Investment App Development

Investment App Development

The financial applications that make it easier to invest money or trade stocks are currently rapidly taking over the investing business. Online, there are millions of brokerage houses, investment businesses, and fintech consulting organizations. As a result, using an investment software solution is a great way to profit from your funds right now.

Overview of the Investment Market

Investment platformWith more individuals becoming interested in investing, the market for investment apps is expanding annually. The size of the worldwide investment app development platform market was estimated by Reports and Data to be 1.16 billion USD in 2020 and to grow to 4.99 billion USD by 2028.

The increasing acceptance of blockchain technology is another aspect that has contributed to the expansion of the market for investing applications. Investor interest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DeFis is growing. According to Coinmarketcap, the market capitalization for cryptocurrencies was around 1.926 trillion USD at the start of the fourth quarter of 2021.

Different Investment Apps

You need to get ready before you begin developing your investing app. You will need to develop the features and choose the team size, organizational structure, and technology to be employed based on the sort of application you finally choose. Some of the most popular financial applications are listed below:

Investment-Focused Applications for Education

With the assistance of this kind of investing software, novices may learn the principles of financial literacy.

Trade-Related Applications

This kind of investing app enables stock trading and has the ability to do trades on your behalf.

Apps for Brokers

These apps are designed for consumers who are already aware of the products they wish to purchase. Normally, this is a place where you may swap fiat money and cryptocurrencies.

Banking Applications

Users may manage their accounts and conduct transactions, deposits, investments, take loans and more using the various online banking services and applications. These apps often come from accredited financial institutions.

Features of Investment App Development

Code on laptopOnboarding

Think of many methods to register for your app to make it user-friendly: a phone number, social network accounts, an Apple ID, an email, etc. Additionally, to finish registration, the app should include ID verification capabilities in addition to two-factor authentication to guarantee the security of users’ data and money.

Connecting a Bank Account

To link their national bank to the app, customers must be able to pick it. They ought to be allowed to amend, remove, or add new bank accounts as necessary. Up to 295 developing hours for each platform would be needed to create this functionality.

Personal Statement and Resume

Users may evaluate their assets, designate preferred payment methods, add information about themselves, and check statistics on their assets. Use graphs and charts to provide explanations, keeping in mind that the human brain may handle visual material more effectively.

Financial Gateway

The availability of a secure payment channel is crucial. For streamlined and secure checkouts, take into account PayPal or Stripe connections. For both Android and iOS, the inclusion of this functionality will take 188 development hours.

Management of Stocks

Users may use this feature to look for stocks to buy. When stocks are broken down into several categories, filtering and sorting should be incorporated along with streamlined navigation. A Bankrate survey found that 17% of smartphone owners have standalone investing applications loaded, with 63% of smartphone owners having at least one financial app.


Users may interact comfortably with any sort of software thanks to instant assistance. This feature provides a place for novices to seek professional guidance. Additionally, more seasoned users may take advantage of this and solve the issues with mobile app usage. The reliability of your trading app is often increased by the inclusion of a chatbot.


Real-time alerts are an essential element when it comes to investing. They enable users to monitor performance and promptly make needed modifications. Customers are frequently less satisfied with trading applications when they don’t receive timely updates.


When you decide to build an investment app, a number of issues come up. Since there are already so many good investing applications available on the market, it appears difficult to create top-notch software in this fierce rivalry.

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