Protect, Share, and Monitor Confidential Emails and Files—Without Passwords

Protect, Share, and Monitor Confidential Emails and Files—Without Passwords

One of the crucial things that made the internet so popular was its accessibility. In the early 90s, it was only available for expensive desktops and people who could afford good internet plans. But now everyone is on the internet. And that doesn’t just refer to regular folks, but people with malicious intent too. Internet scams, hacking, and cybercrime in general, followed the same pattern of growth that internet access did.

But what people tend to forget is the biggest crimes were rare back in the day because everyone was distrusting the internet. Now that the internet is an everyday commodity people are getting lax with their security. By creating endless emails and social media accounts people keep losing track of their passwords. So to keep track of passwords they consolidate them into a single multi-use password. But that’s one of the riskiest forms of online protection, and it’s not recommended to use it. Only one security breach can result in a complete loss of your online identity.

Internet signThat’s why it’s best to use online security tools like Sealit. It is a multi-purpose tool that can help you secure your emails and confidential data without the need for passwords. This eliminates the fundamental issue of internet security, remembering all your passwords. Because the reality is that you won’t stop creating new accounts for this or that. Whether it’s a new social media site or an online job profile, all these things contribute to your internet safety. And having all of them breachable through a single point is incredibly unsafe. The way Sealit bypasses these security risks is through biometrics. After all, the best passwords are right there on your body. Your unique features such as fingerprints, eyes, etc. are far more secure. Using biometrics means you go from multiple passwords to a simple scan that provides maximum security. So not only is it extremely safe, but it’s also hassle-free.

PasswordNot only can you swap your passwords for easy biometric security, but Sealit can also secure your emails and other data. With its seamless integration into Gmail and Outlook, you’ll be able to secure anything right before you send it. That may seem trivial for everyday use although if you’re running a business it’s a crucial feature. Knowing your business data is safely encrypted behind Sealit’s safety measures provides peace of mind to both you and your customers. No longer will there be accidental emails that are sent to the wrong person. You’ll also be able to track who opens your emails and files. That way you can confirm the recipient viewed your data.

Sealit also offers a nifty dashboard where you can monitor data to further enhance security. Through it, you can check who views your data and track any potential breaches. If you’re running a business that needs to transfer a lot of documents and files, this dashboard is perfect for you. You’ll have a unified list of collaborators and participants. That way you can cross your tasks quickly and easily, instead of re-reviewing every email to check if it was properly sent.


By using Sealit you’re taking your online safety to the next level. With its biometric security measures, you can keep your online profiles safe and emails secure. Don’t needlessly risk your data when there’s an easy way to secure it. Just using Sealit on a personal level is a great investment, but if you’re running a business it’s a must-have. Every moment you take doubting yourself is a moment wasted in strengthening your internet security. Therefore don’t hesitate,  secure your files and emails with the Sealit security system.

Valentino Klaric
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