Increasing Engagement With Video Content

Increasing Engagement With Video Content

Creating compelling content that engages an audience is an essential marketing strategy for any business. Thanks to the emergence of digital marketing tools, businesses can now reach potential customers across a number of different platforms, increasing their visibility as well as their profits.

With the rise of video marketing channels such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, the effectiveness of this medium in delivering information in both engaging and easily digestible ways should not be overstated. Statistics have revealed that investment in video content is projected to reach $92.253 billion by 2024, as 93% of marketers incorporate this medium for higher engagement and return on investment (ROI).  In this article, we will explore some helpful ways your business can increase its audience engagement through the use of video content.

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Create Relevant Content

For a video to capture the attention of its target audience, a business must first decipher who it wishes to target. Once this has been established the focus should be on creating content that is relevant to that audience.

Where in-house expertise is lacking in this area, businesses can consider outsourcing the assignment of creating engaging content to an experienced service provider such as this video production Sydney.

By understanding its audience and their needs, preferences, and pain points, a business can begin the task of creating videos that resonate with them and sustain their interest. This can help a business create content that aligns with user intent, whether they are searching for information, seeking entertainment, or wishing to make a purchase.

Catch the Eye

A video is more likely to be watched if it catches the eye of its intended audience. This visual appeal can be achieved through the use of striking or intriguing imagery that grabs their attention. This is especially important for the thumbnail of a video as this is typically the first sight a potential viewer will see.

According to Google, 90% of the best-performing YouTube videos have custom thumbnails that are designed to be eye-catching. Other ways a business can engage an audience through visuals is with the use of animation, dynamic color and composition contrast, and motion graphics.

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Include Subtitles

Research shows that up to 75% of people watch mobile video content with the audio on mute. With many people consuming digital content on-the-go such as on public transport or in other public spaces, having the volume on is usually discouraged or frowned upon. If subtitles have not been optimized in a video, a business runs the risk of missing out on engaging a significant segment of its potential audience.

To ensure they capture the broadest engagement they can, businesses should adapt their video content to align with these viewer habits.  Adding subtitles also ensures businesses do not alienate themselves from those with hearing difficulties, ensuring greater inclusivity and accessibility for all viewers.

By following the suggestions above, a business can significantly increase its ability to create compelling video content that captures its audience’s attention and successfully achieves its objective.

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