Why Do You Need Schema for Wordpress SEO

Why Do You Need Schema for WordPress SEO?

Schema has been launched and Google also asked webmasters to use these markups on their websites for years ago. This wasn’t something necessary when its launched but at the moment it is something which you should use on your WordPress websites. You can use this schema markups with various ways on your WordPress website. You can do it through coding manually for each posts, you can use a schema plugin or you can also use a function code to implement it to your WordPress website automatically.

Why Google asking for Schema Markups?

I have seen that my clients that they think that Google Bots are quite genius and some of them were thinking that they can deceive Google. Schema Markups is a good proof that Google bots are not very clever. Google wants you to clarify that what is your website about with those markups. Otherwise they can’t understand what you mean but your keywords density and title tag helps a little to bots that what is your website about. Is it enough? I don’t think so… So Google bots are not very clever like most of people though? However they are stupid? No… You can’t deceive google with fake markups at all.

There is a penalty for those websites who are trying to deceive Google with fake markups. It is called as structured data penalty. This penalty is not occurring for fakes though. It also happens for markups which has lots of mistakes. I recommend you to check your structured data through the Google’s official test page: https://search.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool

Google understands what your website about with the help of this structured data and markups. What’s your company about? What is your content about? You are writing a news article or technical article? These codes will help Google…

If you have any questions about those penalties, feel free to ask me through commenting this page.

Is it Good for SEO?

There is no doubt that structured data, rich snippets are good for SEO. It is already has been told by several popular SEO tools several times. And Google is already made several updates for those data. So I recommend you to place those codes to your website carefully.

How to Avoid Mistakes?

I am going to provide details about how to implement structured data on your WordPress website at another page very soon. However you can use multiple plugins for WordPress. There are many good plugins for that. However automated structured data can get you in trouble. So you should ensure that you are using these plugins correctly. I also recommend you to check reviews about the plugin. You also need to ensure that it is coded well. You can check your structured data on the Google test page which I provided above. There are also page that you can test your rich snippets.

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  • Adam Webb
    Posted at 06:35h, 14 December Reply

    Implementing structured data on your WordPress website can help increase you site’s visibility to the search engines, improve click through rate (CTR) and even improve your ROI. It’s critical for SEO success. It enables search engines to pick up highly relevant pages for the searches. With this, you can surely get relevant traffic for your business.

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