WPForms vs Wufoo (2021) Side–by–Side Review

Are you looking for more information before choosing between WPForms and Wufoo? Well, no worries. You have just stumbled into the right article. Our comparison between these two options will help you make the correct decision.


WPForms is a user-friendly contact form plugin for beginners. Their goal is to make it much easier to create forms in WordPress no matter what experiences you have. This form builder comes with many built-in features beyond your imagination for creating smart, yet powerful online forms that have a different number of input fields. All of the forms become completely customizable and therefore, reduces the time you will need to create stunning forms for your website.

You can just simply drag and drop everything in WPForms. There are many pre-made templates available, which provides you with everything that you need to create and launch a WordPress form on your site with just a single click. Their form builder also includes many premium add-ons that make it more convenient to do things like add surveys and polls to your forms and also to accept online payments as well.


Wufoo is an online form builder that has all the tools required to help you to create great forms. It also comes with several pre-designed templates to pick from for creating great forms, metrics reporting, and payment integrations for processing credit card payments. Some of Wufoo’s best features include a drag and drop interface for adding any input fields and the ability to customize a form for personalized branding.

Let’s see whether WPForms is a better option when compared to Wufoo.

Things to look for in a contact form builder

There are a few things to look for when comparing two different contact forms builder options before taking your final decision. The following are: Features, Integrations and Price.

#1. Features

Wufoo: Features

Wufoo’s feature set is very much limited when compared to what WPForms offer.

Wufoo provides the following features;

  • Build & customize online forms
  • Accept Payments
  • File Uploads
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Automate workflows to save time
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Export
  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption
  • Smart CAPTCHA
  • Data Fortress

WPForms: Features

WPForms provides the following features;

  • 100% Responsive 
  • Online Form Builder 
  • Form Templates 
  • Spam Protection 
  • Instant Form Notification 
  • Smart Form Confirmation 
  • File Uploads 
  • Multi-Page Forms
  • MailChimp Forms 
  • AWeber Forms 
  • PayPal Payment Forms 
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Entry Management 
  • Automatic Form Confirmations
  • Survey and Poll Form Creation
  • Partial Form Saving
  • Exhaustive Spam Protection
  • No Limits
  • Online Signature Capability
  • Form Permissions and Access Controls
  • Geolocation Tracking

With its expansive collection of awesome features, WPForms is an amazing form builder. When you look at the feature list you can clearly see that WPForms provide great features compared to Wufoo.

Winner: WPForms


#2. Integrations

Wufoo: Integrations

Wufoo lets you integrate your form with more than 60 tools. For example, you can integrate with popular CRM tools like Salesforce or cloud solution technology such as Dropbox for file storage. In addition, most social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook are supported. For merchants that want to collect payments on their forms, Wufoo provides 12 payment gateway integrations to choose from. You can also connect your forms to their email service providers as well like MailChimp, SendLoop, and Campign Monitor.

WPForms:  Integrations

WPForms does not provide many payment gateways to choose from. Instead, there is an option to integrate your forms with two of the most popular and widely used gateways, PayPal and Stripe.  WPForms also allows integration with over 500 different web apps from CRMs to invoicing software, calendaring systems and instant messengers. Being able to connect your WordPress forms to many different types of third-party platforms is a great option to have for their users.

Winner: Draw


#3. Price

Wufoo: Price

Wufoo provides 4 highly priced premium plans to choose from ranging from $14.08 – $183.25 per month. There is also no money-back guarantee offer available, as mentioned in Wufoo’s terms of service. If you don’t like the plan you have paid for, it might be difficult getting a refund.

WPForms: Price

WPForms provides a great price range for different types of plan. They also offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee on all the premium plans, so if you ever change your mind for any reason, you can get your money back easily. Fortunately, there is a Black Friday offer just around the corner with WPForms offering a 60% off discount on all of their plans. So, what are you waiting for!! Click here for more information about WPForms pricing.

Winner: WPForms

From our comparison between WPForms and Wufoo, we can conclude that WPForms is the winner due to the number of features and more competitive pricing.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Both of the form builders are amazing and you are free to choose the best one for your business. If you need additional help from us or have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to contact us below in comments, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.

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