How to Setup SEO Friendly Permalinks on WordPress?

Links are one of the key tools of the SEO with the new updates of Google which took place a few years ago. So you will need to create a good link structure to improve your on-page seo on WordPress. I am going to tell you how you can do it on this page. If you have any questions regarding to WordPress Permalinks, you can feel free to ask me through commenting this page. I will respond your questions as soon as possible.

Domain is the key for link structure & permalinks on WordPress

I have mentioned about how to find a seo friendly domain for your WordPress website in my last post. I recommend you to check this page before starting your new website. There are generally two kind of domains that you can get. Domains which tells the purpose of the website and domains which is directly a brand name.

For example: 85 ideas is a website based on WordPress but there is nothing related about the WordPress in the domain. So our name is completely a brand name without any keywords.

If your name is very short  and if it is just a brand name without keywords. I recommend you to use category names in your link structure. It will help Google Bots to understand your website  and your content faster. So for short brand domains /%category%/%postname%/ is going to be best opportunity for you.

Long Domains

Long Domains can be useful for some SEO purposes, however they are not still loved by Google yet. If you have a long domain and if you want to use it, you will want to use it with /%postname%/ link structure. Especially if a Domain includes a keyword, this will be a good opportunity for you. Your permalinks should be also short as much as you can.

I recommend you to pick one of those permalinks below.

Repeated Contents with Dates

We also need to mention about exceptions to you. For example, if football match preview websites, you will need to create similar contents and similar headers for your website. You can use dates on your link structure which will help you at incoming days.

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