, it’s pretty difficult to top WordPress. Many companies and different agencies around the world talk about popular software and what it takes to build beautiful websites, and while some of them are indeed wonderful, there is a lot that isn’t quite up to scratch with WordPress.

In order to get the most out of a WordPress system, you’re going to need to use plugins. With over 50 000 plugins available in the popular CMS directory, you’ll never be short of available options to choose from!

Choosing which plugins to use when starting a website is vital for your website’s speed, security, and user-friendliness. Fortunately, there are some obvious winners that benefit any type of WordPress site. Let’s look at seven of them.


How to Export Orders from WooCommerceYou need this eCommerce plugin to build a website to sell a product or service. WooCommerce is the leading plugin for WordPress when it comes to online shopping. It essentially converts your entire WordPress site into a fully functioning online store.

Its customization is virtually endless, so you can continue to scale your business and sell anything from digital files to physical products. You can also set different currencies, display reviews and ratings, add sorting and filtering, add unlimited images per product, enable subscriptions, tiered pricing, and a whole lot more.

However, the best thing about this plugin is that its core functionality is free. As a bonus, it’s also made by the same company responsible for the WordPress CMS (Automattic), which means it’s definitely a high-quality, reliable plugin.


WPForms is up there as one of the most popular WordPress form builders available. It’s a beginner-friendly tool that makes adding forms to your WordPress website simple. That’s incredibly helpful! You can create forms with the plugin’s drag-and-drop builder and don’t need to do any coding.

The free version comes with basic form features such as form fields, CAPTCHA, email notifications, and more. The premium version gives you even more functionality, like integrations and the ability to create multi-page forms and add survey functionality. Creating forms on a website has never been easier!

Yoast SEO

YoastYoast SEO is the plugin you should turn to if you want to get your website ranking higher on Google searches. You’ll get different titles and meta description templates, so you can learn how to craft this information according to SEO best practices.

The popular plugin also thoroughly analyses your content for readability and keywords so that you can balance high-quality content with SEO.


ElementorElementor is definitely one of the best web page builders for WordPress. It allows you to place a wide variety of page elements with a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for beginners! Constructing your ideal website is easier than ever and just takes clicking and dragging your desired elements into the builder area without needing to code at all.

For its ease of use, simplicity, and ultra compatibility with most WordPress themes, Elementor is a highly recommended plugin, especially for beginners who may be less comfortable dealing with the back-end WordPress code.


Images are one of the main reasons that slow-loading websites exist. As a result, optimizing every image file on your website is vital to help improve the loading speed. If you had to do this manually for every image, you might be at it for a while! This is where the helpful Smush plugin can step in.

Smush automatically compresses images across your entire website as soon as you upload them to your media folder. This will help your website load quickly for users, which will, in turn, keep them engaged with your site. This plugin is highly valuable!


The Review of Weglot PluginWeglot is a WordPress translation plugin that allows your website to launch a multilingual website in minutes. You can add over 100 languages to your site without needing a developer, professional translator, or any coding skills! Weglot is a time-saver and great for user engagement!


This plugin, developed by ElegantThemes, is one of WordPress’s best social sharing plugins. It has modern social sharing buttons, which you can purposefully place anywhere on your web pages to hopefully encourage users to click and share your content on their personal social media feeds.

Monarch integrates smartly with over 20 different social media platforms to assist you in reaching new audiences on popular channels.


As mentioned above, over 50 000 plugins are available in the WordPress directory, plus thousands of third-party plugins to add to that!

As you begin building your website and start looking at different features you’d like to add, you can be sure that there will be a plugin suited to satisfy whatever vision you may have of your website.

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